Off to Holiday + 10 Sleek i Divine Palette

I am off to my friend's place in Cornwall tonight by Night Riviera (the night train from London Pad to Penzance ;-P), so I don't think I will do any haul or reviews or even update till I back.

However, I got one things to show as I have just received my prize from Sleek yesterday!!! All 10 i Divine eye shadow palettes!

Finally, I have entered the competition on their facebook for a few times, but haven't got the chance to win, but this time!

Inside the box

All the palettes

I will do the swatches if I have time after I come back from Cornwall, but not quite sure whether I can do that in a go, as I got 8 exams coming up, but I think I will do 1 palette at a time if I got the space.

If you can't wait, I have already done the swatches for

Have a nice Sunday!


p.s. have anyone actually read my London guide? just wondering whether it is useful or not, if not, I don't think I will write up the last few chapter. (sigh)


  1. I received my 10 palettes the other day too! I'm too lazy to do all the swatches just yet tho, exams and all lol I was in Cornwall last summer and loved it!!

  2. WOW! Congrats! You won such a big loot! I don't have Facebook anymore! 8)

    <33 Rena

  3. Congrats!!!! ;-)
    I'm envious:-P ... these pallets are fabulous!!!
    <3 Chiara

  4. Congrats for the Sleek palettes. They look great !

  5. Let's celebrate it! I've waited over a month for my prize and I finally received it yesterday. Alos 10 lovely palettes which means a future giveaway. Will you also run one? Good luck with your exams, btw!


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