Elizabeth Arden Sheer White Pure Intensive Capsules

The capsules that Elizabeth Arden produce are very famous over the years and I always keen to try, even though for my age, I really shouldn't use them as they will be too nutritious for my skin. I saw this bottle on ebay for less than £10 and I was kind of excited by this.

I did a bit of research online, but cannot find any official info for this capsules, though it apparently only available in the Asia market, as obviously, there's a higher demand for whitening/ purifying products over there. ( I drew this correlation as I found reviews on this products in Chinese & I was one of the market demand few years ago, or even till now @.@)

For this product, it supposes to do the following:
High performance whitening capsules to clarify skin
Formulated of concentrated vitamin C with no preservative
Acts instantly to eliminate existing dark spots
Regulates melanin production to prevent formation of new dark spots
Natural grapeseed extract refines skin for a smoother & firmer look
Skin appears velvety soft with an even, lighter complexion
(found this on Strawberry Net*)

I only used 3 capsules as I planned to use this once every week. For my experience, I think the capsules did work partially. Why partially? This is because I don't use it that often, so my skin tone won't just change in this short time and I didn't put sun screen on afterwards (as vitamin C is photosensitive). BUT... my skin is bit smoother & firmer afterwards and i had a slightly even skin tone the next morning after I applied it on at night. (This is fanstantic, as I have uneven skin tone since age 10, and I have used nurmurous whitening products =.=//)

I am not sure whether I will buy this again, as there's rumors that it is out of production. I will check that out when I go to HK later on this year. But even if they still on production, there's a thin chance for me to get it as it is around USD$99 for 3 bottle (111 capsules) unless I found it cheaply on ebay again.

77/100 (I was thinking of puting 80, but USD$33 a bottle? I will try something else then, unless when I finished the whole bottle and my skin tone move up 2 tone)


p.s. please leave your email on your comment if you need to know which ebayer I bought from, as I do not want to make any advisement here.

* I do not work for Strawberry net nor I bought things from this company before, I am not recommending anyone to purchase from them. This is just a reference that I saw online.


Yves Rocher Review?!

Apparently, Yves Rocher is very famous in France. I accidentally saw this brand online as it is mentioned by a blogger, so I did a bit of research and ordered a few items to try.

This company has a similiar concept as The Body Shop, but it is found around 10years before The Body Shop. Therefore, I was quite surprised that this is not as famous as The Body Shop, while there's sruvey claims that 1 of 3 French women use their products.

Anyway, more I concern is the quality and price of the products instead of this business puzzle.

These are the things that I have bought for £15. (free delivery for order above £15)  This time, I bought 1 bottle of toner, 1 bottle of tonic water mist, 2 face mask, 2 lip balm, 2 pack of herbal tea and the rest are free gifts.

Inside the gift bag, there are samples of shower gel, face mask & a lipgloss.

I have opened the apple, pear & vanilla tea bags, but strangely, I have taken photo of the chamomile instead... Normally, tea bags come with those polymer fibre bags, but this one come with muslin cloths bags, how lovely.

What else, oh, and the free pen & pencils too that come with the package.

(sorry for the poor quality of the photo, as the sky just suddenly turn dark and my camera flash light turned on automatically.)

So, what do I think of them?

By  looking at the packaging, they looks decent, just like Olay, Garnier, or other brand from Boots/ Superdrugs. But the price will be slightly higher than them, as I bought these during the sale which is up to 60% off.

However, since I have tried the noursing lip balm with almond oil & the tonic water mist. I found them durable if they are on sale. I like the mist as it does what it claims,  'Result: the skin is moisturised and supple, gently reviving the radiance of your complexion'. I tried on my palm & also back on my hand this afternoon, as my hands are always dry and it actually helps to keep & add moisture without being oily & sticky. So it will be good to act as water spray like the ones from Avene, Evian or other brands like that. (also, 1 good thing is that I don't like aerosol can, as you cant carry them onto a plane)

The noursing lip balm is good too. It is not as sticky as the body shop lip balm nor dry as Johnnson's. (see my previous review, My Lip Care Collection) and it stays on for more than an hour, so I don't need to reapply it as often.

