Stila Eye Shadow Trio

I first seen this eye shadow trio on Jojoba's blog, and I then kept looking online to get hold of this as you know, Stila has left uk market....and it is a good buy.

It is a bake mineral eye shadow, which meant that they can be used ethier wet or dry, though I only use it dry as they give a good soft metallic colour. Also, it can be used as a mix colour or 3 separate colour.

Compare with the Tiramisu from Laura Geller that I have got, this is a much lighter tone and it is great to use at all, as I can complete my look quite easily.

And last brown eye shaodw palette to go tomorrow!

x kyanvi x

p.s. as I am heading to Singapore this Saturday, my reviews will be temporliarly suspended unless I can use my partner's phone to upload stuff.


Natural Collection Duo Eyeshadow

 I actually got 2 duo eyeshadows, but I 'destroyed' one of them and this is the new one that I bought recently as I just suddenly turn my eye to browns. For £1.95, this matte coloured eyeshadow is good when you just want to get something new randomly or as a treat!

The eyeshadows are highly pigmented, but not strongly pressed as when I use my No 7 eyeshadow brush, there will be a lot of the eye shadow fled around in the air @@ But the colour is good for work, with the latte colour all over the lid and the mocha colour for contour.

I will definitly get a few more if I managed to hit some eye shadows pan, as I realised that I actually bought too much recently, so definitely need to pause my spending =[]=

x kyanvi x


Crown Brush - Not impressed, don't even border

Crown brush, I heard of good reviews before, and heard that coastal scents brushes are from crown brush too.. So I have planned to get my hands on them for ages... However, I was put off by the postage, £5 for delivery is a bit too much for me [well same applies to Space NK, which I will only purchase online rarely =[]=] As there's a special discount on the postage, I decided to give it ago. Although the delivery was fast, I was quite disappointed with the quality of the brush.

Although the quality of the fibres for this Large Duo Fibre Face brush are okay, I was so disappointed with the quality of the brush as a whole. You can see from the 2 photos above, the black hair suppose to be shorter than white ones, but for here, obviously they forgot to trim all of them, as I found 3 strpies that are not trim.

The reason that I didn't require a return as I could not be border as I checked online, for returns there's a charge for it [ that's applies if you changed your mind], but there is not any information about if the brushes are   damage during transit or when it come out of the factory.

For £9, I think I will rather purchase one from Sigma, as the 2 duo fibres that I have are much better.

Same applied for the angle fluff brush, one of the fibre is not trimmed properly, it is 2x longer than the rest. By the time I checked the brushes, I was so disappointed that I know I have to write this review before the others that I have in mind, as I totally discourage you to get things from there.

But, otherwise, for £2 this is still okay to me

For the Blush brush from the Basic series, I was shocked that the brush has been pressed so hard in their warehouse, the shape changed. I purchased brushes online from e.l.f., everyday mineral, sigma before, but none of them arrived like this! =.=// Although the shape changed back to what it suppose to look like after I wash it, when I washed it, it was another horror.

I actually ran out from the toliet to take this photo. The foam of the shampoo turned grey and tiny hairs felt out of the brush. I was shocked, as none of my brushes dropped so many as you can still see some on my balm.

For £4, I seriously recommended e.l.f. instead.

Furthermore, these 3 brushes are from the same range, but the Mini Blush brush does not have the name printed, this is rather confusing, but oh well, after all the shocks that I have, this does not really border me... Sigh....

Well, it is not totally wasted of money as at the end of the day, after a wash, the brushes are okay, still useable, but for £18.54 in total, which included p&p, I seriously rather get brushes from e.l.f. studio range or try their new bamboo range.. Sigh... quite regret now.

So, I totally NOT RECOMMENDED to get brushes from Crown brush any more!

x kyanvi x


Facebook + Honey

The one of the main reason that I will log-on to facebook all the time is that sometimes companies will give out free samples to try out. As many of us know the nutrient in honey are very good to the skin, therefore I was so happy to see this at my door this morning!

x kyanvi x


Paul & Joe Eye Color Palette III

Apologise for the delay, seems this week has passed so quickly.

So the 3rd brown colour eye shadow palette is Paul & Joe Eye Color Palette, which is an limited edition for Christams 2 years ago.

I wasn't really into Paul & Joe before, as I much prefer minimal packaging and I wasn't keen on patterns and floral, which is the impression of Paul & Joe for me when I was young. But since time passed by, I actually more into these floral patterns(?)!

Although we can't buy most of the Japanese brand in UK, other than some in Selfridges, Harrods and Harvey Nichols, you can buy Paul & Joe on asos.com and I heard from Fenwicks in Bond Street.

Although it's quite typical japanese style where the colour is not as strong as other western brand, the colour is stronger than the muji one, as it is less shimmer, though still give a sheen finish.

