Current essential in my hangbag

I told this photo last week, but totally forgot to update ¬_¬

I tend to have less items in my bag as I hate carrying a heavy bag, but as I have only been in Singapore for a month or so, I already have skin allergy attack twice, I have to bring more, in case the condition goes worst.

Must have:

  • Compact foundation (Cezenne, which I bought super cheaply in HK for ~£9/S$18)
  • Mascara (17 Waterproof sample)
  • Hand cream (Ren Vetiver)
  • Lip balm (Body Shop) or Lip Gloss (Smashbox)
  • Contact lens eye drop (Rohto 3, personally I love the rohto series as the minty, cooling sensation waken my eyes but it's like a marmite, you either like it or you don't)
  • Travalo perfume bottle w/ Elizaberth Arden Green Tea EDT (I have this for few years, after reading this on Charlotte's blog (lipglossiping.com)
And just for my current skin condition, face mist from Clinque is included to refresh my skin quickly. That's about it for now, will update my bag as I finish these.

So what do you put in your bag daily?



Daily Routine - Make Up

It has been a while since I first began to put make-up on everyday. From learning how to draw a good eye-line to conceal any faults on the skin, I have read a lot and believed to use different products.

But really, less is more and now I have learnt to use as minimal as I can. These are the ones that currently I am using. Some to me are just okay, hoping to finish off, some, on the other hand, are my favourites currently.

Foundation (not always)
Mineral Powder (or loose powder) / Foundation compact
Bronzer (ideally matte)
Kohl eyeliner/ Cream eyeliner
Brow pencil/ powder
Pink/ Champagne Eye Shadow
Lip Gloss/ Coloured Lip Balm

My current favourite is the Maybelline Dream concealer, which I wish to buy another one, but don't think I have seen it anywhere in shop, does anyone know?
Clarins Lip Gloss and Burt's Bee Lip Balm, both are good which hopefully I will write about them later on.
And that it was so shocking that it was so difficult to find a matte (or at least not very shimmering) bronzer, unless you go for more branded ones like Nars or MAC, the one that I got from Korres in Raffle City was super cheap. S$10 for a 11g compact, that's even more than the Bourjoris Bronzer that I am intending to buy from ASOS!


Kanebo Sale and Franc Franc Closing Down Sale

After moving back to HK for 2 years and now in Singapore for 2 weeks, the first thing that I need to get used to quickly is that there wouldn't be my usual shopping places.

Yes, in Asia, they have the equivalent of Boots and Superdrug, and that the local equivalent, Guardian and Watsons' are partially owe by the same companies, as far as I believe; and that we have Sasa, which sells both Western and Japanese as well as Korean cosmetics, but the offer here in Asia wasn't as generous as the time when I was back in England... 


Enough of price comparison.

I heard that there is a Kanebo sale, stocking Kate, Lunasol &, Impress (I.C), and also RMK as well as Kao products (strangely), at UE Square yesterday and today. So, as an excuse to explore around the local area before obtaining a permanent job, I went there today. 

I was not a huge fan of Lunasol Eyeshadow palette, but I think they're not expensive at S$35 per palette and single shadow at S$22. I only bought a brow pencil refill at S$12, and it's actually my first Lunasol product, quite looking forward.
 Kate eyeshadow palettes are around S$10-12 while mascara set at S$12. Foundation compact at S$12 and case at S$7.

Essential travel size are S$3 for 2 and a free hair mask sample to take home.

Then I went to Franc Franc, one of my favourite furniture shop, and it is sad to see it leaving Singapore, just right at the time I come in. 
Most of their goods are gone at JCube, Jurong East, only say, around 1/5 of the store left. I bought a hand made soap at S$3.5, Ume favoured (really!) toothpaste at $1 and a room fragrance for $12. They have a small piles of plates and glasses, some candles and bottles of bath salt left, so if interest, go there soon!

Franc Franc
2 Jurong East Central 1 JCube #02-27
Singapore 609731


Coming Back

I have vacant this space for awhile and I have picked up my interest.
Hence, please look forward to my new post!


Strange discovery

As some of you may already have noticed that it's the month when all the magazines are doing free gifts. But what I found out is that for this month's Cosmo, the copies from the whs inside railway station are attached with 2 free clinique samples instead of 1, and that the copies in the local whs, sains, as well as superdrug are coming with only 1 sample.  Really strange and does anyone know why?


Belated Favourites of 2011

Although it is slightly late, I still have to entry this blog entry, as seems a year didn't complete perfectly without the list of my favourites of the year. And therefore, here they are:

As I made my own herbal infused olive oil to remove my makeup, there is no specific cleanser that I really have to mention, well, other than Origins Modern Fiction, I think.

To me, toner is just a basic form of moisturising water, so as long as they are not concentrated with alcohol, cheap toner will do for me, as I have used high end toner as well as those flower hydrolat, there is not much significant difference for me....