I probably will try more products from this company if I have not detracted by other brand. My impression for Yves Rocher is similar to Avon, as they do not use that capital on advertising, but on the products. Also, it is always that brands that have long history tends to have a key reason for their survival and definitely see that.

The only 1 downfall for me is that I didn't have an good impression in the 1st place before the stuff arrived. This is due to the fact that it took them almost 1/2 a month to send me the products, which is no good. I don't mind to wait if there's item out of stock, but at least send an email to notify the customer, if not I will just simply forget.

Tonic Water Mist 80/100 ( for the blue bottle, smell & the moisturizing level)
Nourishing Lip Balm 75/100 (for the price & texture)


p.s. have a cuppa~ it smells very lovely, the essence of vanilla, pear & apple.


The Things that I am interested by other bloggers

I was reading my accounting reading just now. Then thought, I want to make a list of the stuff that I want to & afford to buy before I just start buying things on ebay & other websites =.=///
(I said that as I am waiting a giant parcel of Stila, Paul & Joe, Jemma Kidd and other....)

So here are the companies that I heard are good, but I haven't got the dosh to buy them yet... though they are quite cheap, sigh~
(N.B. they are not in any particular order)

1. Sleek

Lots of bloggers are 'on fire' or 'grow grass' by their eye shadow palettes and shape & sculpt duo. They are available at Superdrug and their products are from £2-7.

2. Beauty Uk
I heard their eye shadow palettes are good, highly pigmented consider they are only around £3 each for 10 colour. (available at Superdrug)

3. Prestige

Their eyeliners are excellent, around £5 at Boots. I have tried them before at the counter, but why didn't I buy it before??? Now it is v. hot...

4.George by Asda

I heard that the nail polish, which is £1 each is very good, but I bought enough nail polish for myself, so don't think I will have the chance to buy it...
(and its difficult to find a photo for it other than in other people's blogs)

5.  Barbara Daly for Tesco

To me, Barbara Daly is a legend. She is a famous makeup artist before the ones that we know, like Bobbi Brown or Jemma Kidd... She did the makeup for Princess Diana on her wedding day and think if I researched correctly, she worked for The Body Shop for its cosmetic line. So, I am quite looking forward to try her new line for Tesco.

Actually, once I found its shelf in 1 Tesco, but for some unknown reason, the shelf was shutted and I didn't have time to find a staff to open it (as it said on the shelf, ask for staff to open it @.@) as I needed to dash to the cinema for Sherlock Holmes.

What else...??
And of course the usual one like Boujois, Rimmel, Primark, Relvon...etc etc...

Tell me what else I have left out...



p.s. just suddenly when i was 'awaking', i forgot to mention 1 things.... oh my gosh... that's...

6.Gosh Cosmetic

Their velvet eyeliner is one the best eyeliner that I have. It is even nicer than the Dior waterproof eyeliner and in a fraction of the price. Also, if any ladies want a cheap version of M.A.C brushes, get Gosh brushes if you dont want to wait for the postman to show up at your door, coz Sigma or Crown will be the 2 I think will be similar to M.A.C.

Anyway, talking about postman, my dear local postman just put my goodies that I bought on ebay right outside my door while I was at home for the whole day. I know it is cold outside, at least you can knock? I lived on the ground floor and I pretty sure you can hear my music and see the light too!!

How to store your cosmetics??- Part II

Waiting & waiting... bought a few stuff from BrandAlley, Asos & Ebay... most of them aren't here yet =.=///

I almost forgot this post and wrote my foundation review. But then, here's the 2nd part.

