e.l.f. Shimmering Facial Whip - Spotlight

e.l.f. Shimmering Facial Whip - Spotlight

Firstly, I have no idea how i am going to use it, but just curious to see how it is like. So get the most safest option and here we are.

Basically, it is in liquid form, kinda like white shimmery foundation / liquid eyeshadow. After blending it off with my finger, it will form a shimmery glow layer and I found the right use for it - to highlight the bridge of the nose as Asian tends to have flat noses; and also highlight the cheek bones too.

I search online and other use it as a lip gloss/ eyeshadow/ blush and I think it will do its job perfectly well...

Besides, for £1.50/ USD$1, what you asking for?

Score: 80/100



Eye Lip Face = e.l.f. II

Since I am quite interest in the prducts of e.l.f., I bought stuff when there's a special offer in the UK site. So, this  is it. For an order more than £25, a free Mini Makeup Collection (worth £15) is free!!

I still haven't able to find a chance to try them on. But yet, I did a swatch for this, kekeke, as I cannot resist looking at it.

Packaing and top view
I am actually suprise by the case and packaing, as from what I heard, e.l.f stuff are really kiddy like/ top like, which means the packaging quality won't be as good as other brand outside.

Closer view under flash
The problem of  living in England is that we lack of sunshine while my skin still turn darker and darker during the winter.@.@ As there's no sunshine, most of my photos aren't as good as other bloggers,sigh..., but for this lot, I actually have some luck when I did the swatches and god... how easier to do things under the sunlight, and less flashing/over explose those annyoing stuff.

Whole palette under the sun light.

Eyeshadows, blush & bronzer


I haven't take photos for the eyeliner, as I haven't really try it. I did draw a line on the back of my hand before, its not too soft but i think it should be useable.

Also, the eyeshadows are quite pigmented, it wasn't too hard for me to make a decent patch for the photographs and took me some time to wipe them off with my Botanic wipes.

This also applied to the lipsticks, my arm actually got red because I was rubbing it so hard with the cleaning.

Furthermore, the only cons is the brushes as e.l.f's main brushes are quite soft and nice, so I am having a similar expectation. Yet, I am kind of disappointed.

At last, I will actually buy this palette if I am a beginner or need a whole set of new makeup, as I definitly will bring this for holiday so that I dont need to draw up a list of what I need to bring. ;-P

Score: 70/100 (mainly for the original price and the amount of product you get)


p.s. wahhhh... forgot to label the white corners and forgot to mention them too.
The left hand side one is a white cream eye shadow and the right hand side is the pale white/ colourless lip gloss

Eye Lip Face = e.l.f. Part I

Wakakakaka... Finally, I bought my first lot of e.l.f.  Since lots of bloggers/ beauty forum users are really hot/ keen about this brand and some of the products have high recommendation due to its price and quality, I cant wait for the UK site to send me some decent offer.

I actually bought 2 lots, as I received another dicount after I sent out my 1st order.

I can't belive how cheap the products can be, for these 2 lots, I only spent £40, that's included delivery. It is even cheaper than the stuff I got from Body Shop recently... (and I finally realised that I have not take any photos for that order, even though 2 of the products are already gone off from my house and I am already using the brush and foundation @.@)

Anyway, I am off to try out when I put make up on...


p.s. the brushes are very nice, they are soft, volume, yet cheap, my god.


Care for Dry Skin in Winter II - produts available in stores (budget £20max)

Since I don't know what to put as the 1st photo, so I just search on google and find this. Hope there will be snow in london this year.

Since I have posted a article about the cream I am using at the moment for my problem, dry skin,  I will write the stuff that I have used before and found them efficient. Most of the stuff are found in Boots as I normally get my bottles and toiletries from there. Also, they are not expensive, around £20 max.

