What's in my bag?

Funny enough, I never talk about what's in my bag at all. It was due to the fact that I don't even use a bag, but since as I have more gadgets and stuff to bring, I no longer can fit my stuff in my jean pocket.

Anyway, here are the two main pouch/bags that I have normally apart from my leather envelop bag for my galaxy tab.

The smaller case is a freebie from a Japanese Make up magazine last year and the one on the right is the new bag in bag that I bought from Muji 2 weeks ago. As I love tweed/ wool materials, I fall in love with it in first sight. Also, it is useful when I need to drop my bag for museum/ event/ sample sales as I can simply pull this bag out from the larger bag that I carry.

As always, typical Asian design, zip on top by the handle and there are 7 compartments, so that I can put my stuff in an organised manner.

And for content, these are the items that I must have: (L-R)

  • Patrick Cox card holder - this is my current new love as I found this in TKMax for only £7! As these days, with shops tend to have their own reward cards, it is getting hard for me to fit everything in my wallet
  • Ipod and Patrick Cox case - not my most favourite mp3, but as before I have my galaxy tab, I want to use wifi access, (even though I have actually pay for 3G services), so I just bought this so that I can do some browsing and some easy games.
  • Soap & Glory Hand Food - it's not a bad hand cream for smell, but it's not that moisturising either. 
  • Parker Ball Pen - if I am out for a long period or going to a museum, then I will normally bring my journal as well.
  • Jordan's cereal bar - Honey & Almond, taste not bad
  • Tissue Paper
  • Versace Wallet - I love men's wallet, though I have 2 women wallets from Coach and VW, I still much prefer men's one as I normally shove it in my jean back pocket
  • Wrigley's Extra Mints - from HK, I can't remember why I have it there, but useful anyway...
  • My inhaler and extra tube of lip balm
  • Sony headphones for Ipod
And for my makeup bag, which I have no idea why it remained portrait as I have tried so many time to rotate it, but not working @@:
  • Superdrug Contact Lens Eye Drop - with the same ingredients, it was the same as the one by Boots, but it's cheaper, so that's the reason I switch.
  • No 7 Shimmering Lip & Eye Sunscreen SPF 30 - useful for a quick touch up with sunscreen, especially around the eye area and my cheekbone as well as nose.
  • Sleek Pout Polish - I love this, as it is not dry and quite moisturising as well as it has SPF15. Sometimes, I am really need it, I actually use this as a cream blush.
  • Molton Brown Lip Stick - I think lots of people didn't know about their cosmetics, okay, for the same price, as I remember correctly, it's RRP£13.50, people will rather get a MAC instead, but I love this as it's creamy and not drying.
  • Nivea Milk & Honey Lip Balm - not a bad one, and I love the smell of milk & honey
  • Gosh Velvet Touch Eye Liner - my favourite eye liner, soft and easy to slide on, also not expensive, a must have, if I have to say.
  • The Body Shop Love Etc Solid Perfume - I love collecting solid perfume as they can be kept for longer period, and that I don't need to specially go to shops to find miniatures and that I think it's more piratical
  • Models Own  Retractable Brush - for my Za compact as I am totally no good with sponges when I am outside in those cramp toilet. Not expensive, though man made hair, but soft, yet maintain the shape perfectly well
  • Za Skin Beauty Face Powder - the powder form of BB cream  + pressed powder. Seriously, I love both the 2 way Skin Beauty Foundation as well as their Whitening series.
  • The Body Shop Divide & Multiply Mascara - fitted all my requirement: waterproof, volumising and that I love the pointy wand, which hopefully I will do a review later on.
  • Alcohol wipe for first aid and plasters at the far corner.
So what do you think??



Bourjois Free Gift in Superdrug

For Christmas, to me, I felt that it was always a war between Superdrugs and Boots. Normally, Boots won the competition, at least for my money, but this year, without the present of my husband nor my parents, it was hard for me to purchase £50 worth of items in one go as I am not too keen to carry boxes of pads and bottles of shampoos, etc. Also, somehow, for these 2 years, I have found that Superdrug is actually cheaper in price and that with the their 10%/25% off survey voucher thing as well as the introduction of beauty card, I have found myself more in Superdrug than before.

This time, even though Boots is also doing 3 for 2 on Bourjois, but with a free gift for every 3 item purchase, this is a much better offer and that Superdrug is doing 10 points for £1, if I am correct, then, it is better than Boots, which is only 4 points for every £1.

