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I received a 30% off code from Model's Own. But this offer is only available for order above £20 for UK and £30 for international orders and is not valid in conjunction with other offers.

Website: Model's Own

Code: QArLXqeP


e.l.f. is doing a mid-week sale at the moment, studio line products are 15% off today and til midday tomorrow (UK time) for orders over £15.

Website: E.L.F.

I am actually very keen to try more products from e.l.f. studio line, but just bought lots of stuff from ebay, what can I do? @.@



Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

Just a quick notice

As my exams coming up soon, so I may not update my blog as often as I used to, but still I will continue to write reviews for the products that I have already taken the photos.

I received this sample quite awhile ago which I torn off from a magazine, so I an not quite sure whether they have improved or made changes to the product or not. However, I don't think there's much to change as this formula is already quite good.

According to Maybelline official website, (Click here) there are 15 shade for this foundation and I found that this shade is roughly suited my skin tone, although I still want to try one tone lighter, just in case the colour can be matched better.


As you can see, the foundation is slightly darker than my hand, but this suited quite well, as the skin tone of my face is around 1/2 tone darker than my hand @.@ (actually I have no idea why my hands are lighter colour, while I only put on sun screen on my face!)

According to Maybelline's describtion, it should blends effortlessly for natural looking, even result. I quite agreed with this. Compare to the Rimmel one that I am using, this is much better. Also, it claims to be light-weighted, matte and contains silicone polymer that prevent caking; and I agreed with these too. However, I am not quite sure whether this will be able to stay during the summer when the temperature is going up and people like me tends to have lots of sweat, as I found this quite easy to wash off.

I think I may buy this if there's a really special promotion as I have lots of foundation at home already. 



Another video I have watched today

Just browsing random blogs online, I have found this video. As well as skincare and makeup, I think one's posture is also important. For girls who don't wear high heel that often, e.g. me lol, I found this video is useful as almost every single women in this world wears a pair of high heel one day.

So what do you think of this?

Have a nice weekend.



Beauty video I watched today.

I always read or watch beauty tutorials online. There are lots of good beauty guru online, but I tend to read asia guru's blog or watch their tutorial, probably due to similar beauty target and have similar facial feature. But, of course, for product reviews, I love to read different gurus' opinion and ideas. lol

So today, I just watched a  video online (see below) and it is very amazing how makeup changes one's facial feature and even their actions.

Apologise for non- chinese readers, as this video is from a Taiwan TV show.

I saw quite a few video of one of the girls inside this show, and I have found her blog too!

小拉's Blog:


What do you think of this?



Sleek i-divine Storm Mineral Eyeshadow Palette

Since I have bought the new limited edition of the sleek palette, I am quite in love with the palettes as the quality is really good for less than £5. So I just bought the Storm palette as well. lol

Closer look


Only realise that I have mixed up the colours. This is the colours on the right hand side, the red on the top left corner is the colour of the top right corner.

The swatches in this photo are correct, they are the ones on the left hand side of the palette.

Full swatches

For £4.99, it is quite a bargain as the shadows are highly pigmented and I am planning to buy more as they are quite worth the price. lol




We got the winner for my 1st ever giveaway!!!

We got the winner for my 1st ever giveaway!!!


the winner is...


And, of course,

Thanks for everyone that has entered this giveaway!

Have a nice day!


Sigma Brushes!!

Just want to order Sigma brushes from the States, anyone who's living in London interest?

As the postage cost the same, USD$14 per order, even if you order 2 set or 1set and a few brushes.

Please drop a line below or send me a email @ kyanvi@googlemail.com, coz I really want the travel set, which is only USD$49 for 8 brushes and a brush roll!




Another version of DIY Brush Cover/ Guard by Aiyoh

In my previous post, I have made a small tutorial on how to make your own brush cover (Click here to review the post), and a fellow blogger, Aiyoh from Philippines has improved my idea, and with her permission, I just want to share her idea with you all. (Click here to see her post)

Instead of using random fabric, Aiyoh used a stretchy fabric (which I am not sure of the name as well, it will be great if anyone can help me out) and needle & nylon threat. For anyone who is good at needlework or cannot find any Hemming web tape, this is a much easier option, I suppose. lol

Since the method is roughly the same, I won't rewrite the procedure again, so refer my previous post or Aiyoh's post for more help!