Also, this come with a typical sponge/foam applicator in one end, while a proper round end eye shadow brush on the other. [ which I only realised that when I took the photos, I have took the brush to wash @@]

This is the clearest swatch that I have made, the middle eye shadow shouldn't be this orange, yet when I upload the photos, it turned out like this @@

And for the price-wise, I think it was £28RRP, but I got hold of it when it was only £8 something. If it is £28, it is slightly on the expensive end, but it is still worth a while (at least the packaging, as I really like this purple plastic box!)

x kyanvi x


Models Own Smash Up Crackle Polish

Just received Models Own newsletter, if you are keen on crackle nail polish, then you must check these out! There will be black coloured and silver coloured one available in Boots store from the 20th April and the rest on its official site: www.modelsownit.com

But as I don't use nail polish that often, I think I will skip this @@

x Kyanvi x

Groupon Deal - ASOS

Although lots of bloggers have mentioned on their blogs, just in case you have missed out. Groupon has done another absolutely bargin. For £9, you can redeem £20 goods from ASOS. [ with minium purchase of £21].
Free UK postage and sometimes free international postage, though £5 postage aboard is absolutly low price too! As I have ordered a pair of shoes before for my husband in Singapore, and if I used the snail- mail, it will cost a lot more!

So have you bought it today?

x Kyanvi x

p.s. oh.. link: http://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/national-deal


Muji Eye Shadow Quad

This is the Muji eye shadow quad that my friend helped me to get in Muji in HK last summer. Compare with the western tendency of metallics, Japanese tend to have their eye shadow shimmery as they aim for effortless look. However, they are also decent pigmented as I made the swatches fairly easily. 

Furthermore, I like the design of the palette, as it is small and compact, easy to carry. Also the clear plastic design is very 'Muji', as they like things simple and minimal.

As you can tell from the size of the eye shadow, the bottom left is for highlight, bottom right is the eye liner. Top right is the eye shadow for the inner corner of the eye and the top left is for the outer corner.

x Kyanvi x 


The Body Shop Limited Edition Eye Palette - Boho Beauty

As I mentioned on Sunday, this week will be my brown eye shadow week! For first, let's start with a recent popular one, as I think everyone has secretly has a crush on the special word ' Limited Edition'

As I have bought the Groupon voucher, so for now, it is cheap enough for me to pick it up. haha The packaging is not bad, as I am a fan of white palette. Also, it is not flimsy, but firm plastic,  which is good, as sometiems I foudn some of the palettes are very flimsy.

Inside, there are 4 eye shadow, one brown kohl pencil and a small eye shadow brush, which looks quite alike to their normal brush range.

The eye shadows are highly pigmented and tightly pressed., as for these swatches, I have just use my fingers and the colour come out easily as I have moist fingers. the texture is quite funny, as although it looks like powder, when I touch it, it is slightly creamy.

The brown kohl pencil is normal, soft and highly pigmented, but the only trouble for me is that I don't like sharp eye liners, so I have to draw at the back of my hands a few time before I can use it on my eyes.

Although the brush looks small, this is much better than those foam sponge applicator, and it is quite dense too!

I don't normally take any photos for the back, but the only problem is that TBS now produce their eye shadow in Thailand instead... @@ [ I still much prefer to have things manufactured in the EU]

So like this?

x Kyanvi x

Brushes from Taiwan

I was keen to get hold of this brand, 林三益(LSY), but wasn't as keen as google and see whether I can find a buy in UK until this flower series!

林三益 is a traditional ink brush maker in Taiwan. As you may know, traditionally, chinese use ink brush since 475BCE, and this brand is one of the famous ink brush maker. If you have done Chinese calligraphy before in school, you will know how important the quality your ink brush is, which is the same as the importance of your make up brush.

With a reasonable price (i.e.£22+/- for a MAC 188 equivalent) . and that they are hand made,  I always keen to get hold of this, but now I am even more keen than ever =[]=

Think you will be more keen if you see the rest of the series:

my 1st fav

my 2nd fav

my 3rd fav


I am very =[]=

x kyanvi x

p.s. photos taken from one of the LSY retailer:http://amazing-palace.blogspot.com


The ray of Browns

Since I have started work from October, I found out that people in my office dont wear makeup, or mininal make up, so I kind of trying to adopt a more nude/ simple make up to work; and from then, I have build up a collection of brown/ netural eye shadows. [and I know this sounds like a very rubbish excuse to buy a lot of sutff hahaha]

Terefore, tomorrow, for this week, I am going to write about the 7 palettes that I currently using, as I still got a few hidden around my drawers.. lol

So see you tomorrow!

x Kyanvi x

This week shopping

Actually I have bought more than these this week, but the only reason I put this up as I just read lots of reviews on the L'oreal Youth Code recently, and I just suddenly keen to try this out later!