Inside the gift bag, there are the following:

  • mini nail polish 3ml
  • mini eyeshadow powder 1g
  • mini lip gloss 1.7ml 
  • mini eye liner 0.46g 
  • elastic mascara, 6.5ml, which i believe it's slightly smaller than the usual one, which i think it is 9ml
I can't remember how much they used to charge for those mini versions, but I definitely would say it is a bargain, as I quite like the bag that came with, though its only made of nylon, but it is not flimsy and that it is actually not bad quality.

Oh.. and what I have purchased?

Even though I have not finish my current bottle, but since I have been compliment that my skin looked flawless and that they could not believe I have put lots of foundation and make up on, I am in love with their 10hour sleep effect foundation as it is so light weight and that for the lightest shade, 71, it fits my skin tone nicely.

And for the other two eyeshadow, they are my 3rd and 4th ones as they are heavily pigmented and that they are really nice to use, as I love the colours that they offer.

So what do you think?


p.s. Currently, in Superdrug, they are also doing GWP with Collection 2000, L'oreal, Accessorizes, NYC, Barry M, so if you are looking at those brands at the moment, it may be a better ideal to check it out, as for me, I love gift with purchase!

p.s.s. the free advert leaflet/ magazine thing, published by Superdrug, Dare, there's a coupon for a free pack of Fisherman's Friend Blackcurrant lozenges (25g) too!


Sigma Free Shipping Tomorrow 9-5 CST

Just received an email from Sigma, there will be a free worldwide standard shipping tomorrow from 9am - 5pm CST, which will be 6 hours behind our time in UK, which is GMT. Therefore, for readers in UK, it will be 3pm - 11pm tomorrow for us.

Therefore, check it out if you are interested. Click here


p.s. that's remind me that I have not done my review on the brushes yet @ = @ //.. I am so tired today, sigh, have been fighting with 5 bulb of garlic for more than an hour and my fingers smells  arrrrr

Latest in beauty perfume box arrived

As I have mentioned 4 days ago, the perfume samples from latest in beauty arrived at my doorstep this afternoon. Well, I have only 5, instead of 6, but then as it claimed that the content may be varied, so I am not making a fuss here, as my main interest was the L'Occitane perfume and the Laughter from SpaceNK, since somehow I began to start to gather perfume from there. lolz

It was also great that inside the box, there's a catelog from L'Occitane, in which there's a coupon for a free gift set when you spend £25 or more in store. This is what I actually waiting for as I somehow got a similar voucher last year and I was hoping to get the same this year too!


You Fragrance Discovery Box by Latest in Beauty

Saw the information about this box on Make Up Savvy, and just thought it's a good idea to share this info. I agreed with some other people online, about the hit and miss, as individual may not like all the perfume samples inside, but for me, it is alright, as I love all the perfume from L'Occitane and that I have two perfume from SpaceNK and they were lovely.

Also, consider the price, the SpaceNK Laugther 15ml mini spray is charged at £15RRP, though I know they normally sell them at £5 during either X'mas or Summer Sale, but nonetheless, as the box itself is only £4.95 p&p included, I still think it's not a bad buy, as if not, you can always pass the samples to your friends as X'mas present. ;-P

Here is the link: click here.


Best of Versace for H&M Collection

Have anyone checked out the coming up Versace for H&M collection?? I loved Versace, but just that the items this time are not really my cup of tea and consider i have to pop out to central London just for that... i think i am too lazy... sigh...

also, its kind of unlucky that every single crossover, they were either not my cup of tea or just that i want to check out some of the item but they were all gone by the time i have chance to visit the regent st store... like last time with Lanvin... which i wanted to buy something... for Garcon, i simply didnt like the items as Garcon is good for hte cuting and design, with mass production, i dont think the style was there...


off to do other things first


T k max shopping - Marshall Curtis shower gel

As christmas its coming soon and all the store offers flooding in,so I went tocheck out my storagebox and see what I need to get this time. Funny enough I have lots of body lotion and scrub, but not shower gel, for £ 2 this is an good catch as this smells much better than the normal shower products for this price and its 80% organic, looking forward to use this tonight


Sleek makeup at Westfield stratford city

Sorry for being m.i.a.these few months. But once other interest took over the importance, then as one only have 24hours, then some has loss while some gain

anyway, just went to the brand new Westfield stratford city as it just opened this month and sleek makeup has an temporary counter on the first level

as always there are lovely makeup artist to match your foundation with your skin tone and they dredging special offers. If you have your shade matched the if you purchase a foundation then a pressedpowder is for free ifnot, they are lovely£10.99 for two together, i believed.

