A fun make up game

Well, I meant to only update here once my exams are finished as I am still having my exams at the moment, but during my daily routine of browsing online, just find a blogger mention about this makeup game with the latest topshop makeup, just want to upload and share to you all. lol (then i will stay hidden till mid June... please give me some luck~)

So just follow the instructions and upload your photo and pin point for eyes and lips. then by choosing different colour and products, they will automatically 'do' the makeup on your photo. Once you are done, you can even compare the before and after as well, like the picture above which I upload a photo of me when I was on the train leaving Cornwall.

Also, one spectacular thing is that you can also save and download your finish makeup photo (in .jpg) , kind of like face chat, I suppose. ;-) and that you can save by emailing the list of products (included price and name) that you have used in this game, so you can use it as a shopping list.

How's this game sound to you?

After I have played this game, now I am quite keen to give top shop makeup another browse. I went to the top shop store in Oxford Circus few days before, but I wasn't so keen about it, though not sure why. But now , I am actually quite keen on them, sigh~

Oh... forgot to mention, the site is @

Have a good weekend... Now I have to go back to my reading on Mechanical behaviour on materials. >_<



e.l.f. haul again~

This is my 3rd time to purchase goodies from e.l.f. as I really think some of their prodcuts are really bargain and good for value. Last week there's a offer of 3 lipglosses and free delivery for order more than £10. So I could not stand the offer and stock up again. kaka...

Although I heard some of the brushes are not good, by do some searching online, I managed to get all the good ones and this complexion brush is good, which hopefully I will do a compare and review if I have time after exams.

This is my 2nd bottle of eyelid primer as I really think this is very good. Only £1.50 and similar to UDPP which is around £11 a bottle of similar size. Isn't this wonderful?!

I have tried out the complexion reflection already, will do a swatch after exams (gosh.. i got a whole list of things to do after exams~) And will of course try out the cream eyeliner later too, cant wait~



Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush Samples

Saw this info on Lipglossiping blog, as I heard reviews on this Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush, so I may just have a go, as seems quite a good deal. You will get 6 samples for free with £2.95 P&P.

For more info, check out Lipglossiping blog for swatches @

and order here @

Note this is only available for UK orders.



Nails Inc Week

I really think this week is Nails inc week as there are 2 promotions at the moment. First is the free nails inc. nail polish if you buy this month instyle magazine (Leona Lewis on cover, price @£3.60) and there are 3 colours to choose from: Mink (milky brown), Candy (candyfloss pink) and Beach (red)

Second, start from today, if you purchase 2 500ml diet coke from selected Boots, you will get a special edition nails inc. nail polish for free and there are 4 colours named after 4 cities : Milan (red), Paris (purple), NY (fuchsia pink) and London (Milky brown, which is same as the one that I got for free from instyle mag)



Personally, I love the Mink colour more, so I may grab London home next time if I need some Coke. lol

Which one have you bought?


p.s. I got the info from blog, Vex in the City, check out @ http://www.vexinthecity.com/2010/05/diet-coke-and-nails-inc.html


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