Groupon Deal - The Body Shop

Once I have received the email from Groupon, I dashed to the nearest The Body Shop store and bought a lots of things for £11.50! Well, technically. £23.50, as I have paid £12 for the £30 voucher, but still, it's an amazing bargin!!!!!

I have finally bought the limited edition eye shadow palette! Also bought a mineral powder foundation, as they are doing special offer; buy any 2 make up products and you will get a carbon eye liner for free!

Then I realise they actually sell sharpener for jumbo pencils, for the size of their concealer pencil, but it will be handy for other pencils anyway!

Also bought another lip butter, as I love their lip butter! [see previous post here] As I only need £1 to reach the £40 target, then I just browsed around the store again and realised that for their limited edition bag for life, it's included 4 mini samples and 2 voucher! So i thought for £2.50, it's amazing cheap, so just grab this as well... Not sure whether this applies to other stores as I haven't seen them before. So for the free present, I can choose any mini size body butter, and I have chosen strawberry one as if body butter is on sale, it's the fastest to go.

So what do you think? Amazing right?

I still got 1 more voucher to use :) but I think I will save that for skincare, but as I am not too keen on the Chamoile Eye Makeup Remover that they are giving out at the moment, I think I will save it for another offer.


I am already writing shopping post at the start of the week! O.M.G.

Well, i meant to pop to Superdrug to check out the new Sleek Primer Palette... But I actually not keen to buy it.. instead, I check out other foundations in the store as I realise I have hit the pan of my sleek creme foundation compact. At the moment, I have discovered my favourite type of foundation. I am so into creme compact foundation, as its so quick and easy to apply before work.

Since I have heard good comments on the PhotoReady line, so I just want to try it out. Also, I heard lots of comments on the lipsticks, since there's a 3 for 2 offer at the moment, so may as well pick this up, as I am going to get the eye shadow palette as I am so into the brown colour now!

Secondly, just want to share my favourite cookies. M&S' Pistachio & Almond cookies is my favourite, I roughly ate already 3 packs since the start of the year! Since it's on promotion, so I just give Lemon Meringue a go, as I have tried the apple crumble cookie.

Groupon is doing a special offer! For £12, you will get a £30 The Body Shop Voucher. To redeem, simply print out the pdf file that they send you tomorrow and bring it to the selected TBS shop in UK.

So interested?

Click here to registered and buy this deal.



Sugar Magazine... I know... this sounds crazy

It's very funny... I have moved to UK since the age 13, but I actually did not buy any teenage magazine till now when I am actually into make up... The most frequently bought magazine since age 13 is actually, amazingly, is Glamour... which I have no idea why when I was that young, I bought Glamour instead of others...

Anyway, the reason that I have bought this month's Sugar magazine was because of the Barry M Eye shadow pencils, as they are Special Edition! and you know, its kind of hard to resist Speical or Limited edition!

So will you actually buy a magazine because of its free gift?


Boots £5 Skincare Voucher

Just a quick reminder, if you still have any Boots £5 skincare voucher, then remember to use it tomorrow!

In order to use my vouchers, I have stocked up 3 extra bottles of Sanctuary Pore Refining Toner!

Although I did not able to point out which part of the toner I like, I just like to use it after I have use wipes to wipe of makeup right after work and I kind of like the smell of the sea water (!) that is used.

So what do you think? What other product you will buy instead?

The Body Shop Limited Edition

Have you checked out the new limited edition from The Body Shop?

I have read a few reviews on this and I like the eye shadow palette, Boho Beuaty (RRP£15), as I suddenly into brown/ beige eye shadow as seems to me, these are the colours for work @@... But personally, I think it's slightly expensive, as I saw Rimmel has come out a similar eye shadow quad for a lower price, though that one has no mirror and brush. Anyway, I have not checked it out in person, as I am afraid that I will just buy it as soon as I see it... So I am staying away from the stores at the moment....

But if you fancy to get anything, they are doing special offer at the moment, buy 2 make up products and get a eye liner free.



e.l.f. Tinted Moisturiser SPF20


I was browsing the e.l.f. website last month and was wondering when this tinted moisturiser be available in uk e.l.f. and just saw the email, they have finally! import this to uk site! Can't wait to see reviews on that and get!!!

Have you see any reviews on this yet?



Sleek Primer Palette

Sleek has come out a primer palette 2 days ago, and there are numerous reviews online at the moment, have you read them?? and are you tempted?

Actually, I am bit tempted, but I am still trying to stop buying makeup as I don't really want to have to much things that I don't really use. I have already have a little play at the local Superdrug and they are not bad at all.

So what you do think?



Murad Blogger Event

Just wondering is anyone going to the Murad skincare event on the 2nd March??
I am still not sure whether I will go or not... just curious who is going... ;-)


Daily Mail Offer

Saw this on Money Saving Expert forum, which is here, Daily Mail is doing a special reader offer, by paying £1.99 (which is p & p), you will get a free Bonne Mere soap (£4RRP)

So which one will you choose? I have order the rose one, really can't wait to see this come though... [but in addition to these 3, I really interested in the milk one though lol]

Finally, its Friday, so what's your plan for the weekend?



A post that I saw today

*belongs to Make Up Savvy

Aren't you tempted by the design?

I saw this on Make Up Savvy's blog and I would like to share this with you!

To read the post in full,

x Kyanvi x


2 of my favourite lipbalm

I don't used to use lip balm when I was younger, but as I am more into make up and beauty, I realised the importance of lip balm, so now I become a fan! These 2 are the few favourites in my brunch of lip balm.