Also 3for 2 on blushes and lip products while 3 i divine eyeshaodw palette for only have£15.

Most importantly, they are doing a pout paint competition that you can mix your ownshade and enter the competition. My entry piece is the bottom right and i love their ipad app, as all you need to enter is to fill the for on the app and take a photo with you and the lip colour that you have mixed. The only downfall is that they have set the ipad stand quite low, so it was rather difficult to take the photo. Also, as a present, you will get a free mini size pout paint for free!

But after i have tried the pout paint, i much prefer their pout polish as i found the pout paint bit strong though i have only starting my interest in matt lipsticks.

Anyway, when i was first in the lovely sleek staff gave me a mini pout polish for free which i am so ad and pleased as i have four of them qt home and one has been my staple in my make up bag as i usedthem as lipgloss, lip balm, and blush as well!

So if you live in London or close by, the do pop by as they are only there till the 2nd Oct!


ps sorry for my typo if there is any as i am using my galaxy tab and not my normal keyboard.


Space NK 'not so private' private sale

I think lots of people should have aware of Space NK private sale as I recevied the email from N.dulge. Today is only for people that have their N.dulge card, but from tomorrow till Saturday, it will be open to everyone. Even I went very early today, 10mins after the sale began, there was already a queue outside and it took me 10mins to get it. I was not intending to buy lots of stuff, but still managed to spend £83, though from my estimatation, I have save around £80, as most of the item are 50% off.

From the look of it, they have plently of stocks, so if you are nearby, then it worth the hazzle to pop in and check it out.
From my memory, shu uemura gold curler is £15, mini one is £10. Mono eyeshadows, lipsticks, blush balms, eyeliner are all £10-15.

By Terry stuff are £15 -20, can't remember what exactly they are, as I am not familiar with their stuff, though I remembered that they have foundation for £15, but only in a very dark tone (no 8, if I remembered correctly)

Space NK own branded bath and body stuff from £10, and their perfume gift set from £15 - £35 for full 50ml size. Travel set for around £15 and same as the candles. Men stuff from £2 and there was not much choices.

There were few hair products and travel set, but I didn't really looked at it.

Lot of skincare set half priced, but even half priced, some of them were still £90, which I didn't look carefully as no way I am paying this price. Anyway, jurlique mini travel set are £15 and there were 3 types.
Nude is also 50% off, got cleansing milk, lotion, lip balm etc from £10.

There were few other perfume choices and lip balms, from £5 - 35.

And for Laura Mercier, I think the main thing to buy is the tinted moisturizer travel set, as down to £20, while RRP is £42. The only down point is that they only have the 2nd lightest colour, nude.

So here we go, I felt that compare with the private sale that I saw in other places, this is totally not a crazy sale, but it is not bad in general if you live near to london. I said this as consider some SA/BA gives samples generously, then it may be cheaper to purchase at counter, or during one of the Space NK events.

x kyanvi x


Palmer's Olive Butter Formula Body Lotion

Just borrow a picture of the Palmer's Olive Butter Formula body lotion on google, as I have a sample and it's bit no point for me to take a photo of the sample.

My association with Palmer's was the smell of coconut, as there were a few fellow schoolmate used their body lotion everyday when I was at boarding house. As I was not a great fan of coconut, I like the smell, but I found that the smell of Palmer's product was bit excessive. So I was not a fan of Palmer's.

But since I got a sample of this, may as well give it a go. The smell of olive oil can be a tricky one. As you know, some of the extra virgin olive oil that I have used before can have a slightly 'grassy' smell if I think, the olives are rather raw. But for this, the smell of olive was not bad. It was not strong, just a hint of it, which I like.

For the texture-wise, it is not very thick, just like normal body lotion and it absorbs quickly, which is good. For sustainbility, it really hard to say as I have no encounter a body lotion that can keep my hand moist all the time as I think I wash my hands too frequently with soap.

Anyway, it claims on the pack that it will take care of your skin in 3 ways:

  1. unique lipid structure moisturises instantly
  2. loaded with antioxidants to keep skin youthful
  3. emulsifies on contact for superior skin smoothing
From all these, I can say I quite agree as it does moisturise and smooth my skin. But for antioxidant? it really depends on whether they have really add olive oil in there, which I am no chemist, so I can't say for sure.

