Sleek i-divine Eye shadow palette Circus (LIMITED)!

Finally.... after lots of hazzle and dazzle, I managed to take the photo of the swatch. This poor palette have been sat on my shelf for more than 2 weeks untouched @.@ Apologise that I have already take out the outter box and put it with the rest of the sleek outter box. I really like the boxes, but then, it really annoys me when I put my makeup on, as I dont want to take it out of the box and have to put it back later on.

Compare the usual shimmer/ metallic, sleek has this palette MATTE!

As always, mos of the colours are highly pigmented, but before I received this, I was bit concern with the lilac and white in this palette as I have heard that they are quite difficult to show the colours. And this is kind of true, as you can see, the lilac (2nd role L2) and white (1st roel R3) are relatively lighter than the rest.

So what do you think of this?



DIY Storage for Cosmetics + My collection!!!!!

After the ' eye shadow pressing project', I have taken another DIY at home and after 7+ hours, I have finally completed it! By using the existing materials at home, I have come out this cardboard drawer unit. Although it is quite time consuming, this is quite worth the while as I have checked out the options available on high street, there isn't much to choose from. The plastic unit that I used before is nice and cheap, but they are rather small and swallow. The cardboard drawer units available in W H Smith are far too costly, do you want to pay £13 for this? [Yea, I know, the cupcakes are lovely, but costly @.@]

So I decided to make my own at home.

Materials required

  • Scissors, kitchen one can cut though the cardboard easily, while paper craft ones are easy to cut round the corners
  • sellotape
  • old magazines/ papper bags
  • cutter/ pen knife (not necessarily but I much prefer using this than scissors)
  • Glue/ any adhersives
  • lots of boxes in different sizes
  1. Arrange the boxes and have a rough idea of the unit that you want
  2. Cut the smaller boxes to fit in the big box as drawers
  3. Wrap the boxes with pages that you cut out from the magazine [for the outter surface of the big box, I recommended to use shopping bags as they are bigger in size]
  4. Use the left over cardboard and fold them into shape like this, [, and stick them in the middle of the bigger box to give extra support.
  5. Put your makeup back in and you are done!
N.B. if you want to partition the drawers, use the cardboard that you cut out from the small boxes or use the boxes that come with your skincare products [I even use the box that contain pantyliners before =.=]

And closer looks + inside the drawers,

All my sleek palettes and other palettes are inside 4 graze box. [and you don't know graze? Graze is a company that deliver fruit/ nuts box by royal mail right to your office/ home and they are £2.99 each, check out here and get your first box for free]

Got the mini brushes and primer samples inside the box while the rest of the samples are somewhere else, really want to sort them out again, but have to wait till I have moved to a new place.

All my lippies on the top right.

A gap on the top left as I have ran out of boxes that this small, so just put the boxes and palettes here at the time being.

Mascara and some eyeliners on the middle left. I did not put the partition in the middle on purpose, but as I have limited choices on the boxes I have, I cut a square box into half and stick them back face to face.

Eye shadows on the middle right.

Concealers, foundations and blushes at the bottom 2.

So what do you think? I personally really like my drawer unit now as save me some money and can reuse lots of the paper which is good to save some trees.


p.s. extra credit to my boy friend as he has to run to tesco at late 10 to get me a new glue stick!


Nivea Skincare for Normal and Combination Skin

When I was packing things into my wash bag, just found these 2 samples that I have tried and forgotten. Although my skin is more normal to dry, this is still suitable for me when I was in Cornwall last April as it was quite sunny and hot, so my skin is slightly greaser than usual.

For the wash gel, it claims 'To keep normal and combination skin fresh & supple all day long, its natural moisture balance should be respected even during cleansing.'  and I agreed with that. It just give the skin a gentle wash without drying up the skin and I personally prefer gel form face wash.