When I was living in HK, I always use the core of the toilet roll or other candy tubes for art/ envrionment friendly topic homework, as this is the most efficient way to complete the tittle. Also, this method is cheap and I don't need to pack them when I need to move house. (since i move house almost once every year)

To make this brush stand, all you need is a par of scissor/ pen knife (cutter) and some old gift box/ candy tube/ even core of a toilet roll, some cardboard & sticky tape. 

Other option is to get a plastic pen holder/ remote control holder from pound shop or shops like that. I bought my pen holder (for my pens on my desk) from japan centre in London, as that is the kind that I normally used.


there's a special offer on e.l.f. at the moment, quite temped... sigh~


My Foundation Collection

Quick reminder

Ladies who have No 7 £5 off voucher remember to use it asap
as it is going to expired on the 31st Jan
only a few days left!!!!

(N.B. the Olay & No7 tinted moiustusers are not suitted for me, so maybe I should save them for give away =.=///)

From left - right (Bottles):
e.l.f. All Over Cover Stick - Toffee - for shading, it is cheap and easy to blend
No 7 Essential Moisture Foundation in Buff - my 2nd favourite and the colour suit me most
Olay Tinted Moisturiser in Medium - not used & plan to give away, why it is in the photo in the 1st place??!!
No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation in Blond - the texture is excellent, but the colour is not that suited for me
Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser in Fair - cheap for daily use
Max Factor Seamless Foundation in Porcelain - used for blend with foundation that is too dark as this is very pale with pink undertone
Rimmel Long Lasting 16hr Foundation in Soft Beige - another accident where I bought foundation that is too dark for me... (probably another give away as I bought 2 online =.=///)
No 7 Tinted Moisturiser in Medium - again, not used & plan to give away, why it is in the photo in the 1st place??!!
3 Samples from Estee Lauder - Double Wear Light, Individualist, Nutritious Vita- Mineral

From left - right (compact/ jar):
Rimmel Cool Matte Foundation in Ivory - this is my new favouirte at the mo, once i realise some of my old foundation are bit too dark for me
e.l.f. Mineral Foundation in Light - the coverage is very soft, compare with Everyday Mineral/ Joppa Mineral, this is not as excellent as the others.
Lancome Mini Compact, which I forgot which one that is @.@ - but this is quite good
The Body Shop Flawless Skin Protecting Foundation 02 - got this when there's a special combo offer online for £15 included a foundation brush, it is so-so, and its bit dry for me =.=/// though the compact case is very nice, the cover can be used as a mirror too
Shiseido Sun Protection Compact - i love this one very much, it works very well when i was in hk. Although this is only a sample size, can last me for the summer, for reapply outside.

I got extra ones other than these, but 2 Dior compacts are too old and I think I should throw them away. But the old packagings are really nice @.@
Also, there's another compact that I bought from Jusco $10 Shop in HK. But I just realise that it has broken into piece, which I did't even know when that happened...


How to store your cosmetics??- Part I

I was thinking of going to write this matter few days ago. But since I have read an article regarding this matter (see previous entry), so I just thought it may be a good idea to write this now~

The one I want to talk about is the white plastic tray that was holding my makeup. It is from the Anordna bathroom storage line from IKEA. As lots of people know, Ikea products are cheap and multi-purpose, so this is a good thing to buy.

I got the old series, which unlikely, I cannot find any photos of them on Ikea official site. Think it is now around £5 a set (2 -3 trays depends on price & size); but I got it for £1 for 4 as my bf spotted them at the bargain corner (so worth to check that corner out if you pop into Ikea.

This is one of the new series I saw:

Furthermore, I got a round holder for my lipsticks too from the same line for 10p too. They are really my favourites...

There's other reason that I like this line other than it is very cheap. It is not just a tray, but can be a 'pull out' to your toilet unit/ wardrobe. There's 'hoods' included in the tray, so you can reorganise your old ikea cupboard/ wardrobe/ storage units. It is perfect for toiletries & makeup. This is one of the examples I found online:

(copied from design-milk.com)

I think I will buy more these trays when I need to buy/ renew my furnitures, even though I am using all Ikea furnitures, the size of my storage units are too big for the trays...sigh~

So, how do you store your stuff??


p.s. There's 1 more recommendation, which I found in Poundland

3 layer plastic drawer for £1!