So what you think? You like olives?

x kyanvi x


UNE fund raising lip balm

Not sure has anyone got their £3 off voucher from their green beauty bible before, but if you have it, then pop to your nearest unease pointer before it explores in mid June (as i forgot the exact day)

On the voucher it said you can't use on pencils as they are only £5.49, but as when they gave out the voucher, this fund raising lip balm has not been out in the market, so it didn't mention in the T&Cs. Although it took the lovely SA a while to try to deduct the £3, it is no harm to give it a go to use the voucher.
Also, if you don't have the voucher, do support and purchase this lip balm as every lip balm sold, une will donate £1 to NGO PLAN International's schooling of girls project called ‘Because I am a girl’, for girls in Cameroon.

And of coz, the lip balm is 100% natural ingrdients as same as the rest of the range. it has organic Shea butter, organic Jojoba oil, beeswax and candellila wax. It is also preservative-free and delicately perfumed with100% natural tomato leaf fragrance.

So check it out when you walked across a UNE counter.

x kyanvi x

p.s. why the sun is also taking a break on a Sunday? I was planning to get a chair out to the balcony to sun bathe!


Magazine freebies month

I call this moth, June, as magazine freebies moth as almost every single female magazines are giving out free stuff.

Red magazine is giving out free Jemma  Kidd lipgloss which is very good in quality as i got that last year.

Glamour which is coming out in the 9th is giving out free Benefit cosmetics.

Bazaar is giving out free leighton denny  nail polish.

And instyle is giving out free £5 The body shop gift voucher, which is my 4th tbs gift voucher as this is my birthday month and received 3 from their love your body club
so which magazine(s) will you get?


May Favourites

Thsee are my favourites for this month:

  • Bobbi Brown lip liner in beige
  • Cargo Supereyes masacara 
  • LSY flower kabuki, which is last month favourite
  • Muji blush Orange 01
  • Ruby & Millie brow colour blonde
  • TBS Dreams Unlimited EDP
  • Gosh angled brush
  • Crown eyeshadow? brush
  • Olay total effect touch of foundation - the price of this increase by 25% for these 3 months, it is rather annoying... = =
  • Bourjois  10 hour sleep effect foundation 71 abricote clair, which is also last month favourite
  • e.l.f. complexion perfection
x kyanvi x


Bits and bobs

Although I have not update here as much as I planned, it seems a waste if I don't even border to upload the photos and show you, my readers, what I have bought these few months.

I have went to Berlin in Feb, so I bought a few bits from DM, the German version of Boots. Essence and P2 cosmetics are not bad, it is kind of like Barry M and 17 equivalent.

 Then I went to Singapore during Easter, I was so glad that I managed to find out that there is a Daiso store in the basement of Ion Orchard (one of the famous shipping mall in Singapore, which is located at  Orchard Road, the main shopping street) Everything there are S$2, which is slightly more expensive than the HKD$10 shop in HK, though they sell roughly the same products as they are sourced by the same company.

 Crazy enough, I have bought the same magazine twice, as I meant to cut out one coupon inside the magazine, but it went missing at my partner's place @@. But anyway, you can find this in Guardian, for S$1, you will be samples and travel size products, as well as current beauty news and coupons, so don't forget to buy this Feeling magazine when you are in Singapore. 

Furthermore, I have bought my favourite whitening product from ZA too! I was planning only getting the emulsion, but as I managed to find this deal, then why not, it is wired that in UK, we don't do these box set as often as in Asia, as my mum always stock up lots of box set at home, as apparently they are much much cheaper if you calculate the cost by volume.

At last, I have saw this on Dare, the magazine published by Superdrug. Their MUA line is producing eyeshadow trio, which looks like the Bourjois ones, I can't wait to see them in store!


LSY Brushes Haul (Photo heavy)

 I have used the new Lam Sam Yick (LSY) flower shaped kabuki for a while and I have to say, this is the most expensive brush I have ever purchased, and I am totally not regretting it at all.

It come in a chic square box for which it arrived at my residence from Taiwan safely. :-P
It come with a brush bag that is in lovely champagne pink colour, the only down fall is that the opening is bit too small, it just fit tightly, so I was bit concern that when I try to take out the brush, the zip will damage the brush

However, I have no intention to take it out with me, so it isn't really an issue.

Material - wise, it looks like pvc leather, but still, it looks chic enough for me.

Size - wise, compare with a 5p coin, it looks decent in size for my face, I should have take my primark kabuki and compare them. For size, primark one is bigger than LSY, but LSY has a nicer shape and I felt that this flower shape fits better than the traditional kabuki shape.