For the day cream, it claims ' NIVEA VISAGE MOISTURISING DAY CREAM is a light, fast absorbing formula that supports the natural moisture balance of normal and combination skin' and I am also agreed with that. haha. It is light weighted, easy to spread and I have to mention their scents, the smell of lotus, i think, as it claims to have lotus extract, is really my taste. I don't like strong scents, but sometimes I just like some floral, citrus-y scent.
Also it is good for a day cream to have a UV filter as it helps protect the skin from environmental influences.  

They are less than £4 each and available at Boots and Superdrugs and other supermarkets.

Score 75/100

So what do you think of them?

Sales alert!

Special offer on cherryculture.com, 20% off all purchase untill Aug 24. Use Code B2S20.

Just saw this on facebook, modelsownit.com is 50% off now, use code FACEBOOK50.



My Travel Bag II

Continued with the previous post.

These are the things that I think I am going to bring. I normally bring samples when I travel, but still just in case I have problems with the samples, I always bring a backup and a lotion to smoothe the irritation. Balm balm Geranium Face balm is the mixture of two. It has beeswax and gernanium essential oil which smooth and claim my skin and also it can be used as a lip balm. I normally bring their tea tree lip balm instead, but this time, for unknown reason, I want to use geranium more. *O*

Garnier Roll on is my stable eye gel as I like their metal ball roll on design. DHC lashes primer is my new favourite which I will write up a review later on.

DHC cleansing oil is my stable makeup remover, as I still haven't enocounter another one that impressed me.

Clinique toner and lotion are my new trial at the moment, so if they are finished before the trip, I need to find something else in the drawer as I still have a range of samples to try out.

Paul Smith Extreme for men is my stable travel perfume too, as it is quite floral and citrus, which I really like.

And for the rest of the samples, wait until I try!

By the way, this is my wash bag that I put all the makeup and toiletries and even underwear. This is extremely handy, you just need to put this out from your suitcase/ bag and can bring it right into the bathroom.

I got this from Lancome 2 years ago, as a gift with purchase and this is exclusive at Harrods.

Inside the bag, as you can see, can put 3+ clear pouches while it is only half filled. All the skincare and stuff are in the yellow pouches and the white one is the Models Own pouch from previous post. The larger and thinner pouch is also come with the wash bag, which I put all the wet things like contact lens and solution, toothbrush, etc.

On the right is my Vivienne Westwood glass case [which is gold in colour!] and the bottom is my bag for underwear and pads.

So catch you up next time.


My Travel Bag

As I am off to Liverpool within 2 weeks time and that I was talking about packing for holiday with one of the ladies on a forum, so I decided to prepack my makeup bag now [though i think i may have to take a few items out as they are my stables *O*]

As it is only a 2 day holiday, I think my makeup bag should be as light as possible as I don't think I will bring a suitcase up.

[Apologise for the bad quality photo, I think I need to bring another camera, as my usual old one went a bit nuts =.=///]

Tool/ Brushes
Bobbi Brown Travel Blush, Eye shadow, Eye Smudge Brushes
No 7 Concealer Brush
Mini tooth brush (the orange one)
Mini Sponge
Smashbox mini Kabuki

Pixi Eyeshadow -Manage
Sleek Face Contour Kit - Light
e.l.f. Complexion Perfection

Pencil/ Eye
No 7 Eye Brow Pencil
Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner - Black Ink
Yves Rocher Brown Eyeliner
Tesco All About Face Jumbo Eye Shadow Pencil
Estee Launder Double Wear Mascara Sample

Cargo One Base Concealer - Foudantion  -light
Estee Launder Nutritious Foundation Sample - 02
DiorSnow Base SPF50

Yves Rocher Almond Oil Lip Balm
Sleek Pout Polish - Raspberry Souffle
NYX Round lipstick - Pumkin Pie

These pack in the Models Own clear pouch and 2 mini zip lock pouch that come with No 7 or Ruby & Mille brushes. These pouches are really handy as you can even put your cotton bud and cotton pads in a separate one and they are relatively waterproof.

So what do you think?

I will update the 2nd part after I have hang my clothes as they are waiting for me in the washing machine!

Be right back.



Argh...! Time is never enough. I was just tidying my photo folder just now, and realised that I have took so many photos for the blog, yet, I am far far far behind with the photos.

