Skinovation Antiwrinkle Q10 night cream

Been using this for more than a month, this is one of the few that I really dislike. Normally, I don't have strong comments on any moisturiser, but this is one of the rare few. Bought this @ Asda for less than £2. I really didn't expect it will be a miracle, but it is a total disastrous.

It claims to do "a rejuventating night cream which helps the skin to hydrate and renew and improve the skin's natural appearance. Coenzyme Q10 helps to reinvigorate the skins natural repalir and protection properties. Soya Oil, with its collagen stimulating effect, helps toinfluence the skin's thickness and elasticity."

But it really did not. Sigh. (though I saw online, there were actually few good comment on its serum though...) It did not even hydrate my skin and I rather think it makes my skin worst. This is because when I wake up in the mornings, my skin looks dry and full of small lines. I really think it maybe better for me if I don't even border to put on anything before bed. Sigh.

Also, I have a tendency of using facial product slowly, but I end up using this quite quickly as it is not that easy to spread on my face...=.=///

So now I have move to something else and still testing them at the moment.

I plan to say: Don't Border. But then for £2, it maybe your product, though it is definitly not mine at all. What a waste.


So do you want to try?



  1. Thanks for the review!!!A great one indeed!!Hugs

  2. Finding the most effective anti wrinkle eye cream perfect to our skin, and age can sometimes be a very difficult task to complete. There are hundreds of creams on the market today that it can seem like a never ending search.


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