Hair Dye 1 - Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL

I always want to do a series of reviews on certain item in a role, but seems didn't have time to do it... or rather say, I am too lazy... =.=///

Anyway, it's no harm to at least try to start this.

So I will write about 5 hair dyes that I like as a start and build onto other products.

I normally dye my hair every 3months or so, so since age 13, I have used a fair amount of hair dye. lol. For hair dye, one of the key thing is the hair colour before you start. If your hair is dark, it is hard to dye in light colour. Oppositely, if you hair is light, it is easy to dye whatever colour you like. Also, after care is essential as it is the key to keep the colour... which I didn't realise till quite late in my 'dye-ing' history.

I have already used 4 box of  Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL, and there's a strong love/hate relationship. @.@

- a dramatic range available
- not expensive
- long lasting colour
- strong dye, good for dark, thick hair which I have

- very concentrate, I even have accidentally dye my skin badly last time.
- smells quite strong
- require 30 mins, which I consider time consuming!
- took a long time to wash it off and colour pigment fall off within the first few wash

I have used the 2 purple and I just did my blue today and I really likes it. I will upload some photos of the blue later on, if I managed to capture a few good ones.

Cosmetic Blue:
This is my current colour. As my hair is reddish purple brown, so the blue covers the brown nicely. It looks exactly like the cover. I have used this when I was younger, but the blue didn't shown up as my hair was black. This can only be used if you hair is quite light in colour.

Cyber Purple:
I have this previously. But I don't like the colour as it is in red tone, which makes me looks yellow. Furthermore, if you have brown tone colour hair, the redness of the purple is even more visible. Compare with this, I much prefer the mystic violet.

Mystic Violet:
This is my favourite! I think this is the only brand that do this purple in Boots & Superdrugs, so highly recommended if you want to DIY purple hair at home! The purple is exactly what I want, but the only down fall is I have to pre-dye my hair to a lighter, sandy tone as I don't think I can dye this with my natural hair colour, which is black.

This is the mystic violet that I used 2 year ago, and I really like it.

This is the cyber purple. Sorry that I looks so spooky, but it was far too sunny for my taste when I took this. Think it is one of the better photo as you can see the blend of red, brown and purple.

So what do you think??


Maybelline Pop Up Shop

Sorry for being MIA this month, as I am still looking for a flat to rent!

Anyway, from my previous post, click here, I went to the make up class at the Maybelline Pop Up Shop at Covent Garden.

I forgot to bring my camera along, but even I got a decent quality camera phone, I was not keen to take any though, as I found it rather useless.

I am not acting/ pretending professional, as I have not went for any class or have practical experience, other than do make up on myself. The info and tips the make up artist give out were not something that can wow me. If we are not into blogging and got no youtube make up guru, etc, then I think you may probably found the info amazing.

Also, I didn't particular like the way the MUA 'sell' the new gel liner they are going to have next spring. Seriously, Maybelline has promote that in Asia for more than a year now and maybe it is not that popular here in Europe, but there are numerous brand doing this in Asia, like Kate, Kanebo, Clinque, L'Oreal, etc, and even Maybelline has a gold colour eyeliner in China as well.

Furthermore, I am a consumer that will check the origin of the product. Living in UK means I have most of my toiletries and cosmetics made within EU for multinational company, e.g. L'Oreal products are made within EU here while make in China in Asia. So for the same product that make in Korea, I would rather ask my friends to get it for me in Asia as it is cheaper there.

At last, the last thing is that they only did 2 looks, one on a black lady and one on a white lady. As you know, Asian women have significant difference in the facial feature, so it is quite pointness for me as I rather grab a book to read or watch a youtube video online.

So how about you? What do you think?


Alternative to Mothball

I don't think lots of people use moth ball in uk as I don't see them in shops that often. But, in Asia, when I was in HK, you can find them in every single supermarket. As my bf has to send his stuff back home by ship, so I was looking for alternative to mothball.

Cedarwood is a good choice, but I find another choice of DIY!

Material you need:

  • Some paper tea bags or muslin bags
  • Cotton ball/  cotton pleat
  • Strings
  • Dried mint
  • Dried lavender
  • Dried thyme
  • Dried rosemary
  • Cedarwood essential oil
  • Drop 2 drops of cedarwood essential oil onto the cotton ball
  • Mix all the herbs
  • Pour 1/4 tsp of the herbs in the bag
  • Put the cotton ball in the bag
  • Use the string to tie up the bag
And you are done!

Isn't this simple?