Sleek Creme To Powder Tester Kit - Light

Bought and received these this week. I have problem with Sleek's customer services, (which I hopefully can write up the whole story next week, as I am still waiting for responses), but this doesn't affect my view on the products.

I have tested the Creme to Powder foundation, but not the New Skin Revive as they come in tube form. I have order both kits in Light, so by trying one colour is the same as trying both. lol

I really like the idea of tester palette as I have already got idea what to do with it when I have finished the product. Also, this palette looks like a concealer palette which I think that's the way that I am going to use it.


From L-R:

458 Latte
485 Bamboo
478 Calico
484 Sand
465 Shell

After I tried them out on my jawline, I think Sand is the best at the moment, but Shell is better for winter and Calico is possible for summer. I found the range of foundation is quite limited for whiter skin ladies as a Asian, my skin is still darker than white/ blonde ladies. However, their  range for darker skin is excellent. Since Sleek produces 2 more ranges, medium and dark, so for the darkest skin, they have more options. 

The coverage is medium/ high as the redness and the blueness of my vein and vessels are covered quite well on the skin of my arm. Also, it does last quite long, as I tried the foundation yesterday, the foundation strips are still barely visible today while I have washed lots of dishes and showered already.

For £2 (+ p&p £3) the kit is quite good to try out as there's lots of product, 8g in total, and the packaging is quite decent too.If anyone interest in the tester kit, there are 5 choices available: light, light/medium, medium, medium/dark and dark.

So have anyone try this and what do you think?


p.s. I hope things will be sorted by next week, as I am already not impressed nor pleased with the incidents I have. sigh.


Sleek i-divine Bohemian Mineral Eyeshadow Palette

Finally! After a lots of hassle, I finally managed to get this for myself and 2 extra for our fellow blogger, Angel in the States. I seriously don't understand what had happened... This is because I went into the local Superdrug yesterday as the palettes are new on shelf. However, when I was there around 10ish in the morning, only 3 palettes left... So I rush to the till to check out, but then the cashier refused to check out for me as he claimed that the palettes weren't registered in the HO, so I can only buy them the next day. After lots of hassle and dazzle, I managed to reserve the last 3, so that I can come in today to collect. 

And.. when I walked in today, nobodies really know where the palettes are and so I have to wait for them to sort out.. now even the make up sales lady remembered me now @.@ as last time I have trouble with the receipt when I was buying Barry M stuff. (now I am called the 'Barry M' girl by the sales lady, sigh~)

Anyway, let's have a look at the palette, even though there are lots of reviews already among the bloggers, I am not bored by this at all....lol

Closer Look

And of cause, swatches

Full swatches

Closer swatches

The texture of the eye shadows are quite good, as it is very easy to apply and the colours are wonderful. I heard that there has been problems with the matte coloured eye shadows and I quite agreed with that. This is because compare with the metallic eye shadows, the matte ones are slightly disadvantaged. Also, when just realise that the colours are shown much better when the skin is slightly damped, you can see that on the last few swatches as my fingers are bit dampened as I kept using a cleansing wipe to wipe my fingers.

For £4.99, it is quite a bargain as the shadows are highly pigmented. However, I just wonder does it really worth the border as I already have 2 bad experience with the company. @.@



p.s. I have the problem with the company's PR, sigh~ but it's a long story......


My Nail Again

Just changed my nail colour, as cannot keep dark nail for more than a week as I always found the colour 'diffused' into my nail.

Anyway, I am ill again... sigh... not in a mood in lots of things @.@


p.s. I went into local Superdrugs today, but they refused to sell me the new Sleek Limited Edition palette, as they claimed that they haven't registered that palette on their database in the HO...@.@ but then, why there's only 3 left in that store and there are none left in the Russell Sq store... what a waste of time, as I have to make a trip to the town center again, dxxn it @.@


DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

The reason that I start to use DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is that my mum uses this at home, so when I start to put make up on, quite obviously that I will end up using this. The concept of cleansing oil start from Shu Uemura, but then, the price tag was quite high in HK, unless you buy this in Taiwan around 10 years ago (my source for this is my mum, a housewife, who carefully compare the prices). So when DHC launched in HK, my mum bought this to have a try out and I think we have already used at least 5 bottles in total (since I have used almost 2 bottle and got 1 bottle in the cupboard in UK)

So did I tried the other cleansing oil?