Also, I have just realised that Boots tend to overcharge these days, as for the Olay Total Effect Tinted Moisturiser, at my local Superdrug, it is only £12.99, while at Boots, it is £17.99. And for the Youth Code, it is only £14.99 in Superdrugs while it is £24.99 in Boots. Also, although both stores are doing 3 for 2 on skincare at the moment, there' more reason to shop in Superdurg as if you completed the feedback survey which is at the back of the voucher, then you will save 10% or 25%. Therefore, for all these 3, I have only paid £24.xx, so only £8+ each! Isnt this wonderful!!!

So what do you think??

x Kyanvi x


Murad Blogger Event II

Finally! Coz I only used my SE cyber-shot  camera phone, so I can only take photos during the day, which is slightly impossible with full time office work =[]= [well, technically, if the room is bright enough, SE phones are still good, but I have a strange habit of keeping the room dim @@]

Anyway, here's the products that I have took away with me. As I only have spot rarely, I have managed to find a friend to become the 'white lab mouse' for me. However, as she does not live in London, until I meet her during Easter, so the review for this line will be postpone... =[]=

I have flipped though the book, which I found it interesting to read, so I will write a review for that and hopefully share some of the new info that I have learnt later on. [ as I am still working on my essay, so if I have time to read, I got to read my law books]

Also, as well as Murad, I have been given a set of Doctor's Brand. For this set, I am going to ask one of the boys in my office, but not sure whether he will be keen on this or not. If not, I will do a giveaway for this set.

I have took a few photos during the event, but as the quality was very bad, so I only save this one. Marriott hotel in Country Hall is really nice, as you can see the Big Ben easily. The event room is very classic, it's actually looks like a library to me instead. lol

I have seen the pitcher of health somewhere in the book, I think, so once I managed to find it out, I will take a more clear photo. Also, this is the Smoothie that I am keen to try, so just took a photo of this and see whether have anyone tried this before!

Well, this is my review on the event, what do you think of this? [ coz this is my 1st time to attend a blogger event !]

At last, thanks Elle, the senior press officer of Doctor Brand, for this!

x Kyanvi x

p.s. Have a nice weekend everyone!


Glamour Freebie

As you probably aware, as lots of bloggers have wrote about this. [so did I ;-P] Glamour is celebrating their 10th years. It's funny that I started to read Glamour, well on & off, since I was 14, which is the 2nd year I was in UK. I have also spent 10th year in UK too this year!

Anyway, as I said before, I bought a copy for the moisture surge and a copy for the mascara. I saw on Money Saving Expert, there's a break down how much these samples worth: (these based on the full sized products on the Clinique website)

  • Liquid facial soap 30ml - £1.95
  • Eye make-up remover 30ml - £3.48
  • All about eyes eye cream 5ml - £7.50
  • 7 day scrub rinse-off formula 30ml - £5.10
  • Long last glosswear 2.3ml - £5.37
  • Superbalm moisturising gloss 7ml - £6.07
  • High impact mascara 4g - £7.50
  • Dramatically different moisturiser 30ml - £9
  • High impact lipstick full size - £15
  • Moisture surge thirst relief 30ml - £18
From this, the best deal is Moisture Surge, lipstick and Dramatically different moisturiser. Also if you are keen to collect them all, my suggestion is pop to local Superdrug and use the till voucher, as for over £10, i.e. 5 magazine, you will get 10% off, which is £1!

So which one you have bought?

x Kyanvi x


Quick Update before I forget!

This evening, I went to the Murad's blogger event in Waterloo and met a few lovely bloggers, which I hate to say, I only reconise Charlotte from lipglossiping.com, as I am very bad at remembing faces... [which I have no idea that I managed to suffer in an office when people come in & go all the time @@] Anyway, I have also met Dr Murad and have known a little bit about his book and Murad's product.

So I need to thank Elle for the invitation!

[p.s. photos later!]

* courtesy of  Pink Haired Princess

So this links to the second thing that I need to mention. I am so regret that I didn't pick up a cop of this month's Glamour in Waterloo station!!!!! In this month's Glamour, there will be a free sample of Clinique product and I really want to try their moisture surge for ages, as I think it's the expensive version of Za one, yet there's so many praises on this.

For more info, check out Pink Haired Princess' blog, as she has collected them all!

See you all tomorrow! As I got to go now... got work tomorrow!

x Kyanvi x


Coca Cola Lip Balm

I can't believe it's already March, time gone so quickly!

Well, I guess lots of people have already seen the new Coca Cola lip balm on blogs across the sea and maybe wonder whether to get it in UK. If you don't ever shop in Primark, then you will miss out; as this is available near the queue for the cashier and they have sprite and fanta as well.

For £1.50, its not a bad gift for coke lover, but if you are looking for a proper lip balm, then I suggest you get a tub of Vaseline instead, as I felt it's kind of like makeup for kids. [although i wont say it's useless, just not good if your lips are dry.]

So what do you think?



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