(although it is not deep nor tall enough for foundations/ full size skin care, it's good enough for samples, mini size perfume & skincare)

Makeup storage for the beauty junkie...! - Miss K's Aromaleigh Blog

Just saw this article online, and found it very useful, so share to you all...

The colour of the drawer is wonderful

And this is very ideal for samples too~

Well, I don't have that much to store, so thz god that I don't need to invest that (yet=.=//)



Stop before it grows again...

(copied from freefoto.com, thanks)

Stop before it grows again??

What are you talking about??

I was editing my photos on piscasa yesterday night, I just realised that I actually took lots of photos for writing this blog. But then, as not many people read, I kind of lie back and didn't update as often as I should.

Then, what happened? My makeup collection grows much faster than I took the photos, so even though I managed to take, edit the photos of my collections of brushes, mascaras, eyeliners, the photos are really useful at all...

So basically this is the summary of my collection as a whole.

Aug 09

Only 4 trays, and that's all I have...sigh~ few years ago, it was much smaller, only 1 small makeup bag...

Dec 09'

The collection was even bigger than this, but I gave the unused to my friends and sold a bit on ebay too... sigh~ only know to buy, buy and buy when they are on sale, special promotion, etc....=.=///

At last, my current collection this month. (and I have moved them for the cold corner in the wardrobe)

(N.B. this is my current collections, the unused ones are not here in this photo... which is 3 drawer worth... though some of them are presents for fds)

This is not a huge collections. But then, I still think I shouldn't buy too many if I only use a few thing everyday...

So I should warn myself next time... kakaka...

By saying this, I just bought a Rimmel London Mousse Foundation from Savers for £1.99...sigh~

So, how about you?


Olay Pore Refining Mouse Cleanser

I think lots of bloggers who live in UK will pop to poundland, 99p shop or other pound shop for a bargain hunt sometimes. As I saw this on a forum last week, I pop into the local poundland and look for this... Although that particular lady did not enjoy this product much as she said this product was not effective on her, I actually think there's no harm if I give it a try. Only a pound, nothing lose. (besides, I checked online, it costs USD$8 to get this in the states, so finally there's something cheaper here~)

The reason that I recommenced ladies to buy this and try is that I love the texture of the mousse. Normally, i use those toothpaste shaped bottle cleaners, it wont give me a foam textures, (unless I use those 'foam-forming' net that I saw some Asian ladies used online).

As a pore refining cleansers, I don't think it works as good as Origin's Modern Friction or Biore Pore Refining Cleasner. But, as a daily cleanser, it works brilliantly. My pores are more refining (compare with my daily olay cleanser) after I used this 3days in a row and my black heads are more 'shown up' after I came out from the shower. Furthermore, my skin wasn't too tight right after cleansing it, I can still stand for an hour before applying toners and creams.

The only 1 problem is that as it is in an aerosol can, I have no idea how long this will last. So I cannot really estimate how worthy this product is. ( But, I have already use more than 10times, so not that $$, yea?)

Worth to try, at least it is different from old toothpaste tube cleaners. Also, its by Olay, one of the brand that I really think worth the money, so if you see it at the price around £1, grab it home, why not?

Score 70/100


p.s. there's a green version, I think its a moisturizing version, or something like that @.@


Sonia Kashuk Brushes

As I mentioned before, the brushes from Space Nk have arrived in my place (in a black box XD). The texture, the finishing of the brushes are in good quality.  I bought the following brushes for £4-6 each (original price is around £2x each:
Angled Blush
Synthetic Flat Top

Sonia Kashuk is more famous for her eye shadow brushes, but then I need face brushes more... and I heard that animal hair is used in her blush brush.