Yes, actually... 

I tried Shu Uemura's white recovery brightening cleansing oil when my mum brought a small sample when she visited my place in London last year and I tired Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil sample that came with a Taiwan magazine that I bought in HK airport.

Compare with these 2, I like the texture of DHC more as it is less viscous, which is easier for me to 'rub' around my face to remove the makeup. Also, I found that DHC is more 'powerful' as the make up can be removed very easily while the others, I need more time to work on. Furthermore, Neutrogena one irritates my eyes, so I don't think I will purchase that at all, but do note that, even it is the same product, I am not sure the formula will be the same or not, as it depends on the manufacturing origin. (I said that as since I have home here in UK and home in HK, or my relatives' place in the States, even if it's the same brand, same product, e.g. Pantene shampoo, they are different depends on where you purchased @.@) 

Also, one thing that I will rate the product is the packaging. I have samples for these 3 cleansing oil, I like DHC packaging the best. This is because the bottle is a stretched oval shape which is much easier to handle when you have one palm full of oil. Of course, Shu's design is not bad too, for their cleansing oil, there're lots of choices depends on your skin type/ need. However, the packaging of Neutrogena is the worst, as it simple come in a bottle and a screw cap, nothing else, (I am not sure what's the word that is called for the plastic cap that has a hole to control the liquid, so that it come out drop by drop @.@ please tell me if you know what I meant, thanks), so I just accidently pour out 1/2 of the bottle into the sink as it slipped out of my hand when I used that for the 1st time @.@

I still wonder whether I will repurchase or not, as I am quite tempted to try to make my own cleansing oil that I saw online... Also, I am quite tempted to try Ponds' or Biore's new cleansing oil as I saw the comments in HK forums and that the price is cheaper. (as these are the Japanese editions, seems every multinational company like to produce a set of 'western' edition and a 'Japanese/ Asia' edition for the cosmetics/skincare lines) However, other than these uncertainities, I think I am going to continue to use this as a bottle does last me around 1 year even though I used almost every single day. So for £16 (just checked out on DHC official site), it's not a bad price, is it?


Where to purchase?
For anyone who is not living in Asia (as they have stores in HK, Japan, Taiwan, etc), DHC has their own website in UK and US


p.s. thanks for everyone that have entered my giveaway, I didn't expect I will have response this quick!


My 1st ever giveaway! - Now is CLOSED!

Well, since it's Easter coming up, so just thinking of doing my 1st ever giveaway. I wish I did this during X'mas, but I focused my mind on the X'mas sale.. ;-P

So how?
  • Be a follower. (move your pointer to the column on the right had side and click!)
  • This giveaway is open to everyone as I will post internationally too! [For bloggers who are under 18, please ask for consent from your parents/ guardian 1st before you enter]
  • Drop a line below in the comment box along with your email/blog address, so that I can count you in!
  • Extra presents will be posted along with the goodies if you do a blogpost or sidebar link mentioned this giveaway. [Remember to tell me this in the comment! And do not create a new blogger account for the extra presents too!]
What are the prizes?
  1. Victoria's Secret just Kiss Me! Glossy Lip Balm - Sexy Bomb
  2. Barry M Limited Edition Shimmer Set
  3. Jemma Kidd Make Up School Pink Lip Gloss
  4. P&G Lipcare SPF 6 UVA+ UVB (Mint Flavoured)
  5. Beautyuk Dazzling Lips - No.2
  6. Rimmel London Stars Glitter Eye Shadow Pencil - 009 Starlight
  7. 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish - Royal Indigo

Extra presents

2 x Barry M Mini Nail Paint

The winner will be chosen using Random.org and the contest will closed on Monday 22th March 2010, 2300GMT, then I can post this out as soon as I can, so that they can arrive at the winner's place before Easter! Also, I will announced the winner on this blog after the winner has been selected!


p.s. forgot to mention, of coz, i will put in a cream egg as well, since it's Easter!