They are not in any particular order and I even use the Avon hand cream for my face when I am out and only got that in my bag. Also, I don't just put vaseline on my face as I don't belive it hydrates my skin, so I only use it as a protector - by putting a thin layer on top of any moisturing lotion that is not 'strong' enough to keep my skin moistursing.

Furthermore, Balm Balm face balm is the same as their lip balm, so can be use both face, lip and even hand and body. They have 3 choices: Rose, Tea tree and fragrance free. I like their Rose but I have the Tea Tree at home too.

So what'z next?



Care for Dry Skin in Winter I - Home Made Rose, Lavender Cream

Q: What is little pot about?

A: For my poor skin as the old dry, irritant problem has come back and revisited me again.

Basically, my skin is very sensitive and once it is irritated, rashes/ pimple type thing will just all over my cheek and chin area. So I have tired a few products that seem help to smooth the situation, which I will write up when I have K.O. my management readings.

I always forgot to carry my lotions as I don't normally bring a handbag out, so I actually found 2 good products from Boots accidentally when I decided I need some lotion on and can't wait till back home.

This is the recent luck.


Boots Traditional Skin Care Moisturising Cream (£3.xx for 200ml)

Aromantic Organic Lavender Water (around £2 for 100ml)

The Body Shop Rose Essential Oil (diluted in base oil)

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

A small, clean cosmetic jar (50p each from Aromantic)

A clean spoon/ specula


Lavender water can be any other brand or even replace with lavender essential oil. This is also apply to the Rose Oil, any rose oil can be used.

The amount of essential oils should be adjusted accordingly. I used 2 drops of Tea Tree, 14 drops of Rose and 20 drops of Lavender Water for a 15ml portion.

The reason that I add 2 drops of Tea Tree oil as it has an antifungal properties and use for skin infections. I always concern that my old skin problem isn't just skin irritant but other infections, so just add Tee Tree oil in case there's anything. (Although I did see a GP once and he said it wasn't any infections, only skin irritant by sunscreen lotion @.@)

According to the book Recipes for Natural Beauty by Neal's Yard Remedies, essential oils for dry and sensitive skin are rose and chamomile. That's why I use rose as I got the one with base oil, so it wont be too concentrate for my skin, as this is the 1st time I mix this.

Health advise

If the problem last for more than a week and no sign of healing, please seek proper medical help.

Do try this mixture at the inner end of the arm incase of skin irritant.

Also, most importantly, this is just my personal mixture, it may not suit you.

At last

What the texture of this traditional moisturising cream like?

Like those old, thick cream that probably your parents put on your skin when you were young. It's kinda like Baby cream/butter and it reminds me of the famous Japanese ointment, Oronine H Ointment (娥羅納英).
It claims to contain Vitamin A, E & Pro- Vitamin B5, which are the essentials for skin. Also, when I was tying this, I read the label more carefully and it said there's total Vitamin E content 6000mg for 200ml. That's a lot to me...

Although there will not be a lot of Glycerin as it is at the 2nd line on the ingredient list, I found it much nicer than those products suppose to be hydrated. This is because, in England, it's very easy to loss the moisture from the skin due to the heaters, therefore it is much ideal for me to 'seal up' my skin by using a layer of thin oil.

One last tip

I put Vaseline on my face before I go into the shower and wash my hair. This is because Vaseline acts as a protective barrier, it traps the moisture on my skin and the hot water won't able to remove the moisture and oil from my skin. But do have to wash it off with cleanser as I found it quite dirty to keep it on. (p.s. the current cleanser I am using at the moment is that Olay Total Effect Radiance Enhance Cream Wash (£5.86 for 150ml at Boots) which is quite good as it won't 'leave' my skin dry)

Sorry for dragging on, I am too 'talkative' and hope this helps.


p.s. Boots Traditional Skin Care Moisturising Cream
Score 75/100
(deduct point as it is quite thick, I won't use it daily unless my skin is really dry)


Biotherm Biosource/ Aquasource Series IV

3rd Step
Aquasource Ultra Moisturising Oligo- Thermal Gel

In the 1st place, I thought I should write the 2 serums that I have also tried in the series, but then, seems it will be more appropriate to complete the basic steps 1st... XD

Tested in extreme climatic conditions, this innovative moisturising gel-textured formula quenches your skin and provides 24 hours of non stop hydration.