I compared the brushes with the similar ones I have already (photo above). The texture of the contour & angled brushes are really good. Compare with my everyday mineral brush, they are much smaller in size, but actually fit much better for my face. Now I use the contour for highlight, angled for shading and everyday mineral for touch up.

On the other hand, I was quite disappointed with the flat top brush, but this maybe due to the fact that I am not quite use the exact use of this brush?! Compare with my e.l.f. powder brush, I love the e.l.f. one more. The size of this flat top brush is perfectly, but there's so much synthetic hair, it makes it quite hard and dense, not fluffy at all. (though the quality of the hair is good, its nice and soft) Therefore, I may just keep it and see what can I do with it later on...


For £2x, I definitely not recommended to buy any of them as they don't worth that much, and since the price in the states is much cheaper. BUT, for £4-6, it is perfectly fine, as I bought the everyday mineral for USD$10 (around £6) and e.l.f. for £3.50.

Also, not recommend to shop online @ spacenk.co.uk as delivery is £5, though there were 4 samples included and packed in a black cardboard box (which I like) filled with polystyrene.

Contour 80/100
Angled Blush 70/100 (due to the messiness of the hair when it arrived)
Synthetic Flat Top 45/100 ( I still haven't figure out the usage)

So, since I heard lots of people have bought this, I am looking forward to see other people's review~


p.s. the design of the handle is kind of the selling point for this set of brushes, i think. Although they are much easier to handle, totally no good for travel...



Anyone saw this before?

It should be in the Lush catalog/ magazine thing this December...

I found it inside a Lush Christmas box set... Just in case anyone didn't read the mag and throw it away, there's a 10% off voucher inside the mag!!



My Lip Care Collection

As i took out all my lip balm & salve, I finally realised how many lip care product I have... So this post is a post that I stop buying lip balm...i suppose... but then, I think I have jsut order a few recently which will hopefully arrive soon...@.@

L- R:
1. Avon Care Dry Skin SoS Lip Cream - which just arrived today
2. Molton Brown Vitamin Lipsaver - the most expensive in the bunch
3. Uriage Stick Protecteur
4. Johnson's Pearly Lip - the worst
5. Natural Collection Vanilla Lip Salve - the lemon one is better taste
6. Burt's Bees Replemishing Lip Balm
7. Za Vitamin Lip - the only SPF26 lip balm I have
8. Avon Care Lip Balm (Christmas Edition)
9. Balm Balm Tea Tree Lip Balm - I actually use it as face cream more than lip balm
10. The Body Shop Born Lippy - I have 2 of them, though I don't actually really like them.

Moistursing & Protecting:
1,2,3,8 are the best

2 is the most $$, £10.50 each for 7ml.
8. is the cheapest, only 50p when I got it.

Weight/ Volume:
1 &10 are the heaviest, 10ml each. Others are around 4.5g / 5ml each

Consider all the factors, I will buy both of the Avon ones again. Although I like the Molton Brown one, its kind of too costly. The worst is the Johnson's one as when your lips are dry, you don't want your lips to coated with a pearly gloss as it exaggerated the dry lines.

Score from highest - lowest: 8>3>1>2>6>5>9>7>10>4

What do you think of them then?



Shopping & Shopping

As there's still snow and I had enough bad experience during the X'mas Sale, so I changed my target, and focus my shopping online. But, that made the situation worst. As now I can shop easily and comfortably, I bought too much and my paypal account is already empty...sigh~

Currently, I am waiting for 4 out of 6 parcels, why they are not here yet??!! I have waited for 7 days.... Only 1 has come though @.@

So here are my 6:

1. Ebay  - Arden Sheer White Intensive Capsules - Arrived
2. fragrance direct - lots of random things
3. Avon - just a bottle of shampoo and lip gloss - coz i received a free delivery on any amount one day and special discount for members @.@
4. Yves Rocher - just randomly browse on forum and saw 1 lady mention this company, then realise the prices aren't too bad, so bought a few things... £16 gone ...sigh~
5. ASOS - o.m.g. there's a special sale on there and a great dicount on Barry M, Models Own, etc so bought a few and my bf got some shoes for him.... -> he is more the lady @ home, as he can be crazy when it is about shoes =.=////
6. Space NK - finally... i had made up my mind, after hunting in so many Space NK, all the Sonia Kashuk brushes are sold out.. and a tiny reduction online, i surrendered and paid the £5 delivery for the brushes, hope they are nice....