I made a swap with Angel last March, and yet, I haven't posted this up.

So here it is, with a few Sleek i-divine palette and Barry M goodies, I swapped for these goodies. All the samples and the tasty japanese candies are bonus from Angel and it's really kind of her. ;-)



Muji Cosmetics!!

As Muji skincare range is getting popular in UK, I want to share my new shopping list that I have just send to my friend who just went back home (HK) this holiday. Thank god that I didn't plan to go back home yet, as my shopping list is already cost me more than HKD$500 (around £40) and muji is one of the main section on my list.

Muji cosmetics are good in both price and quality. Most of them are made in Japan and you only need to pay a high street price.

So my shopping list:

Checked Blush - orange ~ £6

[heard that muji blush are a cheaper version of shu uemura, so really keen to try their new verison. I wish to try the single colour ones, but that I don't use blush that often, so wait until i finish my other ones 1st]

Eye shadow quad - 01 brown ~ £6
[although I really like my sleek i-divine palette, they are far too big for my daily makeup bag, so I want to buy a small, handy palette. Also, some of you may notice, the japanese/ asian e/s are quite different from western ones, they are not that vivid but more shimmer.]

Eye Base ~ £5
[it just me, I love to try more eye base products, and this is cheap. lol]

So what do you think??

Can't wait to see them when my friend is back from hk this Sep!


p.s. all photos are from Muji Taiwan

p.s.s. this is good too, but i am not sure whether i should get it or not, what do you think?

Face Powder - Rose ~£8


My eye shadow palette after 7 hours, yes, I really meant it!

I received my empty 28 eye shadow palette today from the postman this morning, and I have been working on this till now, which is around 7 hours! I can't believe it, it actually need to take me that long, as I still got lots stuff to do... sigh...

Anyway, here's my palette

To do this, you need
  • a empty palette
  • rubbing alcohol - to disinfect the pans and dissolve the powder
  • glycerin
  • 2 pipettes
  • 2 small bowl to hold the alcohol and glycerin as you don't want to contaminate your big bottle of alcohol and glycerin
  • small bowl or measuring spoon - a tablespoon size is handy as one teaspoon of the liquid mixture can fit in a 26mm diameter pan perfectly.
  • lots of tissues and wet tissues
  • small wooden or plastic sticks and spoons
  • 1 10p coin
  • a muslin cloth or other cloth 
  • a huge bowl of water to wash hand and the utensils.
I know lots of people have different method. I used just alcohol before and it was terrible. This time I add glycerin in, just like how you make a mixing medium, around 50:50 alcohol and glycerin. The result this time is much better as glycerin is thick and viscous, so I can make a smoother and thicker paste into the pan more easily.

So what do you think?

I am so tired now with all the work.

See you next time.


p.s. I am off  to Liverpool later on this month, what you recommend that I should definitely go and visit or which restaurant is good?

Urban Decay


(Courtesy of Lipglossiping)

Just saw these blogs on these 2 palettes today, I did not really keen on Urban Decay book of shadow serious, yes, that's included the Alice in the Wonderland one!

But these 2 palette hit me right at the target, as I want to collect brown/ earth tone palette (which I don't know why) and I love smoky eyes (though I have plenty eye shadows and eye liners to do so =.=)

Since I am currently jobless, so I can only wait till I have found a job... sigh... so in the meanwhile, check them out at: I heart cosmetics for swatches for the Naked palette and news for the Black Palette @ Lipglossiping

Oh.. by the way, the Naked palette is £27 and think available in the House of Fraser and £23 for the Black palette, but not sure where to get.



3 Step Skincare by Clinique

I can't remember which blog I saw from, but I saw Clinique has run a new advertising programme called 3 things before 30, and that the 1st 10,000 (i think) people who registered will get a mini 3 step skincare set for free!

By completing the survey online, they can determine which skincare suits you most. From the result, my skin is dry and so they sent me clarifying lotion 1, while there are other 3 alternative.

