Hair Dye 2 - Nice 'n' Easy Perfect 10 Permanent Colour

To be honest, if I really have to rate all the hair dye that I have used, I will for sure rate is highly, as I love this!

- It only needs 10mins!
- smell not bad, professional saloon feeling.
- I love the applicator brush!!! [which I even rinse it and kept it on my shelf for next time!]
- I love the after care hair conditioner, it meant to last for 6weeks
- it is long lasting.

- it is slight on the expensive range of the high street dyes.
- they only have normal colours of browns, though it is a hell lot of browns!

So if you are a fan of browns, then this is the one that is recommended!


p.s.Sadly I have already forgot which colour I have used, but you can see, the colour is really like and the applicator brush can apply the dye evenly in stripes.

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