Therefore, conclusion is that I have to ban myself walking into any Boots/ Superdrugs, don't go to cosmetic related shopping web and not to go cosmestic counter/ corridor in supermarket either .... poor me...


p.s. 13th Jan
first update, my avon parcel arrived, but then I understand postman doesn't want to carry back the parcel back to depot when there's no1 @ home, but really, he/she shouldn't just tuck my parcel in the postbox with 3/4 hanging out. I live on the ground floor and the post box is just on the street level! it will be so easy for someone who walk across to loot it off @.@

p.s.s. 2nd update on the 19th Jan
as my friend came over, so didn't find time to upload stuff...
the packages from ASOS and Space NK has arrived few days ago and the Fragrance Direct one finally did arrive by catching the post-woman today...sigh~

Only 1 left.... sigh~
so good that my friend bought the Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Cream Set (that my bf got me last time) from me, so can cover some cost from this lot...

p.s.s. final update
Yves Rocher products finally arrived in this icy cold morning... and stuff are lovely... keke


Models Own Ltd. Powder Eyeshadow

Models Own Ltd. Powder Eyeshadow

I got this eyeshadow for free to test from the beauty judge, http://www.beautyjudge.com/. This website is simliar to the famous make up alley, http://www.makeupalley.com/, but is a UK base site instead and the database is not as detail as MUA. But still, worth to browse a bit as an extra indicator, I suppose.

I didn't use any powder eyeshadow other than 17 Eye Dazzle from Boots before, so this is a new try. I always thought powder eyeshadow wont stick on the eyelid, that's why there's the existence of eyeshadow primer. But for this one, I just use my e.l.f. eyeshadow brush, it is very easy to use and apply.

For £5 each, I found it rather expensive. Okay, for £5, there's actually a lot of powder. But then, who needs so much of the same colour? So personally, I don't think I will buy this again @.@


p.s. forgot to mention, its official website is : https://www.modelsownit.com


Camexpo @ Earls Court, Oct 09

This is a very belated post. I went to the natural beauty exhibition, Camexpo with my friend during October. Normally, I won't go for such exhibition, but since my friend got hold of free entry tickets (as she contact one of the exhibitor), so why not?

but then, I don't know what had happened and why I have forgot them till now...hm....

So here's the stuff I bought

Yogi Tea

I think I got this 3 of £5. I only tried the Rose when I got it, I thought it was okay and can have a go. But when I drank that at home, I just found the taste bit too dilute and weak. Also, Lotus is not nice, it is kind of strange, but I don't know how to describe... So probably, I won't buy this brand again...


If anyone interested in DIY skincare & makeup, this is a good equipment store, as they have a good range available. The price online is different though, as they charged the VAT on top of the labelled price. But during the exhibition, it is VAT off and extra 10% discount too...

Balm Balm

This is the reason that my friend want to go to this exhibition, as their products are only available online. (although their lip balms are available in Boots nowadays) Their products are quite good, esp the face balm, I must say, cause an extra dose of shea butter & bees wax is always good for dry skin. I didn't like it in the 1st place, but when the weather was getting colder and colder, the heater was getting hotter, so my skin kind of dried up, so extra layer oil helps.

The essential oils weren't the cheapest in the show or compare with the shops outside, but since they are 100% organic, so why not give it a go?

Also, apparently, it is popular before in HK as some famous models love their products, don't know anyone heard of that?