I have begun my testing yesterday, looking forward to see the result after I finished them, which I think around 2 weeks?! since I am not good at finishing skincare products. lol

So what do you think? The only thing I remembered from Clinique is that their advert has been almost the same all these years and I was amazed when my mum told me that they have the same 3 step set when she was young. haha.

See you next time.


Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner

As I mentioned before, I prefer Prestige Total Intensity eyeliner, but as you can see, I only managed to get hold of 3 of them, with getting 1 from ebay instead of @ Boots.

They are the best eyeliner I have ever encountered, they are long lasting and soft. For once, I have used the black one to draw an inner eyeliner, it managed to stay for more than 10 hours, which I was so amazed.

They have only 6 colours available at Boots for £4.99 each, though they have apparently 8 colours in the US. I wish I can get a hand of that, but don't think I am going back to US for a short while. sigh

Anyway, I managed to find the 8 colours online and for us in UK, we will be missing out the fearless teal and strong slate which are the ones I really want as I am not that interest in fierce blue and powerful purple.

(N.B. these are found on google search engine and belongs to beautyandthedirt.com and vivi-bear from yahoo blog)


These swatches are compare with Gosh Total Intensity eyeliner.

2nd line, L-R:
02 Bold Brown
05 Intense Olive
01 Deepest Black

Compare with Black Ink (R1), I think deepest black is much blacker and Bold brown is in a similar case as it is darker than truly brown.

So this is it, I have finally managed to write the reviews for the 2 eyeliners that I like most, and these are the 3 that come after this.

Stila kajal eyeliner - I saw Michelle Phan (a popular youtube user) used the black colour version  in her video, but sadly I didn't manage to get hold of.
Prestige Mineral eyeliner
Revlon  High Dimension eyeliner
- these 2 are quite soft and highly pigmented, the only downfall is that they do not last that long.

These are my favourite at the moment, but I still have a list of eyeliner that I plan to try:
- Urban Decay 24/7
-Mac Powerpoint
-Make up forever
-L'Oreal HIP

and what else??



Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliners!

Although personally I much prefer Prestige Total Intensity eyeliner, consider every aspect, I really recommend Gosh Velvet Touch eyeliners. This is because 
i) it is much cheaper; 
ii) there's a wider range of colours; 
iii) it is much easier to get hold of, as not all Boots sell Prestige stuff; 
iv) even your local Boots got a Prestige counter, they are not always in stock, especially when it is on 3for2 promotion. =.=///

.Prestige Total Intensity are more waterproof, but Gosh is not bad at all, managed to stay for around 6 hours if I use it as an inner eyeliner. Also, they are soft and easy to glide, the product can be deposit onto your skin easily without dragging them.

Furthermore, don't you think their packaging look bit like MAC? :-)


Golden Cadillac
Truly Brown
Hypnotic Grey 
Golden Moss
Metallic Brass
Black Ink

So what do you think of them??



Today's Shopping

Didn't mean to shop, but walked into Superdrug as I want to find an alternative soft contact lens solution, as I believe Boots stop selling their cheap contact lens solution and replace with an expensive new verison, which is kind of pointness.  For £9 for 360ml per bottle, I rather pay a few £ more and buy a bottle of alcon, or other conctact lens brand. So have anyone got other suggestions?

Anyway, I was planning to get the small contact lens solution from Superdrugs as they are the cheapest at the moment, but they only have big bottles @ the Surrey Quays store, so I bought other stuff instead. lol

I thought they only sell MUA stuff @ Charing X, but they do have it in Surrey Quays, which is good. lol So bought a clear mascara as my e.l.f. one is 1/2 gone.

Bought 3 more GOSH eyeliner as with the 3for2 promotion and the 25%off voucher (that you can get if you complete the feedback survey), they are only £7.50 for 3!

Also, bought Instyle magazine @ Tesco as they are giving out free TBS lip & cheek stain which worth £9, while the mag is only £3.60. 

So how's your weekend?