Clockwise from the front:

  • The Body Shop Lip Butter - i love them so much that i have purchased the whole collection. It's smoothing and i love the buttery texture.
  • DHC Lash Tonic - since i realised that my lashes were falling off, i grabbed this quickly and started using it since. There was a noticable growth, but somehow it could irriate my eyes sometimes. 
  • Za True White Sunscreen - as most of the sunscreen can irriate my skin, this is one of the rare one that won't and that it is not expensive
  • Gariner Eye Roll - love the rolling ball and it's my 2nd one already, though i have already decided to get something else once this is done.
  • Olay Total Effect Touch of Foundation - this is my quick touch up if I am just going to the veg market or around the corner to local shops, as seems nowadays, i cant leave the house without any foundation and this is one of the best way for a quick touch up.
  • L'oreal Youth Code Serum - it has been a great hit on the net last year and that I have enjoyed the effect of the serum, which the only fatal fault is that i felt that my skin could be burn very easily after using this serum, so if your skin can be tanned as easily as mine does, then remember to put on extra layer of sunscreen after you use this serum at night.

Clockwise from the front:
  • L'occitane Cherie Solid Perfume - i have a newly found obsession of solid perfume, for which i have already collected 4 extra and for that this is my favourite as i love the smell of orange blossom.
  • L'eau Par Kenzo por homme EDT - i love most of the perfume by Kenzo and that the person who gave this perfume to me is sort of part of the reason that i love it. However, the main reason that i like this as i love the scent that japanese combined. i love the citrus smell of yuzu, as well as the use of rosewood. 
  • L'occitane The Vert Green Tea Solid Perfume - i used to use Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea EDT, but this scent of green tea is better than that and that i love stronger scent perfume.
  • The Body Shop Moroccan Rose EDT - i think every woman should have a bottle of rose based perfume and that for this one, it is not strongly scent, which is the exception for me as i normally like strong perfume. This soft fragrant of rose is suitable for young girls or people like me, who much perfer a unisex or men's perfume.
  • The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited EDP - i love the combination of cedarwood and white flower, which are the key essential scent. i love the musky scent, and that i love the shape of the bottle. 
  • L'occitane Calanques EDT - this is similar to Dreams Unlimited, but this is more mediterranen style, a more subtle and soft smell, which remind me of the mediterranen sea.
Base/ Foundation

Clockwise from the front:
  • Cargo OneBase Concealer + Foundation In One 01 - this is my most frequent use concealer, and that i sometimes use it as a foundation when i was travelling. it is light weighted and that it is not too pink toned.
  • e.l.f. Tinted Moisturiser SPF 20 Procelain - i love this tinted moisturiser as the colour fitted my skin well, and it is yellow based rather than pink based. also this is really cheap, its only £3.50 for 25ml!
  • Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect foundation - as titled, it is so light-weighted that i have been complimented when i was wearing this foundation, most people, even ladies thought it was my bare skin! so impressed by it to the fact that i have purchased a second bottle already!!
  • Za Skin Beauty 2 Way Foundation - this is my favourite compact, though it's slightly darker to my taste, as in hk, they did not have the lightest shade, which is shade 20. Nonetheless, i love the formula that it's alright to have a slightly darker face.
  • e.l.f. Mineral Booster, Sheer - i love this powder very much, as with Bourjois 10 hours sleep effect foundation, they were so light weighted to the fact that people thought i was wearing no foundation, while they actually covered my faults. also this powder gives a subtle, soft matt finish. 


Happy New Year

First of all, sorry about my missing, i was barely in my house for this festival season, out almost every single day. My schedule was so packed that I didn't even switched on my pc for more than a day.

Nonetheless, Happy New Year to you all and wish you a very happy 2012!


p.s. though it is a stormy start, I really hope that we would have a nice time.

p.s.s. googled the photo, it is from http://www.pickledpolitics.com


What's in my bag?

Funny enough, I never talk about what's in my bag at all. It was due to the fact that I don't even use a bag, but since as I have more gadgets and stuff to bring, I no longer can fit my stuff in my jean pocket.

Anyway, here are the two main pouch/bags that I have normally apart from my leather envelop bag for my galaxy tab.

The smaller case is a freebie from a Japanese Make up magazine last year and the one on the right is the new bag in bag that I bought from Muji 2 weeks ago. As I love tweed/ wool materials, I fall in love with it in first sight. Also, it is useful when I need to drop my bag for museum/ event/ sample sales as I can simply pull this bag out from the larger bag that I carry.

As always, typical Asian design, zip on top by the handle and there are 7 compartments, so that I can put my stuff in an organised manner.

