2010 Favourites Part 1 Lip Products

First of all, I am very sorry about my lack of reviews and blog post, the stupid Talk talk, yes, I am talking around the company who use X factor for advertising. I totally find the X factor, not the good one, but the reason to not to use this company ever, I really meant, EVER, again. As they overcharged me, the sales made false statements during sales and it’s already 1 month and a half since I have moved house and there’s still NO Internet!

Secondly, my computer has crashed previously; so all my photos were technically gone, unless I can find someone to fix my hard drive. I only able to fix my window and tried to install the software that I need. Therefore, I can only take new photos again and that’s come to 1 problem. I forgot the font that I used for my watermark. So a new font is introduced for the time being. If anyone can tell me which font I have used will me so great.

Anyway, since I can’t do any other review at the moment, I am going to sum up the stuff that I think are the best 5 for each category.

First start with Lip product - this is the easiest to start, as I only began to push myself to start using the ones that I bought, as I always forgot my dear lipsticks and glosses

Here’s the best 5:

Sleek Pout Polish – see previous post. This is the only lip product, other than NYX, that I own more than 2. I actually have 3 of them and the new Powder Pink, is so nice to go with my NYX Strawberry Milk. [If one day is sunny and I am not in the office, I am definitely going to take photos of that and write the review!] (£4.99 @ Superdrugs)

Models Own Lip Balm – similar to Sleek Pout Polish, I think it is thicker texture, and more pigmented, which I like, but no SPF, is the only downfall (£5 Models Own)

Hybrid 2 in 1 Colour & Shine Gloss – very golden and shimmery, which I like. Though the gloss is thick, it is not sticky at all, and quite long lasting. Bought it at a super cheap price for £3 @ justbeautydirect.com

Molton Brown Wonderlips – bought this as I got the £10 off voucher from last month? Or the month before Marie Claire magazine. Just have a browse the in the store and found this. Personally, I think this is the best that I have used, though Lancome and NYX are not bad too. (£13.50 @ Molton Brown)

Jemma Kidd Make Up School Lip Gloss – got it free from buying Bodyform products. This is super good as well. Light weighted, not sticky at all, yet looks so nice on the lip.

So have you used these before? What do you think of them?

Tomorrow will be eyeliner!


p.s. have you seen the Soap & Glory set that is currently on sale @ Boots?
        For £25, it is absolutely a bargin!
p.s.s. the prices may not be correct as I wrote them down from my memory. Please always double check online or at your local stores.


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