My Nail this week

I don't put on nail polish that often as my nails are quite short, but just did this randomly...kaka

Not sure whether the colours are shown clearly or not to you, but my thumb and 2nd finger are different compare to the rest. I used No 7 Stay Perfect Nail Polish in Betty Blue as a base coat, then for my thumb, I used LA Colour Nail Lacquer in Purple Ice as a 2nd layer, and for my 2nd finger, I used 17 Fast Finish in Ruby Dazzle. For the top coat or the 2nd layer for the last 3 fingers, I used Victoria Secret Nail Polish in Skinny Dip.

By the way, For ladies in UK, with the April's issue Marie Claire, which has Dian Kruger on the cover, there's a bottle of Neal's Yard Power Berry Daily Moisture Cream (worth £10.50) for free, and the cover price is only £3.50. Also with the April's issue Glamour, which has Amanda Seyfried on cover, there's a bottle of James Brown hair products (either shampoo, conditioner or the rescue treatment) which worth around £3 for free. Both freebies are on the front of the magazine, so make sure you check before you buy! Also, inside April's issue Glamour, there are 2 samples attached, one is L'oreal  new mouse foundation and the other is Netrogena facial wash.

Have a nice weekend!


p.s. went to London Eye yesterday, just trying to edit my photos at the moment, that's why haven't got time to update yesterday. To see my photos, go to Kyanvi's photoblog. lol


Graze fruit box

I received this in the mail box today. As well as skincare product, fruits and nuts are good for skin as they have lots of essential minerals and vitamins that we need. You can arrange delivery for every week or every other week for £2.99 a box and you can choose either fruit or just nuts.

I have already finished the nuts as they are really crunchy and not salty at all... my bf already consumed all the olives too as I don't eat olive at all, so it is very rare to have olive at home @.@

As well as the individual packaging for the fruits and nuts, they included a nutrient table too, which is good for calories conscious people...
(please ignore my physics notes at the background lol)

So you interest? Get your 1st free box by clicking here to order.


Disclaimer: I do not work for this company or have any affairs with this company.  But the site included, or using this code 8C25M12, I can have £1 for the charity, Rain forest Alliance.

Crabtree & Evelyn Balancing Toner

There are 2 things I like about this toner:
  1. The spray bottle - because other toner i bought before didnt include a spray head, so I have to buy an extra bottle.
  2. The smell of alpine flower really nice.
From the box, it said:
Refresh and rebalance. This pure and gentle alcohol-free formula, with natural alpine extracts, soothes and calms while it helps moisturise and condition the skin. Apply after cleansing to prepare the skin for any type of moisturising treatments. For all skin types.

Well, it didnt give me a significant effect of skin improvement, but for its price, £4.25, for 150ml, its good enough for daily use, to at least moisturise. However, there's one big problem: it really irriated my skin after I spray that on my eye lid... so I really don't think I will buy this ever again.

I don't think I recommended this at all....sigh.. as this is one of the worst toner I ever have.



Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Radiance Enhancing Cream Wash

I got this randomly by using Boots £5 off voucher. For me, Olay is not the brand that I love, but I know their products are realiable in a small price. As some people may have remembered, few years ago, there was a trial carried out in the State. The scientist behind that trial have found out that Olay Total Effect, I think, or its other skincare line, beaten other expensive brand on their anti-wrikle effects. Therefore, I always believe that it is a good brand though I am not a fan of it.

Anyway, the reason that I want to review this as I found it suprisingly good. Normally, after using any cleansing products, I need to put face cream on as my skin is so dry and tighten. But for this one, I do not need to apply face cream. even though it is a bad habit for skin. But I still manage to go to sleep and wake up in a good skin condition. (Of coz my skin is kinda dry compare with my normal skin)

According to Olay's website, it can remove makeup as well, maybe I should try someday. Also here's what it suppose to do:

OLAY total effects Radiance Enhancing Cream Wash with exfoliating micro-beads gives you 7-in-1 anti ageing effects for younger, more radiant skin.

  • Gently exfoliates to improve skin softness.
  • Improves light reflection from the skin surface
  • Improves skin smoothness
  • Enhances hydration to improve skin elasticity
  • Polishes away dry surface skin cells
  • Gently removes makeup and everyday impurities
  • Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines
[Copied from http://www.olay.co.uk/product-range/total-effects/totaleffects_radiance_enhancing_cream_wash.php]

But I have tested out, it can't even remove a simple Kohl pencil line, so just beware and don't rely on that.