The green one on the left is Grape favour and its for hydration; while the white one is Almond favour and its for nourishing. The Grape one has more a jelly texture than the Almond one, as the Almond one has more a buttery texture, which I much prefer during winter time and which I tend to use the Grape one when I am not going to work as the office is very dry.

These can be bought from Yves Rocher website, as sadly there's not any store available.


p.s. apologise for the short review, I suddenly ran out of words and I am slightly miserable when I am having dinner all by myself.... sigh

Valentine's Day


Even if you are single today, no worries, your Mr/ Ms Right is always waiting for you round the corner, so cheer up!
If you are 'double', then I don't think you got the time to check out blog! haahahaha


2010 Favourites Continue

Blush (Clockwise)

  • e.l.f. Cool Bronzer
  • Sleek Face Contour Kit - Light
  • Laura Geller Baked Sateen Blush -n - Brighten Ethereal Blush
  • Muji Blush - Orange
  • Cargo Beachblush - Coral Beach

Eyeshadow (Clockwise)
  • e.l.f. 6 colour palette
  • Laura Geller Baked eyeshadow - Tiramisu
  • Stila eye shadow trio - champagne glow
  • Muji 4 colour eye shadow - brown
  • Ruby & Mille Completed Eye kit

This is the end of my series... as I actually forgot to take the rest and I have already throw the magazine away... sigh..... = =//


Lloyds Pharmacy Bargain - if you fancy organic skincare product!

During my usual routine, surf on the internet, I found out that Lloyds Pharmacy is doing special offer on their organic skincare range, Your Orgnaics. Although I haven't seen much reviews on this, I already decided to buy them, as the price was so attractive. 5 products for £4!

As well as that, 99% ingredients from natural origin and its free from mineral oils, paraben, lanolin and phenoxethanol. If you are really concious about these ingredients in your skincare routine, then I really think you should give them a goal. [ I only started to look at the ingredients in my cosmetic products recently and realised its so hard to avoid paraben if you want to get skincare products around £5 @@]

I haven't tested them out properly as I only received them yesterday, but I have opened the night cream and it gave a slight lifted feeling to my skin, which wasn't bad, consider the product is less than £2. (as postage is £3.95)

Also when I received the package, they have included a FREE body cream from the same range too! how lovely.

So are you tempted now?


p.s. i just realised this post sounds like advert, but I paid for the products, not freebies.


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2010 Favourites Continue

As continued....

For this time, these are my favourite brushes:

Cheek / Highlight (L-R)

  • Models Own Retractable Kabuki
  • Sigma  F50
  • e.l.f. Complexion Brush
  • Charles H Fox Angled Brush (didn't remember the exact name, does anyone knows?)
  • Sonia Kashuk Small Angled Brush

Face / Foundation (Clockwise)
  • Primark Pink Kabuki
  • Model co Blush Brush
  • MAC 190
  • e.l.f. Flat Top Powder Brush
  • Sonia Kashuk Flat Top Brush

Blush and Eye Shadow next!

Have a nice day!



2010 Favourites

Although I know it's already February, since I have already took the photos, then I might as well upload the photos [but too lazy to write that up @@] and put this as a record. ;-P

Gosh Velvet Touch
Prestige Automatic
Prestige Total Intensity
Benefit Eye Bright
Stila Kajal

Brush - Eye
Barry M E/S brush
No 7 e/s blend & contour brush
e.l.f. e/s shading brush
Gosh eyeliner brush
Models own e/s blending brush

I will update the rest tomorrow! Good night!



Bach Emotional Eating Kit

I saw the £2 off voucher on Boots H&B magazine, then I actually keen to try this out. After looking out in several Boots in my area, I can only found this in the biggest Boots store nearby.

Apparently these 3 bottles contain herbal essences that can help you for the following:

  • Crab apple - acceptance of yourself & your imperfections
  • Cherry plum - to think and act rationally
  • Chestnut bud - gain knowledge from your experience
If these essences can do what they claim to do, then I actually think this is a workable formula, as for me, I sometimes eat more when I am stress or upset, seems eating can 'fill' the hollow in my heart, or it's a way to distract me from thinking of the bad things. So if they help me to act rationally and think positive, this will help me out, even if not losing weight, at least not gaining any weight.

In the instruction leaflet, 2 drops of each essence may be taken directly from the bottle, or dilute in a glass of water, and to be taken 4 times a day. However, (although this sounds bad), I am not going to take this 4 times a day, but 2 times a day, as I don't want to bring them to work @@.

Hope I got good result, wait for my report, or get yours before the voucher expire on the 22nd Feb.

So interested?



Magazine Freebie this Month!

Sorry for not showing up and update for this long. There wasn't any internet access in my place till last month, then, since I haven't update for a while, just not used to the habit any more @@ Anyway, hopefully I will able to get back to the routine again.

Walked into WHS today, then saw this month Elle is giving out free Neal's Yard Remedies Eyeliner, which is worht £9.50 RRP. I have checked online, there're 3 colourer available, but they are only giving out the black one.

I have tested on the eyeliner, it's not the cream / gel one that I like (e.g. Gosh Velvet Touch); it is more like Kohl to me. Also, it claims only 37% organic ingredients. So I personally will be pay £9.50 for this. However, £3.80 (the price for this magazine), I think it's worth to pick it up on your way to the weekly grocery shopping.

Also, one thing that I need to mention before I dash off, if any Elle's staff saw this, can you improve the way the freebie stick on the magazine? As it's very, really I meant it, hard to get it off from the front page. The amount of glue that they have use is ridiculous.

So what do you think? Get it or not?

Have a nice weekend, and belated Happy Chinese New Year!



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