 Also, one of the reason that I felt it worth the money is that this is made by the traditional method, as how the ancient chinese make the ink brushes. They do not trim the hair, but arrange the hair to the require length by very skillful craftmen. So you can tell from the photo on the left, all the hair align in the position where they need to be, and the tip of each hair is smooth and pointy as they have not been trim or cut at all.

Furthermore, as there was an early purchase offer, I have got a travel size lip brush for me. I rarely use lip brushes, but I have a few at home, e.g. No 7 , R&M, Lancome, this is one of the best brush I have use, as it is dense in hair, but also bouncy, which is not bad when I try to apply lipstick with it.

So what do you think?

x kyanvi x

p.s. this is only of the my favourite brushes atm, as long with kabuki from primark, bronzer brush from model co

p. s. s. just realised that LSY is exactly the mirror imagine of YSL! hahaha... so funny.


Trade in your old make-up with UNE

Just saw on Beauty Junkie London:
"UNE natural brand UNE is supporting World Environment Day by holding a make-up exchange event in Westfield Shopping Centre. On 5th June you can visit the UNE stand in Westfield and exchange your old make-up, that will be re-cycled for a FREE UNE products and a £2 money off voucher to redeem against anything from UNE."

I simply can't wait as June is my birthday, so will be my shopping month!

x kyanvi x


Ruby & Millie

Although sad to see it go, I have to say, don't forget to pop to your nearest Boots to stock up, as they are doing 75% off clearance at the moment.
Even though there may not have sign saying that, but I just grab the ones that I want to check out, and it still come out as 75% off.

For £10, I have grab these home!

[apologise for the low quality, as I have drag them from my weibo]

x kyanvi x

Glossy Box

Apologise for the wired photo shape, I drag my photo from my weibo (Chinese equivalent twitter), I have just received my Glossy Box, as I saw it right outside my door!!!!!!

From the 1st outlook, I was already impressed by the quality of the gift box, as I normally received parcels in those plain old cardboard boxes, its good to see something different (haha... i just realise that i am quite shoppingholic) and I definitely will reuse the pink gift box to store my spare make up.

And for content for this month, I scared my friend, as I was talking to her on phone, and when I opened the box, I was quite speechless. This is because I was planning to purchase the NARS illuminator on Asos yesterday... and I am so so so pleased to received it!

For £10 per box, I have received: (L-R)
  • NARS illuminator in Orgasm - full size, RRP £21.50
  • Bionova Bioactive cleanser - 4ml, £ 0.86, as full size is £29 for 135ml
  • All for Eve lipstick - full size, RRP £10.50
  • Como Shambhala invigorate lotion - 50ml, £3.33 as full size is £20 for 300ml
  • Alterna Caviar rapid repair spray - 25 ml, £4? ( i didn't manage to find on its offical website, so this base on the prices that I can find on google shopping)
So in total, this month's box worth £40.19, while I have only paid £10!

What do you think of this???

x kyanvi x


Mail Forwarding company or assisted purchase company required

Just wondering is there anyone who can recommend a mail forwarding company or an assisted purchase company in France? As i really want to buy agnes b cosmetics.



Magazine Freebie this Month!

As you can see, these are the freebies for the magazines this month! [Does anyone know why magazines tend to give out freebies when we are very busy for exams??]  I was lucky, I actually remember that Sainsbury was doing 3 for 2 for selected magazines and these 3 are the ones that in the list. Therefore, I popped down to my local Sainsbury to find them.
Although I actually prefer the other Cath Kidston tote bag and I have already got the similar muddy shade from nails inc (during the coca cola promotion), since its 3for2, then may as well. But actually, it turned out that the promotion ended yesterday (cheeky Sainsbury, as they know we will get the magz no matter what), but as I pointed out that the staff have not taken off the tag, then the manager kindly do the offer for me!!!!!

So will you get Easy Living for the Cath Kidston tote bag? Instyle for the Nails Inc nail polish (I actually like the orange shade a lot, damn= = )? And Marie Claire for the TBS body butter? (I am in love with the scent of Dream limited, I just bought the EDP and the shower gel, now with the body butter, I have my summer gear ready, as the smell reminds me of the sea and the breeze.... though the one from L'Occitane wasn't bad either @@)

x kyanvi x

p.s. next month, i heard that Glamour is doing Benefit freebies again! I simply can't wait, as I actually know a lot more of Benefit products as I collected the freebies every June (I think!)