All the benefits of 5,000 litres of spa water concentrated in a single jar.

Enriched with the innovative hydra Non Stop complex, that deeply hydrates by locking moisture into the skin, preventing the loss of water.

The fresh texture and the aquatic scent and the formula provide vitality, freshness and hydration that lasts all day long. Intensely moisturised, skin feels fresh, supple and glows with health
Maybe the 1st hydrating gel I use it too good to be true for me, so I never able to find another hudrating gel as good as Za. However, I think Za is not good when the skin is more mature, as in getting older, so this is a good alternative.

I don't think there's a great incentive for me to buy Biotherm's products due to the price tag and the effectiveness of the products. Therefore,

Score 75/100 for the whole 3step process


Biotherm Biosource/ Aquasource Series III

2nd Step
Biosource Clarifying Lotion

This refreshing toner reaches the deep dirt that cleansers cannot. More than a simple toner, it works as an exfoliant, ridding your skin of impurities and dead cells, revealing brighter, more radiant looking skin.

My opinion
Water like liquid, the smells is quite nice, kinda like spring water/ mineral water.

I have no idea whether there's alcohol in there, and I didnt smell that either. Even though its main purpose is clarifying, but it also does moisturise my skins. So its a good buy if the price can be a bit cheaper as the cotton pads absorbed lots of them @.@

To be continue...


Biotherm Biosource/ Aquasource Series II

1st Step
Biosource Clarifying Cleansing Gel

Apparently, this is no longer available as Biotherm replaced this with another cleansing foam. But since I am a very slow user, I still got this at home.

(Out of topic, for any bloggers that can read chinese, the beauty guide on elle.com.hk is quite good as it has descriptions on almost every main brand products on there. But not the ones you can find in those Parallel import shops...)

Instantly removes dead cells impurities Visibly helps even out the complexion Provides a in-depth yet thorough exfoliation Promotes brighter, clearer appearance

My opinion
The texture is colouress, pale yellow gel and its very easy to form foam. It is good at removing oil as I use this after using DHC Cleansing Oil, but my skin isnt dry but stays moisturise. So it's my favourite at the moment since the old problem has back...

To be continue...


Biotherm Biosource/ Aquasource Series I

Think lots of ladies will know, or even the 1st correlation with Biotherm is their Aquasource/ Biosource Series Skin Care Prodcuts, and in the next few reviews, I am going to share my experiences.

Yesterday, when I was in shower, I just thought, there's always fate or 緣份 as the chinese said to meet the particular skin care product in time. This is because our skin condition changes often due to the weather, the food we eat, the life style we adopted at the moment. The reason I said that as my old skin irritant problem revisited me again this week, and I have to use products that are as mild, as moisturising as they can be.

So its a good time for me to revisit the Aquasource series again.

Furthermore, lots of people said it's no point to try out testers/samples as they don't give a full image of the effect of the products. However, it is so untrue to say so as how long would you like to try out the products before you decide to buy them, 1 day? 1 week? or even 1 month?

But it is quite impossible, normally we cant even try them at Boots, Superdrugs or other similar shops. For more expensive, luxury brand like Channel, Dior, you can only try that on your hand or even face for few mintues when the beauty assistant persuading you to buy it...

Therefore, I am not saying by using small samples/ testers can tell the true effect of the products, but at least you can feel the 1st impression that they brings you.


e.l.f. - I am waiting for u.

