We got the winner for my 2nd giveaway!!!

We got the winner for my 1st ever giveaway!!!


the winner is...


And, of course,

Thanks for everyone that has entered this giveaway!

Have a nice day!



Sleek i-divine Sunset Mineral Eyeshadow Palette

Since it is summer already, so within the sleek palettes, I want to post this swatch before others and this is one of my favourite!


Think this is perfect for summer holiday, so I really think this is essential for makeup bag for summer!




Skinovation Antiwrinkle Q10 night cream

Been using this for more than a month, this is one of the few that I really dislike. Normally, I don't have strong comments on any moisturiser, but this is one of the rare few. Bought this @ Asda for less than £2. I really didn't expect it will be a miracle, but it is a total disastrous.

It claims to do "a rejuventating night cream which helps the skin to hydrate and renew and improve the skin's natural appearance. Coenzyme Q10 helps to reinvigorate the skins natural repalir and protection properties. Soya Oil, with its collagen stimulating effect, helps toinfluence the skin's thickness and elasticity."

But it really did not. Sigh. (though I saw online, there were actually few good comment on its serum though...) It did not even hydrate my skin and I rather think it makes my skin worst. This is because when I wake up in the mornings, my skin looks dry and full of small lines. I really think it maybe better for me if I don't even border to put on anything before bed. Sigh.

Also, I have a tendency of using facial product slowly, but I end up using this quite quickly as it is not that easy to spread on my face...=.=///

So now I have move to something else and still testing them at the moment.

I plan to say: Don't Border. But then for £2, it maybe your product, though it is definitly not mine at all. What a waste.


So do you want to try?



Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Night Firming Moisturiser

Finally got time to update, apologise for the long delay. Received a 15ml sample ages ago, finally I managed to use it up, so want to write this review up before I forgot.

Copied from Olay official website, it claims to do the following:

"Minimises lines: Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Nourishing Moisturisation: For a Radiant Healthy Glow
Tone Enhancement: Balances colour & visibly reduces appearance of age spots
Gentle Exfoliation: Smoothes and evens skin texture
Pore Refinement: Minimises the appearance of pores
With Anti Oxidants: Helps prevent free radical damage to the skin's surface layers
Subtle firming: Hydrates for firmer skin appearance."

Personally didn't notice any special improvement on lines and pore, but it really does moisturising and evens my skin. It can be absorb quickly and not greasy at all. Probably fragrance as it has the usual 'olay smell' that also appears in other olay products. (though perfectly alright for my sensitive skin as I used it when my skin was irritated).

I don't think I will buy this at the moment as my skin is still relatively young, I hope, though smoking is really a skin killer. Sigh. Also, I found the price is bit expensive, as I am still trying to maintain the budget on facial products within £10.

Price @ £14.99 available in supermarkets, Boots & Superdrug



[N.B. this is a free sample]


My Second Giveaway! - Closed

Before I talk about details for this giveaway, I have to thank Sleek for arranging competition on their facebook and I was very lucky to win all 10 i-divine eye shadow palette. Check out here.

As I have already bought the Bohemian palette, so I want to share my luck to you all my lovely readers.

So how to enter?

1. Be a follower (move your pounter to the column on the right and click)
2. This giveaway is open to everyone as I will post internationally! (for bloggers who are under 18, please ask for consent from your parents/ gudardian 1st before you enter)
3. Drop a line below in the comment box along with your email/ blog address, so that I can contact you after you have won!

Deadline: 10 days later, on the 23th June 00:00 EST

Good luck!



Finally my exams are done, hope everything will be okay...
Anyway, just a quite update.

Firstly, I need a recommendation from you all, I need to replace my contact lens, please give me a authentic seller!

Secondly, for ladies in uk, remember to get the following magazine for the freebies:

Glamour for Benefit goodies

Red magazine for Jemma Kidd Lip Gloss
Marie Clare for Cowshed tolities
More magazine (this week, dated as 14th June) for Barry M Dazzle Dust, collection @ Superdrugs
Grazia (this week) for Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Cream

Think Instyle, Talter, Elle are giving out free stuffs too, but I forgot what they are, check them out in stores.

Thridly, I have done some online shopping during last month, so quite update.

Tesco, 4 for £3. Tested them all already, not bad for price, so do try them out if you just want to buy something out of the blue moon.

Finally, after all the temptation, I have bought some makeup by Top shop. As the shop was closing, I didn't check the stuff out properly and was quite regret after I tested out, as the limited edition kohl pencil is much much softer (like the Gosh velvet touch/ Prestige total intensity) than the normal range (as it is like normal eyeliner)

Sleek has new limited edition pout polishes!!!!! After reading lots of good comments, can't wait to give it a go and I am quite in love with it now. Also, manage to dig out a ink pot in pink colour! seems Sleek is going to discontinued them, so if you see them, remember to get them!

bought these @ Just beauty direct as I heard that Smashbox are quite cheap on that site, so I just give it a go and seems this company is decent. Therefore, worth have a look if you want to get Smashbox stuff.

After reading lipglossiping post on Caudalie's lip conditioner, then keen on this and so bought it home from Beauty expert and realise that they have free mini hand lotion for purchasing more than £10 on Caudalie's products, so bought the grape water as well, since i heard it is good.

Just pop into H&M @ Oxford St this evening and found out that their organic hand cream was reduced to £1, so bought it to try out. Have already used a few time tonight and it was decent as it does moisturise my skin. The slightly downfall is that I don't really like the smell, though I was impressed that the 2nd ingredient is applie juice!

Well, that's it for the moment, I will update more when I have time!



Colour Contact Lens Shop required!!!

I need you help!!!

Can anyone tell me where to get good colour contact lens in Hong Kong or Singapore???

As my bf is going back this summer, while I don't, and I am not sure where is cheap and safe to get, as there's so many fade colour contact lens these days.

Also, NEO or GEO, which is better??? I tried Freshcon once, dont think the plain colours one fits me... Or is there any other alternatives that you recommened?

Thanks v. much.


p.s. I will finally update my blog next weekend, 5 exams in 5 days from Monday - Friday this coming week, my god.


Free Jemma Kidd Lipgloss in Red Magazine

As tittled.

In the July Red Magazine, £3.60
3 colours (think they are shell, fuchsia and blossom) to choose from and they are 6ml each and they are RRP£14 on asos.com
(check out here)


(as my exams are still going on, so too lazy to do swatch now, sorry~)


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