The World's 1st Maybelline NY Make-up Shop @ London

Apparently, during this Sep, for 10 days only (16 - 26th), there will be a Maybelline NY Pop Up Shop courtesy of Marie Claire near Covent Garden, London. It will be all about backstage beauty, retailing exclusive products, like the gel liner that I have seen in Asia!; and showing how to achieve this season’s must-have catwalk looks direct from New York Fashion Week!

Courtesy of Liglossiping.com
As the new eye studio gel eyeliner won't be on the British shelves until 2011, and if you don't have time to go aboard for it, then, don't miss this chance, as there will be available this time!

Also, there will be complimentary threading and an in-store manicurist available. But I heard it is popular, so find a way to book it to avoid disappointment!

Furthermore, there are a no. of events taking place in and out in the store throughout the 10 days:

1. Meet the Marie Claire Beauty team (£5 per entry ticket, book here.) on the 20th,21st & 22nd Sep, but think they are sold out already as I can only able to book on the 20th 10am by the time I realised yesterday. =.=//

2. Buddying Beauty Model  on Sunday 19th and 26th Sep. 

3. How to Get into Beauty on the 20th Sep (£15 per ticket + champagne,book here.)

18 Shorts Gardens
Seven Dials
Covent Garden
(just off Neal Street)


And hope I can see some of you on Monday 10am!

Have a nice weekend~


Quick Update

Just pop into Croydon this afternoon, as I am still looking for a flat to move =.= /// After the viewing, went into the shopping centre and finally got the time to pop in the 'new' (it has been open for months already) shop called Tiger. Tiger is a homeware shop from Denmark, it is sort of a crossover of Paperchase x Ikea x Habitat. The things aren't expensive there and quick cheap, around a few quid for an item.

Bought this hourglass for only £1! and can be used to measure three mintues, which is the ideal length for you to brush your teeth. Hope this little gadget helps, as I sometimes can be quite lazy with the brushing teeth routine... oops... =.=///

I know this is a 2008 Limited Edition, but I could not resist to get this back home... as I really like the case. If I can finished the content or remove the content as it is quite old for shelf life wise, I think I will get a watch as stick it in the case and can be used as a pocket watch!



Trick in the Bag - Interdental Brushes

I can't remember where I have saw this trick, so sadly, can't give any credit to the clever lady who though of this. Anyway, these interdental brushes aren't just good for your teeth, but also your lashes.

As you probably have experienced before, normal mascara wand are bit big compare with the eye lashes, so corners and lower lashes are quite hard to reach without getting the area dirty. So these are handy for these situations.

Brush your interdental brush on your mascara wand, so that it is cover with mascara and just apply the mascara with this small brush as you use the normal wand. Also, these are much more handy to tidy your lashes if they are entangled.

I bought these from Superdurg for £2 for 2 and they do 2 sizes: 0.45mm and 0.5mm.

Personally prefer the 0.45mm, but I think 0.5mm is more useful to put in the makeup bag as 0.45mm is a bit too small for the upper lashes.

Well, what do you think of these? and have you have any other tricks with the lashes and mascara??



Sleek i-divine Acid Mineral Eyeshadow Palette

Here's another Sleek palette, hopefully, gradually, I will remember to post up all the swatches of these lovely palette, and today is ACID!

Acid is mostly matte eye shadows and they are well, shall i say, quite difficult to use, yet, they are so funky! I think it gives people very strong impression as they have neon orange, green, pink, pruple and yellow.


Aren't they adorable?

This is one of the usual edition palette, so you can still get them at selected Superdrugs.



Eye shadow collection....

I was browsing some chinese beauty forums just now and there was a topic about how much eye shadow you have at home, so I digged up the ones that are on my shelf at the moment, and not included the one still in my 'storage' box, and I am shocked by the number that I own. ;-P

Gosh,,, they look small here, but much bigger if you see them in real life... like cover 1/6 of my double bed...=.=

From these, Sleek palette's are good and pixi palette is good in quality. I don't recommend NYC, instead for the small range, I recommend e/s from e.l.f.

Laura Galler and Stila are good in mineral e/s, but they are bit on the higher end... as they are not cheap.

Don't like my dior palette as I don't think they are easy to use, not sure whether it is due to the fact that they have fewer pigments.

Barry M and model own pigments are good, but they took me quite a long time to press, so unless you want to do some serious DIY, I suggest you not to do so.

Revlon Colour Stay is good, which I have depot into the muji plastic case at the RHS corner.