Free Models Own Nail Polish @ WHS

The 4 Models Own shades above are available free instore at WHSmith when you buy a book from a selection of twenty great summer reads!
Choose from Jade Stone, Fuzzy Peach, Red Alert or Pink Blush.
You’ll find these perfectly polished page turners at selected WHSmith rail and Airport stores while stocks last.
WHich colour will you choose?



My Eyeliner Collection

As you can see, I have finally managed to find/ take some photos for the stuff that I need to find a new home at my blog sale. While I was searching around in my make up box, I just shockingly realised that how much eyeliner I have @.@ Well, if this does not amaze you, please tell me how many you have owned at one time/ seen.

There are 34 in total, I am totally amazed....=.=////

Anyway, out of these, I totally recommended 2 brand: Gosh & Prestige.

Gosh velvet touch eyeliner is one of my earliest eyeliner, but then, why I have continued to build this collection while I love it so much?? I have no idea... think more due to the shopping-holic inside me?! They are really soft, high pigmented, quite waterproof, but not that oil-proof as I have tired on my boyfriend's skin. A wide range of colour available and they are only £5 each @ Superdurgs.

I only discovered Prestige total intensity through a few asian bloggers and I was quite regreted that I only found them this year as they are absolutely brilliant. They are soft, easy to glide on and highly pigmented. The only downfall is that they only have 6 colours avaiable at Boots (and they are not fully in stock all the time), while they have 8 colours in the States.

What do you think about them?


Blog Sale Part 1

Apologise for late update here, as I am busy with other stuff at the moment, as I need to tidy up all my stuff and already for the next move. sigh. I seriously hate moving house though I moved every year. Just realise that I have bought too much recently, so here are the things that I really want to find new home for them. 

All price can be negotiate, drop a line below

All item included postage to UK address;
 for internationals, add £2 for the 1st item and 50p each thereafter.

Bank Transfer (UK Only) or Paypal

If interested, write down the items you want, paypal address and also indicated where it is a uk or international, so that I can send you the invoice.

All list from left to right, all items are brand new unless stated.

Some of the photos has watermark, that's my ebay user name.

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania -
Nude (~70% left); Baby Blue Pearl 
NYX Ultra Glitter Mania -
Crystal; Silver

£2.50 each, Nude £1.50

Jemma Kidd Midnight Jewel Palette £10

Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Gel Eyeliner Duo - Black Sand & Blue Water £6

Collection 2000 Glam  Metallics Coloured Liquid Eyeliner  - 1 Vinyl
Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner - 3 Funk

£2.50 each

Collection 2000 Angelic Eye Palette £2

Rimmel Special Eyes Eye Liner Pencil - 131 Forest Green £2

Barry M Gold Giltter Stick
Barry M Pink Gillter Eye Crayon

£2.50 each

Stila Smudge Pots Gel Eye Liner 4g - Cobalt £6

The Body Shop Eye Shimmer - 06 Violet
I got 2, so £3 for 1, £5 for 2. 1 left

Lancome L.U.C.I Eye shadow duo - Ray of Purple Light £8

Lancome £15

Lancome Juicy Tubes 4x 7ml - £12

Rimmel Vinyl Gloss 145 Cosmic £2

GOSH Pearl Shine Lipstick - 607 Starlet £2.50

Rimmel Stay Glossy  Lipgloss 5.5ml - All Night Long £2.50

GOSH Lip liner - Toffee £2.50

GOSH Light’n shine lip glaze - 04
Beauty Rush - Sold
Burt’s Bees Lip shimmer - Nutmeg 
Molton Brown Vitamin Lip sheer - pinkbell

£5.50 each

Bobbi Brown Creamy Color Gloss - Dusk £9

Jemma Kidd make up school Lip & Eye Dewy Gloss - 01 Clear £6

Rimmel Wear Maxx Nail Polish - 286 Oyster Pink £3

Stila Oil free sheer color tinted moisturizer 50ml - both swatched once
medium 01 £8
light 03(SPF 30) £8.50

The Body Shop Concealer Pencil 07 £2

Id Bare MineralsSPF 15 Foundation 10 day sample - Medium Beige £3

Thanks very much.



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