Nivea Skincare for Normal and Combination Skin

When I was packing things into my wash bag, just found these 2 samples that I have tried and forgotten. Although my skin is more normal to dry, this is still suitable for me when I was in Cornwall last April as it was quite sunny and hot, so my skin is slightly greaser than usual.

For the wash gel, it claims 'To keep normal and combination skin fresh & supple all day long, its natural moisture balance should be respected even during cleansing.'  and I agreed with that. It just give the skin a gentle wash without drying up the skin and I personally prefer gel form face wash.

For the day cream, it claims ' NIVEA VISAGE MOISTURISING DAY CREAM is a light, fast absorbing formula that supports the natural moisture balance of normal and combination skin' and I am also agreed with that. haha. It is light weighted, easy to spread and I have to mention their scents, the smell of lotus, i think, as it claims to have lotus extract, is really my taste. I don't like strong scents, but sometimes I just like some floral, citrus-y scent.
Also it is good for a day cream to have a UV filter as it helps protect the skin from environmental influences.  

They are less than £4 each and available at Boots and Superdrugs and other supermarkets.

Score 75/100

So what do you think of them?

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  1. I quite like Nivea products, they are pretty good value for money! I have never tried either of these though so it was good to read your review thanks!! Check out my blog if you have some spare time :) http://beautybloggings.blogspot.com

    Jenn xx


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