Will I buy this again?
Well, actually, I have already bought a 2nd bottle after I have used this for a week, as for 86p, this is totally a star!



p.s. Just have a relax weekend at my friend's house... seems everyone need to recharge sometime. Take a break when you need it!


Boots Vitamin E Moisture Lotion

As I have mentioned before, vitamin E is good for skin. This is another product that I love. Lots of people  loves The Body Shop Vitamin E products, this is a cheaper version.

It is only £0.77 for a 150ml lotion, which is a real bargin. Well, it doesn't give you any fancy improvment. But it is good as it does the basic: moisturise and SPF 3 protection.

I used this as my day and night cream. I use it heavily when I got skin irritant as I allgeric to lots of things and the result is that my skin on the face turns red, dry and hot.

Sadly, it is not availabe in Boots anymore, as they have a new Vitamin E line come up in a higher price (around £3 for a lotion isnt that high though@.@), so I may try the new line when I finish my stock as I luckily got hold of 1 extra bottles. XD

Well, what can I say? Since it is already been discontiuned, sigh~



p.s. I don't think I will do any update this weekend, as I am off to my friends' place and don't think I will bring my pc with me. So have a nice weekend everyone!


DIY Brush Cover/ Guard

I have read lots of reviews relating the advantages of using a brush guard to keep the makeup brushes in shape....But consider the price of the brush guard that is available on the market and the actual use, I was trying to find an alternative way.

So here we are:

You need the following:
Some clothes (old or new, but make sure they are clean/ washed)
Hemming web tape (can get in any supermarket)
Pin (optional)

Fold up the cloth to match the size of the brush, then, cut a piece of the Hemming web tape that is similar to the size of the overlap of the cloth, and pin it the cloth.

(Note that make sure the cloth can go though the whole brush from the bottom, as when you put the cover on, it should go from the bottom to top, so that it smooths the hair of the brush. I actually made a mistake and made the cover too small, as the bottom of The Body Shop brush is too big compare with its head @.@)

Apply the iron on top of the cloth to melt the Hemming web tape and hold around 5-10 secs to make sure it sticks.

Then that's it, it is very easy to do!

And here's the 9 that I did yesterday. I think I got these cloths from a sofa company, think they are samples of their sofa covers, that'y why they are all in different colour, pattern and texture.

So what do you think of this?



Shopping x 2

Shopping and shopping, seems nowadays the only thing i can do is shopping....Thanks to internet shopping, now i can just stay at home and do the rest.

Just collected the parcels from the local sorting office and here i have from Debenhams & The Body shop. 

Job done for my own supply and friend's presents!


from Debenhams. There was a bare minerals promotion. For any beauty purchase, there's a complimary 10days supply of their best selling foundation (medium beige) and a small kabuki brush.

I have washed the brush already. I think it is real animal hair as I can smell that even after i washed it... i read only before, there's a method to clean up the smell, but I cannot find it, so can anyone tell me?? thanks.

Also, glad that they included a perfume sample as I love to collect more samples!

bought these from The Body Shop and there was a special offer, so got my fd's presents cheaply sorted (shush....) ;-P


p.s. for tomorrow, i will write about this

(DIY) Brush cover.

(my ironing board cover looks so colourful, isn't it?! keke)


Beaute de Kose Sensational White Moisturizer R

Kose is one of my favourite brand, as its products are not costly and they are mostly reliable.
I am not sure whether this is discontiuned or not, as I cannot find it on the offical site and for the japanese offical site, there's a new line called White Succeed, so I suppose this replaced sensational white line.

Apparently, ' this whitening emulsion is formulated with whitening with whitening and support ingredients that prevent the occurrence of blotches and freckles by controlling excess melanin production. Instantly brightens the complexion and provides hydration to the skin.'*

Compare with lots of other whitening products that I have used before, this is not the best option. This is because well, how shall I say... just a personal opinion, I think... coz now I just don't actually remember why I didn't like it. Just that the texture is quite thick and quite greasy, so I did not enjoy using it much.

Well, since it is already discontinued, so I won't give it a score, rather, I just treated this entry as a record, a entry for my beauty diary.


p.s. hopefully I can do a Body Shop or Debenhams Haul tomorrow... depends what is waiting for me at the sorting office as I was still sleeping when the postman dropped by. @.@


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