Bourjois e/s are very nice too, but seriously for £4/5 each, I rather get a sleek i-divine palette or a Revlon colour stay quads as you get more from that. lol

Also, Maybelline Mouuse e/s is nice as a temporay base too, and it was so cheap as I bought it from poundland. ;)

So how big is your collection??


p.s. ohhhh... forgot to mention, The Body Shop e/s are so-so quality, I think, so only recommend when they are on sale!


3 Step Skincare by Clinique

After I have been using the Clinique 3 Step Skincare for around 2 week +, I think it should around be the right time for me to sum up my experience.

Step 1
They say, "The first step in Clinique's 3-Step Skin Care System. All the benefits of Clinique's dermatologist-developed Facial Soap in a liquid formula. Cleanses without stripping protective lipids. Preps skin for the exfoliating action of Clarifying Lotion. Convenient pump dispenses just the right amount"

I say, this is really gentle, my skin wasn't dry at all these 2 weeks. Smell wise, quite typical soap smell, nothing fancy. The only down fall is that no matter how I use it, I cannot generate bubbles at all (please tell me how if you are die hard fan of this) and this is basic the only down fall that I hate, as I really like bubbles 8_8

Step 2

They say "Step 2 in Clinique's 3-Step Skin Care System-and the difference-maker for great skin. Gentle exfoliating lotion developed by Clinique's dermatologists de-flakes to reveal clearer skin. Smooths the way for moisture. Formulas for oilier skin help sweep away oil, maintain clearer skin."

I say, as all toners, I don't always see points that are very special, but I think their downfall can be spot out very easily. This is so-so as the main downfall is that the alcohol smell is quite strong (which I heard about this before in other blogs) and there's nothing much I want to mention particularlly. =.= Also, I finished the toner before the other 2, so I think this should be larger size compare with the other 2.

Step 3

They say "Skin's moisture "drink". Helps replenish lost moisture. Skin looks fresher and healthier. Leaves no residue. Safe to use around eye area. Comforts and smoothes the skin."

I say, this is the one I like most out of these 3 and I can see why this is heard most out of everything from Clinique. This is really moisturise my skin and can be absorb quite easily.  It smoothes my skin and I quite like this. The only downfall is that I found it quite difficult to spread, so I need a little bit more than I need to spread around.


I can see why this series has been around for these years, but I don't think I will buy them again other than the moisturising lotion as I am not quite a fan of the cleanser and toner.

Anyway, they are on ofter at the moment. It is only £10 for a travel size set and can be bought at Boots.


Cleanser 60/100
Toner 55/100
Lotion 65/100 

So what do you think?



Discount Alert

Lily Lolo is doing 20% off their autumn collections and 1 new foundation shade and 1 concealer shade have been introduced and their samples are only 50p each!


Sleek i-divine Graphite Mineral Eyeshadow Palette

Out of all 11 Sleek i-divine mineral eye shadow palettes, I think this is my 2nd (?!) favourite as I really like to do smokey eyes if I have the occasion. ;-) This palette is perfect for this as it has a range of white, silver, black and purple/blue.

Sad that it is a limited edition palette and that I didn't find this out when it was available on shelf @.@  But I was so glad that I have won the competition that run by Sleek and have won this back home!

Closer look


So which is your favourite sleek palette??



Primark Little Glow Cheek

Went to Primark around 2 weeks ago, just saw these on reduction, and did not resist the idea to buy them and they only cost me £1.50!

Forgot to take the photo for the packaging, but it is just plain pink plastic cover.

This is similar to the famous Bobbi Brown Bronze Shimmer Brick or the similar cheaper version MEMEME bronzer, though the Bobbi Brown one is much much nicer and the Primark one has less finer powder. lol


I personally found the orange stripe is too orange and the rest of the brown stripes are bit too reddish, so I don't think I will use it that much... qutie a waste... sigh...

Well, even though it is quite cheap, don't think I recommend this and rather save up to get a Bobbi Brown one instead.


Smashbox Pink Power Eye Palette in Celebrate

This is my current favourite eye shadow palette at the moment, as these 3 colours are easy to use and I quite like pink instead of plain old earthy tone.


I use the pale pink to cover the whole eye lid, then layer the end of the eye lid with the pink and use the brown to contour the eye lid and the last third of the lower eye liner.

Think this palette is already been old the market for a long time... don't think it can be found anywhere. lol. I am quite slow at finding my favourites.

So what do you think of this?



Bargin Alert

Just back from Liverpool yesterday, so will do proper post later tomorrow.
But just want to let you all know that if anyone interested in Barbara Daly x Tesco, check out your local store now, as I found some of their products are wrap in a extra plastic bags and are sold fro £3.50 instead of £6!



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