What's in my bag?

Funny enough, I never talk about what's in my bag at all. It was due to the fact that I don't even use a bag, but since as I have more gadgets and stuff to bring, I no longer can fit my stuff in my jean pocket.

Anyway, here are the two main pouch/bags that I have normally apart from my leather envelop bag for my galaxy tab.

The smaller case is a freebie from a Japanese Make up magazine last year and the one on the right is the new bag in bag that I bought from Muji 2 weeks ago. As I love tweed/ wool materials, I fall in love with it in first sight. Also, it is useful when I need to drop my bag for museum/ event/ sample sales as I can simply pull this bag out from the larger bag that I carry.

As always, typical Asian design, zip on top by the handle and there are 7 compartments, so that I can put my stuff in an organised manner.

And for content, these are the items that I must have: (L-R)

  • Patrick Cox card holder - this is my current new love as I found this in TKMax for only £7! As these days, with shops tend to have their own reward cards, it is getting hard for me to fit everything in my wallet
  • Ipod and Patrick Cox case - not my most favourite mp3, but as before I have my galaxy tab, I want to use wifi access, (even though I have actually pay for 3G services), so I just bought this so that I can do some browsing and some easy games.
  • Soap & Glory Hand Food - it's not a bad hand cream for smell, but it's not that moisturising either. 
  • Parker Ball Pen - if I am out for a long period or going to a museum, then I will normally bring my journal as well.
  • Jordan's cereal bar - Honey & Almond, taste not bad
  • Tissue Paper
  • Versace Wallet - I love men's wallet, though I have 2 women wallets from Coach and VW, I still much prefer men's one as I normally shove it in my jean back pocket
  • Wrigley's Extra Mints - from HK, I can't remember why I have it there, but useful anyway...
  • My inhaler and extra tube of lip balm
  • Sony headphones for Ipod
And for my makeup bag, which I have no idea why it remained portrait as I have tried so many time to rotate it, but not working @@:
  • Superdrug Contact Lens Eye Drop - with the same ingredients, it was the same as the one by Boots, but it's cheaper, so that's the reason I switch.
  • No 7 Shimmering Lip & Eye Sunscreen SPF 30 - useful for a quick touch up with sunscreen, especially around the eye area and my cheekbone as well as nose.
  • Sleek Pout Polish - I love this, as it is not dry and quite moisturising as well as it has SPF15. Sometimes, I am really need it, I actually use this as a cream blush.
  • Molton Brown Lip Stick - I think lots of people didn't know about their cosmetics, okay, for the same price, as I remember correctly, it's RRP£13.50, people will rather get a MAC instead, but I love this as it's creamy and not drying.
  • Nivea Milk & Honey Lip Balm - not a bad one, and I love the smell of milk & honey
  • Gosh Velvet Touch Eye Liner - my favourite eye liner, soft and easy to slide on, also not expensive, a must have, if I have to say.
  • The Body Shop Love Etc Solid Perfume - I love collecting solid perfume as they can be kept for longer period, and that I don't need to specially go to shops to find miniatures and that I think it's more piratical
  • Models Own  Retractable Brush - for my Za compact as I am totally no good with sponges when I am outside in those cramp toilet. Not expensive, though man made hair, but soft, yet maintain the shape perfectly well
  • Za Skin Beauty Face Powder - the powder form of BB cream  + pressed powder. Seriously, I love both the 2 way Skin Beauty Foundation as well as their Whitening series.
  • The Body Shop Divide & Multiply Mascara - fitted all my requirement: waterproof, volumising and that I love the pointy wand, which hopefully I will do a review later on.
  • Alcohol wipe for first aid and plasters at the far corner.
So what do you think??



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