Cahn Aromatherapy

For £6, this tiny face mist is very expensive. But the only reason I bought this is that this company produce skincare products for lots of high end deparment store and so I just though I should give it a go.
The smell of the mist is really nice. The smell of geranium & sandalwood is perfectly balance. It really nourishes and keep my skin calm.

Munchy Seeds

As the name said all, it is best used for munching, and nuts & seeds give all the essential vitamins and mineral for our skins. So perfect for skin. There are few more favour other than the 1 I bought and they are also available in Waitrose too.


p.s. here are the useful site related to this:

Christmas Sale Part 1 - Harrods & Space NK

Seems bit late to write my christmas sale shopping, but actually, no, this is because my stuff aren't arrived yet. I went to sale on the 26th, 31st & 2nd, but this time, I cannot find much bargin, sadly.

I went to Harrods & Space NK on the 2nd as there was an extra 10% off for Harrods Reward members. it was so packed @.@, I didn't get much chance to look at things properly. I bought Lancome Juicy Tube as usual, as it is cheapest to buy it in time of the year in Harrods, but not other places else. It always good to act as a last minute gift for ladies (shhhu~ keep the secret low profile)

I was planning to get Sonia Kashuk's brushes from Space NK, but they actually sold out every single one in Knightsbridge & Russell Sq stores @.@/// and I don't want to pay £5 delivery... so... maybe I have to find something else instead....sigh~

I wish I could just shop online and get everything done in a comfortable way, but then, annoyingly, there's always special offer in shops, so sucks~

So, how'z your 'harvest'?



Summary of the products that I like for 2009


I was planning to write my last piece of review right before the end of 2009, but then, i was distracted and was watching Black Bulter (黒執事), so didn't have time to type up @.@ I either stayed at home or went out shopping right after new year, so didn't have time to surf online too.

Here's the top 10 products, both skincare and makeup that I love most
(N.B. not in a particular order)

1. e.l.f. Studio Bronzer - Cool

I always looking for a palette that can do shape and sculpt together at the same time...But there aren't many option available from Boots/ Superdrugs. The most famous one is the M.A.C. Sculpt & Shape Duo like the one below

But then, I found it rather expensive... So I use this as an example and found an other alternative.

For £3.50, this e.l.f. bronzer is really good for this purpose... (which I will type a review if I had the time...sigh~)

2. Everyday Mineral Angled Brush 

For USD$ 8, this is the best brush that I have and it is perfect for mineral makeup. Sadly, this is not available on everyminerals.com... if I know this earlier, I will at least buy 2-3 more...sigh~ so I have to take extra care to keep it well....

3. e.l.f. Shimmering Facial Whip - Spotlight

see more details on my recent post -> Click Here

4. Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara

I prefer Lancome's  or Primark's mascara more before, and I didn't like Estee Lauder's mascara before as I have a bad experience... But then, after I used this. It is perfect, it lasted and extended my lashes well. Also, one more good point, it is easy to brush on without clotting my eye lashes.

5. e.l.f. Mini Makeup Collection

see more details on my recent post -> Click Here

6. Avon Care Rich Moisture Glycerine Hand Cream

see more details on my recent post ->Click Here

7. Homemade Lavender, Rose Face Cream

see more details on my recent post ->Click Here

8. Olay Total Effects Radiance Enhance Cream Wash

This is my favourite cleanser at the moment, as it is cheap and effective. It removed excess oil and dust gently without giving the skin a hard time. It is good for everyday use.

9.  Garnier Eye Roll On

I have already bought a spare new one even though I haven't finish the old one yet... But there's 1 annoying point though... I just saw online Boots.com, there will be a new caffeine roll on which is used for dark circle.... i cant wait !!!!!!!!

10.  Botanics Organic Rosewater Toner

There's a few more things I want to put in this summary... But then... since I have already chosen a face cream, so I think I should put a toner here instead...



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