I have ordered lots of stuff from e.l.f. last week as I heard a mix comment from the bloggers and really want to see how good or how bad the stuffs are...
They are lost in the postal system...@.@ I hope they are coming back to me soon, finger cross, as I have contacted the customer service, and their reply was that I have to wait until 10th Dec and they then will further investigate...
1st time I heard such bad response from any customer service in UK, I thought the response from Debenhams was bad enough last time...

Brushes.... II

Since I have managed to write the review of my brush collection... I forgot to mention 1 thing... it is...
What other brushes that I was thinking of buying!!

From the research I have done online, the following company's brushes are recommended by different bloggers/ forum user:
  • M.A.C. - of course, it's kinda like common sense to lots of ladies nowadays... but i found the price bit too high @.@
  • Bobbi Brown - another maker that is generally recommended
  • Sigma - according to lots of bloggers, the quarlity of the brushes are as good as M.A.C.
  • Trish McEvoy 
  • e.l.f - i heard a few of its US$1/£1.50 brushes are okay and the studio line ones are generally worth more than US$3 /£3.50. 
  • Shu Uemura
  • 白鳳堂 (hakuhodo)
  • The Body Shop - consider the ones I have used, they are actually good valued
  • Ruby & Millie - after I own almost the entire collection, I began to wonder, how InStyle Magazine judge that?? Some of them aren't as good as The Body Shop, yet the price are roughly the same (when there's no £5 off voucher exists)
  • Mannings (HK) - one word - cheap; and this is the entire reason for the bloggers in hk to recommended
Have I missed any?


p.s. Lancome Foundation Brush is good, I heard. But not its entire line. Also, M.A.C. holiday / mini brushes arent as good as its individual ones, as some bloggers claimed. But, I have no idea whether it is true or not.


My Brushes… finally got time…

Finally I got time to type reviews. I was stuck with my contract law at the moment.. seems so complicated.....=.=///
From Left to Right:
  1. Lancome Retractable Lip - bought that in US for USD$5. I have used other lip brushes before, and all those are mini one.... This is not the best one I have used, I love the mini Dior lip brush that I own, as the amount of brush hair is small and few. But the hair is actually nice and soft.
  2. Kate Eyeliner - bought with the gel eyeliner. I haven't used other eyeliner brushes before, so not sure whether it is good or not. But at least did the job and it is soft too.
  3. Ruby & Millie Angled - it is one of my favorite one as I found angled one very useful. It can used for brows and eyeliner too. The only problem is that it is quite hard and I have to use it quite lightly when I apply stuff on eyes.
  4. It is same as brush 3. I bought it because it is quite cheap, as only £1 per brush by using Boots £5 voucher.
  5. Ruby & Millie Eye Sweep - bought this when there's a Boots £5 voucher. In the 1st place, I found the hair very hard, after a few wash and some hair conditioner, the hair softens a bit. Normally I used it for base eye shadow and use it for 'sweeping' - to clean around the mistakes or 'dirts'.
  6. Manning's Angled - bought this when lots of bloggers in HK recommended it as a cheap source to buy brushes.
  7. The Body Shop Eye Shadow – this is my 1st brush which I bought in a Body Shop outlet store. It is very nice and it become my standard to select brushes. I prefer  this version from Korea than the china one before as the steam is more matte...@.@
  8. Manning’s Eye Shadow – this is very nice as the hair is soft and short. Perfect to brush on my new Revlon Eye Primer (from pound shop!!)
  9. Ruby & Millie Mascara Wand – just a plain normal mascara wand, nothing special, just use for remove excess mascara and its cheap, as I get it for free with Boots voucher.
  10. Ruby & Millie Eye liner – this is my 1st eyeliner brush, but I much prefer angled ones, so I use this more for eye shadow instead of eye liner nowadays.
  11. No. 7 Concealer -  this is good enough for me atm, so I am not looking for new concealer brush. However, the hair aren’t that soft, so beware when using it at the corner of eyes.
  12. Manning’s concealer – I haven’t really use it yet, so don’t know how is it. However, from the look and texture, it is a good concealer brush XD
  13. No. 7 Concealer – this is my 1st concealer brush, but it is too small for my dark circle and eye bags, that’s why I have move onto other brushes above. However, for the edge of the nose, it is the best though, as its pointed head.
  14. Everyday Mineral – this comes with my EM concealer set. The quality is really good and for USD$10, it worths as I think its natural animal hair, not synthetics.
  15. Everyday Mineral Angled – for USD$8, i am lovin’ it. This is the best brush I ever have at the moment. I use it for blushes, shading and even foundation. So glad that I bought this when I order mineral foundation though EM.
  16. No. 7 Powder – I personally don’t like this brush as even I have washed it many times, there’s some strange smells and the hair keeps dropping off.
  17. Ruby & Millie Foundation – maybe it’s just me or this brush isn’t good. When I apply liquid foundation on with this brush, I don’t think the foundation is as even as it is if i apply with hands or sponges…
  18. The Body Shop Foundation (which is not shown, as it is new)  Similar problem with this brush as to the R&M one, but the problem isn’t as big as R&M due to the size difference and the amount of hair.

