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Beauty Judge is a website/ forum that is similar to the famous MUA, but the only difference is this is a UK based website. 

As we all tend to buy more beauty products these days, I really like the idea to swap things that you have been tested, but cannot find any love in them.

I have recently swap with one of the user on beauty judge, and that's what I received.

I personally quite like collection 2000 nail polishes so I was quite pleased to see them. And I am quite pleased to have an extra Maybelline mascara as I heard that this is good!

So what do you think? Interest to swap??



Sleek 'Find Your Perfect Match' Foundation Chooser Day (last Monday)

Since I planned to go to Russell Sq on Monday, so I just pop into Sleek Foundation Matching Day with my friend. I was quite surprised that my friend now has a slightly paler skin than I do, so I think I should start looking for whitening products again, sigh...

Anyway, I am definitly looking forward to the new colour range as they are really amazing. From only 17 shade, Sleek has increased than shade choices to 30! How wonderful for a high street brand. As I forgot to bring neither my phone nor camera, so I have to borrow my friend's phone to take a quick photo.

6 more paler shade introduced, but, Sleek focus more on the darker shade as you can see on the right hand side. For people who are paler than shade shell (which is the middle one on the 2nd role from top on LHS), here's your good news, as there are 4 more shade introduced.

I used to be in shade shell, but now, suggested by Sleek's MUA on that day, Barley should be my new love (which is between Shell and Sand).

Also, as well as the usual light refureshment, Sleek gave out goodies bags on that day. Not just 1 i-divine eyeshadow palette, but 2! and they are all limited edition too! Thanks so much!! Now I have collection the latest circus as well as 2 eye shadow dust and a card holder!

So have anyone been there too?


p.s. as I am getting married soon, just realise that there's so many things to do, so maybe a slight delay in update. But keep in touch~


Swap required?!

Just really want to buy a few things from Sephora, can anyone help me to buy the things, and I will get the things that you need from UK instead?

Drop me your email if you are interest and to arrange more in details.



Boots Expert Sensitive Daily Defence Moisture Cream SPF12

Since it is so sunny everyday, sunscreen protection is needed almost every single minute. As I am kind of allergic to sun screen lotion (due to the fact that my skin will be dried up and even have rashes sometimes after I have used sun screen lotion during the day), a day cream with spf seems to be my good alternative, as I didn't allergic to spf foundation/ face primer.

The packaging is nice and simple with a pump dispenser which is fairly hygienic. I normally only need 2 pumps to cover up my whole face and neck. I have been using this for around 1/2 a month and my skin is perfectly okay and still remind soft and hydrated as it claims to contain aloe vera and vitamin E.

Though it is fragrance and lanolin free, it still contains paraben which may be a hugh no-no for some people. 

Anyway, on the lighter side, it is on offer at the moment at Boots, only 2 for £4 and they are 100ml each. So it is rather a bargin. 

The reason that I have delayed my review on this product is that I was quite lazy and just want to use it for a bit longer before. But since I have already repurchased 2 more bottle, I think it is time to write this. But seriously, I quite like this, so I am highly recommend this!




Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes

Just finished this pack today, so quickly update my view on this product.

As I don't tend to use facial wipes daily, it took me quiet awhile to finish it. I use these wipes as a quick way to remove makeup, but this wipes do not remove my makeup totally if I put on heavy makeup, like yesterday, lot of my Estee Launder Nutritious foundation were still on my face provided that I have already spent a day out and washed my hair and shower, I though some of the foundation should be gone already due to these activity, but still there's quiet a bit left overs when I used a cotton pad with toner to wipe my face.

Also, not sure has anyone have such problem before, but when I used wipes, my skin around the cheek area tend to be slightly irritant right after using the wipes, though this does not happen all the time, but the brands I have tired, all of them have such problem. @.@ So I am still looking for my ideal one... sigh.

As one of the best selling wipe making brand in UK, I do recommend this if you only want to remove small amount of makeup, I tend to use this when I want to change the look or correct any mistakes. Also, it is rather cheap, around £1.xx for 25 wipes and can be bought easily.

Score 70/100

What do you think of this?


p.s. I am heading to the Tesco Vitamin E wipes tomorrow, cant wait to try out, as it is so cheap, yet I have heard good comments though!


Almay Line Smoothing Compact Makeup

This is my current favourite foundation at the moment too! As you can see, mine already 1/2 done in 1 month as I tend to use this these few weeks. I bought this at Beauty Rocket for £3.xx, though they are now on promotion for £2 only!

