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Virgin Vie Cloud 9 Day Cream

Have anyone heard of Virgin skincare??

I don't think anyone will. By looking up the background online, it is runned by the Virgin company that we know for flights, Coke or CD store. Vie is similar to Avon, which mainly focus on mailing or internet order.

I got hold of the day cream sample though latestinbeauty.com. The 5ml sample lasted me for whole week, even though I put the cream on every morning. How long does a 5ml sample last for average?

Anyway, the 1st feeling is sticky. I much prefer a hydrating cream feels more like a gel than glue. This texture is more like a glue while I like the one fro Eucerin or Za. Also, my skin didnt absorb it straight away, so it is quite annoying as my hair sticks to my face.

Furthermore, I don't see any visible difference or feel difference. It does what it says for happy healthy skin. But the description of swiss glacial water and moisturising apple serum, I dont really fancy that. The smell of the apple serum, I suppose, isnt my cup of tea. It is really strange and I dont know how to describe it.

@ £17.50 for 40ml, it is rather too expensive while it does little. So I dont think I will buy this again.

Score: 50/100



Bronzer & Blush

Tomorrow's review!

p.s. seems i never have time to do so, i even cant keep up with reading other blogger's post =.=////



Mannings (HK) Brushes

Apparently. these brushes recommened by the bloggers on http://www.theztyle.com/bbs, as they are soft, good quarlity and cheap. They only cost me around HKD $12 each as they are on sale.

Compare with the Ruby and Millie's brushes, they are much nicer and cheaper as well. hay....=.=///

p.s. thz for my friend, Chili who delivered these for me.

Last week shopping @ TK Max

I like to 'hunt' in TK Max, as I can always find some bargin in there. (even though I dont buy them every single time, as I am not afford to do so @.@)

This time, I decided to buy this box set, as I am keen to try out the product from Rimmel, as I like the concealer and eyebrow liner that I bought recently.

This week shopping @ Debenhams online

I normally buy things in store, as I can touch and feel the products. But this time, using the information provided by fellow bloggers, I bought 2 item from Estee Lauder and gained a few gift. However, for some unknown reason, the things are out of stock, so they just send me the gift. Futhermore, they have included 3 free sample as well, so nice XD

I saw this brand in Boots before. Apparently it is quite good and its from Spain. I want to try their products when they 1st came out, but the prices aren't cheap enough for me to buy immediately.

This time, Pure cosmetics are 1/2 price. So this eyeshadow palette is only £7.50. Cant wait to try out. XDD

This is the free set from Estee Lauder. I dont have good impression on its mascara, but this time, from the look of it, I think I may like it. lol
Also, cant wait to try out too......

(p.s. last week, I manage to get hold of the newANR and the individual foundation from Estee Lauder. So at the end, I manage to get try out most of the things from EL)

(p.s.s forgot to say, the IDYLLE perfume is really nice, worth to try ;-P)


Lush Face Mask Review 1

I just used the face mask 'a crush course in skincare' 1 minute ago.

The smell, the texture of the paste is really nice. It smells like lemon & avocado. There is also some lemon peel or avocado peel, as there were small square of fruit skin. After I put the paste on my face, the paste dries up slowly.

After I washed it off, I didnt found my skin more hydrated than before, instead bit dryer, but it is firmer. This is a really good point for me as my skin is really hydrated and smooth, but it rather too soft, not firm.

By looking up the ingredient online, I think I can replicate a similar mask with the following ingredients:
  • Avocado
  • Lemon
  • Glycerine
  • Sandelwood oil
  • Lavander oil
  • Yoghurt
  • Chamolie oil

Lush Fresher Box!!


They are doing fresher box at the moment, 8 pieces for £10.

1 shampoo bar
1 face cream (trial size)
2 soap
1 body sugar scrub
2 toner (1 vitamin E & 1 vitamin C)
1 face mask


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