So, what do you think?



Brush Review

When I have time @.@....
trying to fix the page template...but i am no good at CSS............
anyone can help me???????

So about this when I have time....



Virgin Vie Cloud 9 Day Cream

Have anyone heard of Virgin skincare??

I don't think anyone will. By looking up the background online, it is runned by the Virgin company that we know for flights, Coke or CD store. Vie is similar to Avon, which mainly focus on mailing or internet order.

I got hold of the day cream sample though latestinbeauty.com. The 5ml sample lasted me for whole week, even though I put the cream on every morning. How long does a 5ml sample last for average?

Anyway, the 1st feeling is sticky. I much prefer a hydrating cream feels more like a gel than glue. This texture is more like a glue while I like the one fro Eucerin or Za. Also, my skin didnt absorb it straight away, so it is quite annoying as my hair sticks to my face.

Furthermore, I don't see any visible difference or feel difference. It does what it says for happy healthy skin. But the description of swiss glacial water and moisturising apple serum, I dont really fancy that. The smell of the apple serum, I suppose, isnt my cup of tea. It is really strange and I dont know how to describe it.

@ £17.50 for 40ml, it is rather too expensive while it does little. So I dont think I will buy this again.

Score: 50/100



Bronzer & Blush

Tomorrow's review!

p.s. seems i never have time to do so, i even cant keep up with reading other blogger's post =.=////



Mannings (HK) Brushes

Apparently. these brushes recommened by the bloggers on http://www.theztyle.com/bbs, as they are soft, good quarlity and cheap. They only cost me around HKD $12 each as they are on sale.

Compare with the Ruby and Millie's brushes, they are much nicer and cheaper as well. hay....=.=///

p.s. thz for my friend, Chili who delivered these for me.

Last week shopping @ TK Max

I like to 'hunt' in TK Max, as I can always find some bargin in there. (even though I dont buy them every single time, as I am not afford to do so @.@)

This time, I decided to buy this box set, as I am keen to try out the product from Rimmel, as I like the concealer and eyebrow liner that I bought recently.

This week shopping @ Debenhams online

I normally buy things in store, as I can touch and feel the products. But this time, using the information provided by fellow bloggers, I bought 2 item from Estee Lauder and gained a few gift. However, for some unknown reason, the things are out of stock, so they just send me the gift. Futhermore, they have included 3 free sample as well, so nice XD

I saw this brand in Boots before. Apparently it is quite good and its from Spain. I want to try their products when they 1st came out, but the prices aren't cheap enough for me to buy immediately.

This time, Pure cosmetics are 1/2 price. So this eyeshadow palette is only £7.50. Cant wait to try out. XDD

This is the free set from Estee Lauder. I dont have good impression on its mascara, but this time, from the look of it, I think I may like it. lol
Also, cant wait to try out too......