They only have ivory available there, but since it is quite hard to find Almay products in UK, so I just give a try, though Neutral (which is in yellow tone instead of pink tone) is more suitable.

As you can see, it is more in a pink tone, while my skin is more netural/ yellow undertone.

It has a creamy texture that can be spread easily with the sponge provided. I think it has a medium/ high coverage as it is highly pigmented. It claims to be hydrating with extracts of cucumber and a blend of green, red and white teas for triple antioxidant protection. Personally, I found it is quite smoothing especially when my skin is quite dry in the morning. Downfall is that for my age, in early twenties, it cannot really 100% smooth my lines around the eye and mouth, so don't think it will be any good for ladies who have more trouble with lines.

Sadly there isn't nay offical sales point for Almay, if not it will be much ideal to try out the colours. Also, as it is not 100% line smoothing, so I don't think I will recommend anyone who is concern about lines, though I found it is excellent for dry skin.

Score 70/100

Have you try out any products by Almay? And where you bought them?


p.s. it is kind of wasteful to throw the compact away, can anyone tell me when to get a refill for that?


Cargo OneBase Concealer + Foundation In One

For today and tomorrow, I will be updating reviews on foundation. Firstly, Cargo OneBase Concealer + Foundation In One. I bought this at Boots when they discontinued most of the Cargo products. It was such a bargin as they are only £2 each and still available for the 3for2 offer!

This really reminds me the way that I put on foundation years ago when I was just18. I used to just put foundation on the problem areas such as dark eye circle and around the month as it is slightly darker in those areas. This product is a gem that I was exactly looking for years ago, but still I am in love in this now, as this is the best product to bring along for short holiday.

I rather say it has low/ medium coverage and has a concealer brush tip. But still, can be layer without looking too much make up. When I use it as a concealer, I will use the brush, but when I use it as a foundation, I will squeeze the product out from the tube as using the brush tip is too troublesome.

Sadly, we can buy this at Boots anymore, so either have to find a new place to buy or get it in the States/ Canada, or found another product. @.@



p.s. Just found out a useful imagine on Cargo Official Site, have a look.


Front Hair Fringe Grip

I have seen this for a while among Asian bloggers and I was quite temped to get them when I back in HK (or ask my bf to get that for me in Singapore, but then, it is not the most ideal thing to ask a man to get things as they always get the wrong stuff...sigh) So I bought them ebay instead. Since there's so many sellers online, so I am not going to put the one that I bought from, but do look for a high positive seller, and that they only cost around HKD$2 (around 10p+/-) for a pair, so from my view, with postage, it should not cost more than £1 really.

So what's these?

They are like those magic tapes on clothing, with small nylon hooks, so they can grip your hair and hold it in postition without leaving any mark like the tradition hair clip does.

Highly recommended. 
(shall I use another word for this as I have already wrote 3 good reviews in a row...;-) )




Sleek Pout Polish

This is my 2nd favourite lip product at the moment! I only bought this as I have read lots of good reviews  amounts the bloggers and that Sleek has come out 2 limited edition at the moment. After I tested the new limited edition, I am in love with it too, so bought a 2nd one when I pop into Superdrug to get one for my friend.

This Sleek Pout Polish is like a tinted lip balm and it contains Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Extract and Vitamin A, C and E  which are really good for moisturising. Also, it includes SPF15 to help protect the lips from sun exposure. 

LHS: Raspberry Souffle (LE)
RHS: Perfect Plum


I use these pout polish when my lips are dried or when I am just lazy to put on full make up. Also, they are highly pigmented, I only need a really tiny bit to cover my lips. The staying power on me isn't really good, as I have to reapply around every 2hours, but it apparently really stays on my friend's lip. lol

For £3.99 a pot, this is highly recommended as this is a good combination of lip gloss and lip balm.

Are you interested after all these good reviews?



The Body Shop Lip Butter - my current favourite!

Although I seriously dislike The Body Shop Born Lippy Lip Balm, this does not put me off to try a similar product. They are currently on ofter @ £4 each. But I got them by using the £5 TBS voucher that I cut from Daily Telegraph.

This is similar to The Body Shop most popular product, Body Butter, but the texture is sightly different. I found body butter slightly sheer and more a cream texture, but for lip butter, it is really buttery, like spread icing or butter on a cake. lol

I especially recommend the new sweet lemon favour as it really smells like lemon meringue or lemon curd. Wild cherry is also good and seems it smells better than the full size body butter.

Highly recommended, but only the down fall is that there is no SPF in this product.


Have you try this? If so, what favour you like?



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