And for content, these are the items that I must have: (L-R)

  • Patrick Cox card holder - this is my current new love as I found this in TKMax for only £7! As these days, with shops tend to have their own reward cards, it is getting hard for me to fit everything in my wallet
  • Ipod and Patrick Cox case - not my most favourite mp3, but as before I have my galaxy tab, I want to use wifi access, (even though I have actually pay for 3G services), so I just bought this so that I can do some browsing and some easy games.
  • Soap & Glory Hand Food - it's not a bad hand cream for smell, but it's not that moisturising either. 
  • Parker Ball Pen - if I am out for a long period or going to a museum, then I will normally bring my journal as well.
  • Jordan's cereal bar - Honey & Almond, taste not bad
  • Tissue Paper
  • Versace Wallet - I love men's wallet, though I have 2 women wallets from Coach and VW, I still much prefer men's one as I normally shove it in my jean back pocket
  • Wrigley's Extra Mints - from HK, I can't remember why I have it there, but useful anyway...
  • My inhaler and extra tube of lip balm
  • Sony headphones for Ipod
And for my makeup bag, which I have no idea why it remained portrait as I have tried so many time to rotate it, but not working @@:
  • Superdrug Contact Lens Eye Drop - with the same ingredients, it was the same as the one by Boots, but it's cheaper, so that's the reason I switch.
  • No 7 Shimmering Lip & Eye Sunscreen SPF 30 - useful for a quick touch up with sunscreen, especially around the eye area and my cheekbone as well as nose.
  • Sleek Pout Polish - I love this, as it is not dry and quite moisturising as well as it has SPF15. Sometimes, I am really need it, I actually use this as a cream blush.
  • Molton Brown Lip Stick - I think lots of people didn't know about their cosmetics, okay, for the same price, as I remember correctly, it's RRP£13.50, people will rather get a MAC instead, but I love this as it's creamy and not drying.
  • Nivea Milk & Honey Lip Balm - not a bad one, and I love the smell of milk & honey
  • Gosh Velvet Touch Eye Liner - my favourite eye liner, soft and easy to slide on, also not expensive, a must have, if I have to say.
  • The Body Shop Love Etc Solid Perfume - I love collecting solid perfume as they can be kept for longer period, and that I don't need to specially go to shops to find miniatures and that I think it's more piratical
  • Models Own  Retractable Brush - for my Za compact as I am totally no good with sponges when I am outside in those cramp toilet. Not expensive, though man made hair, but soft, yet maintain the shape perfectly well
  • Za Skin Beauty Face Powder - the powder form of BB cream  + pressed powder. Seriously, I love both the 2 way Skin Beauty Foundation as well as their Whitening series.
  • The Body Shop Divide & Multiply Mascara - fitted all my requirement: waterproof, volumising and that I love the pointy wand, which hopefully I will do a review later on.
  • Alcohol wipe for first aid and plasters at the far corner.
So what do you think??



Bourjois Free Gift in Superdrug

For Christmas, to me, I felt that it was always a war between Superdrugs and Boots. Normally, Boots won the competition, at least for my money, but this year, without the present of my husband nor my parents, it was hard for me to purchase £50 worth of items in one go as I am not too keen to carry boxes of pads and bottles of shampoos, etc. Also, somehow, for these 2 years, I have found that Superdrug is actually cheaper in price and that with the their 10%/25% off survey voucher thing as well as the introduction of beauty card, I have found myself more in Superdrug than before.

This time, even though Boots is also doing 3 for 2 on Bourjois, but with a free gift for every 3 item purchase, this is a much better offer and that Superdrug is doing 10 points for £1, if I am correct, then, it is better than Boots, which is only 4 points for every £1.

Inside the gift bag, there are the following:

  • mini nail polish 3ml
  • mini eyeshadow powder 1g
  • mini lip gloss 1.7ml 
  • mini eye liner 0.46g 
  • elastic mascara, 6.5ml, which i believe it's slightly smaller than the usual one, which i think it is 9ml
I can't remember how much they used to charge for those mini versions, but I definitely would say it is a bargain, as I quite like the bag that came with, though its only made of nylon, but it is not flimsy and that it is actually not bad quality.

Oh.. and what I have purchased?

Even though I have not finish my current bottle, but since I have been compliment that my skin looked flawless and that they could not believe I have put lots of foundation and make up on, I am in love with their 10hour sleep effect foundation as it is so light weight and that for the lightest shade, 71, it fits my skin tone nicely.

And for the other two eyeshadow, they are my 3rd and 4th ones as they are heavily pigmented and that they are really nice to use, as I love the colours that they offer.

So what do you think?


p.s. Currently, in Superdrug, they are also doing GWP with Collection 2000, L'oreal, Accessorizes, NYC, Barry M, so if you are looking at those brands at the moment, it may be a better ideal to check it out, as for me, I love gift with purchase!

p.s.s. the free advert leaflet/ magazine thing, published by Superdrug, Dare, there's a coupon for a free pack of Fisherman's Friend Blackcurrant lozenges (25g) too!


Sigma Free Shipping Tomorrow 9-5 CST

Just received an email from Sigma, there will be a free worldwide standard shipping tomorrow from 9am - 5pm CST, which will be 6 hours behind our time in UK, which is GMT. Therefore, for readers in UK, it will be 3pm - 11pm tomorrow for us.

Therefore, check it out if you are interested. Click here


p.s. that's remind me that I have not done my review on the brushes yet @ = @ //.. I am so tired today, sigh, have been fighting with 5 bulb of garlic for more than an hour and my fingers smells  arrrrr


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