(p.s. last week, I manage to get hold of the newANR and the individual foundation from Estee Lauder. So at the end, I manage to get try out most of the things from EL)

(p.s.s forgot to say, the IDYLLE perfume is really nice, worth to try ;-P)


Lush Face Mask Review 1

I just used the face mask 'a crush course in skincare' 1 minute ago.

The smell, the texture of the paste is really nice. It smells like lemon & avocado. There is also some lemon peel or avocado peel, as there were small square of fruit skin. After I put the paste on my face, the paste dries up slowly.

After I washed it off, I didnt found my skin more hydrated than before, instead bit dryer, but it is firmer. This is a really good point for me as my skin is really hydrated and smooth, but it rather too soft, not firm.

By looking up the ingredient online, I think I can replicate a similar mask with the following ingredients:
  • Avocado
  • Lemon
  • Glycerine
  • Sandelwood oil
  • Lavander oil
  • Yoghurt
  • Chamolie oil

Lush Fresher Box!!


They are doing fresher box at the moment, 8 pieces for £10.

1 shampoo bar
1 face cream (trial size)
2 soap
1 body sugar scrub
2 toner (1 vitamin E & 1 vitamin C)
1 face mask


Primark Comestic Range Review 2

I went to Bath and Bristol this week as my brother moved to Bath.

I cannot believe that I have bought comestic stuff from Primark again. However, I found them as bargin...(although I should also cut down the amount of stuff that I bought from Primark, as every penny counts =.=///)

The Primark in Bristol is shocking. It was relatively empty on a weekend morning, while the one in March Arch is pack 24-7. It is so lovely to shop here as you dont need to hunt and try to avoid other shoppers.
So I bought 3 things from the new range, here they are:

1 Happy Couple - duo bronzer & blusher

From its look, it looks like things from benefit, with the paper box packing and the drawing/picture on the cover. When I open it, it is exactly looks like the Benefit one, with the mini brush. But the colour is more like the one I was thinking of buying on e.l.f. (which is the one that looks like Nars, I heard)
The brush, again, suprisingly soft and lovely. However the blush & bronzer arent that good, the colour aren't shown on my face compare with my Collection 2000 bronzer and The Body Shop blush.

2 Ta ta for now - undereye cooncealer

The only colour left in Bristol is light, so it wasnt as good as it might be, as I think i need a medium rather than light. Anyway, it is a cheap dupe of the YSL famous highlighter/concealer pen in pink plastic tube. The concealer itself is quite thin, so quite easy to blend around. It isnt too dry compare with my dior concealer, it is even rather moistursing, though the ability of concealing is low.

The brush is soft. The ONLY 1 PROBLEM is that it take ages to press out the concealer sometimes. I tried a few times, sometimes, 1 click can press out the concealer, but other times, at least 2-4 click, a bit annoying.

3. 9 1/2 winks -Extreme Falsh Lash Mascara

O.m.g. This is my favourite in this lots. There is a significant difference in this mascara which stands itself out in all the mascara that I got. I have used a few famous mascara, like Dior, Benefit, Lancome, Channel, etc. What so special about this mascara is that it really extend, volumising and curling my lashes. Even my boy friend can spot the visible difference when I put Lancome on one eye and Primark on the other.

For £2.50, it is really a bargin and this is the only one I really recomment to buy and try out. (although the eyebrow kit is nice, it doesnt show any siginificant difference other than the price)

The only 1 downfall is that it isn't waterproof, and it does not able to last long, so I need to put an extra layer of coating... but I am not sure which coating is good in the market though... sigh
So what should I try next?