Glossy Box

When I was doing my daily internet surfing routine (?!), I bumped into a website called  Glossybox, so I did some googl-ing on this and apparently they have this in Germany and so saw a few youtube haul on this [ though i only managed to understand around 20%, as they are in german = =]

Bascially, what this company does is that by paying £10 per month, you will receive a box of samples, which I saw on other's haul was 5 travel size items and from the stuff that they got ( see the photo below), it looked like they are worth more than £10, if you calculate each item by volume/ weight compare with the full size products in their RRP.

So I thought it's not a bad idea to give it ago. Apparently the next box is coming up around mid May, so I will post another post for that when I received it.

Also, they have a video on you tube explaining what they do, but as I don't want to advertise it as I have no connection with them and that I haven't received the products from them before, so no guarantee what will come up.

Anyway, if you like to purchase new thing every month or you love to collect mini size and samples, then this may be ideal for you!

x kyanvi x



Saw this in

毛毛的博客, so may as well copied here for any reader that can read chinese





再添一个fashionguide FG部落格http://blog.fashionguide.com.tw/index.asp?TypeNum=2从这里可以直接看台湾妞儿们的更新,也可以单独点进去看每个人的,kate,AK,爱爱,雪伦,shockisgood,queenie,希默。。。达人无数,jms自己看去吧!




补充老师的新浪博 http://blog.sina.com.cn/kevinchou907

喜欢NARS的一定要入 http://candyberry.jugem.jp/
喜欢mac的mm不可错过 http://www.temptalia.com/
yuki http://haruhii.pixnet.net/blog 超多新情报和试色,而且图片超好。。

Catalina 这位也是u2b上的达人 http://www.youtube.com/user/cl2425

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在加拿大的优里娜 http://blog.sina.com.cn/yurinashan
patti mm提供了好多连接,我懒得很,直接复制过来了,嘿嘿!
http://www.urcosme.com/beautynews/index.htm (这网站算是更新比较快。也很全面的。每年各大品牌的限量啦。春夏新品资讯。我是全从这里看的)
http://hi.baidu.com/noneforever24  这个美人好早就不更新了。我也不知道原因。但是她的博客我一直收藏着。有一年多了吧。我总是希望她能再更新。。。。我也尝试过搜索过她的呢称。看看有没有可能在别的论坛出没过。。。不过很可惜。都没有。。。我很喜欢她的眼妆。她的眼睛。她拍照的角度。她拍照片显示出来眼影的光泽,以及她码字的风格。。因为喜欢,所以还是会再保存下去
http://lotuspalace.blogspot.com/   喜欢日系彩妆的人。。此人的博真的应该常阅。。因为一般日系品牌的新品。她都会全ALL了。并且有试色。有真眼。。。。可惜这博要翻墙。。
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http://tamatamajp.blog.163.com/  tamatama桑  主打日系保养。人在JP~~~ 我比较喜欢这种有气质,有风范,写东西很客观的美女啊。。。。

http://cutelilys.blogbus.com/   LILY~~主打日系护肤。。。同上一位美女。都是我很喜欢看的人。她们俩个人写的东西。比较冷门。我喜欢看冷门的东西。

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但是她的颜 她的皮肤以及她的图片。。是很赏心悦目的。。。

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Superdrug Beauty Card

Superdrug is launching a loyalty card, called the 'beautycard'; where customers can earn points that can be redeemed in store - much like the good old Boots Advantage Card, the points can be earnt online and in store and spent in store.

The card will launch on 11th May and to celebrate customers can earn 50 bonus points for every £5 spent on Superdrug branded products in store (until 7th June), while online during the same period customers will receive 10 points per pound on all shopping1, plus there will be 1,000 chances to win 1,000 points every week. 

As standard though Superdrug’s 'beautycard' will offer one point for every pound spent, and every 100 points will translate to a pound to spend in store, plus there will be additional chances to receive extra points via promos in store.

Personally think that this is not a great scheme as only you can only redeem £1 worth of point after £100 spent. But the plus is that you can use the points as a part payment as at the moment Boots does not offer this.

In scheme will not make any strong persuasion for me to shop in Superdrugs, as I already shop regularly as there's a local store near my flat and that stuff in Superdrug is tend to be few penny cheaper than Boots. As long as their 10% /25% off voucher after survey is still here, I am more than welcome to see a few quid back as I definitely spent more than £100 in Superdrugs every year.

So what do you think?

x kyanvi x

p.s. the 2nd photo is of courtesy of http://chantellemakeup1.blogspot.com/


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