Sanctuary Hydrating Toner

Today when I woke up, I suddenly felt so dry. My skin is dry and lifeless... I put on lotion everyday and even I spray toner on in the morning before I apply my daily lotions. Not sure it is due to the age, as I am no longer teen, (as my brother told me one day after I turn 21) or the skincare products that I just started to use (as I have finish my old friends), my skin is not as good as it was before.
I pick up this at Boots yesterday. I want to get a mini bottle, as the one I bought in muji broken apart, which I will hopefully post it on later. But the price for a empty mini bottle is already around £1, so why don't I get a toner for £2.50, when I can use the product inside?
In the recent post, I bought paper eye mask from muji, so I need to hunt for toner for mask. After searching online, I found out that if you use toner for your paper mask, use the ones without alcohol as you apply the mask on your skin for at least 5mins, alcohol is bad for this suppose as it may irritates your skin. Thats why I bought this as it seems to contain no alcohol. (the alternative I think of is Simple, as it is like what its name is, simple)
I got a new idea when I login to blogger just now. I always want to try new things and tired of one thing quite easily. But the problem is that the skincare products tend to be large in volume (around 100ml) and for some reason, my rate of finishing them is very slow. (once, I bought the Za hydrating gel 1 school term earlier than my roomate, but she finished that 2terms before me @.@) So I just think the idea of gettin mini size is a good idea if the product isn't cheap. For those cheaper price products, like Simple, it doesnt matter if you buy the full size as it roughly cost the same.
for example,
Sanctuary hydrating toner is £2.50 for 50ml in travel size, full size is £5.87 for 200ml.
Simple smoothing toner is £1.23 for 50ml in travel size, full size is £2 for 200ml.
the price difference for simple is very small, so I will rather buy the full size as there's always discount or promotion in Boots or Superdrugs, and there isnt any discount on travel size. Also, if I actually like the product, I dont need to buy another full size. But if I dont find it useful, I can always use it on my hands & limbs as they are always dry.


Primark Cosmetic Range Review

In the recent post, I said I bought 3 things from Primark, so here they are. I actually managed to take swatch and I tried the eyebrow powder and eyeshadow gel as well today. But, I didn't try the eyeshadow as I don't think it will work if I don't apply mixing medium.....

Okay, so why I don't use the eyeshadow??

Well, look at the photo below...

I use my Ruby & Millie Angled Brush to brush on my back of my hand. The powder is not refine and very clumsy. So I dont think its a good idea to use it dry. Also there isnt much pigment, most of the colour will be 'eaten' by my darken eyelid. So the only way is try with mixing medium later.... (means use the wet method)

Maybe my £1 wasted on the eyeshadow, but the brow kit worth for sure more than 50p. It is the miniture of the e.l.f studio brow kit. It is around 1.5x £2 coin size and includes 2 mini brushes.

The colour is light brown, not as good as my new Rimmel eyeliner, but before I have the Rimmel eyeliner, I use the mixture of light & dark brown eyeshadow as my browliner. Therefore, the colour is okay for me. The gel.... hmmm... i havent use any gel before, I have no idea how should it be... So no comment on that...

However!!! There is 1 thing i really like for this 50p product. It is the BRUSHES that i love most. I have a collection of lancome, Ruby & Millie, The Body Shop & Everyday mineral brushes. Compare with these brushes, these mini ones are really soft and nice. For 50p, it is good enough for me to get hold of these brushes as they are mini & cheap, good for my palette that i made before.

So at last, but not least, I tried the eyeshadow gel today... Seems a bit strange, it is kinda like putting lip gloss on the eye lid. I heard people do put lip gloss on as an eyeshadow when they go for swimming as they are really able to hold and waterproof.

Now I understand the effect. I haven't re-do my makeup today, my gosh eyeliners are almost gone and worn off, but msot of the purple stayed. Well, the crease line shown a bit as the pigment moved towards it. but in general, it really holds.

furtheremo, my eyelids are really dark compare with my rest of the face, so most of the eyeshadow is kinda faded when i put them on. but this shows quite well. so i think it is even a good buy when it is at its original price, £2 hahaha...


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