May Favourites

Thsee are my favourites for this month:

  • Bobbi Brown lip liner in beige
  • Cargo Supereyes masacara 
  • LSY flower kabuki, which is last month favourite
  • Muji blush Orange 01
  • Ruby & Millie brow colour blonde
  • TBS Dreams Unlimited EDP
  • Gosh angled brush
  • Crown eyeshadow? brush
  • Olay total effect touch of foundation - the price of this increase by 25% for these 3 months, it is rather annoying... = =
  • Bourjois  10 hour sleep effect foundation 71 abricote clair, which is also last month favourite
  • e.l.f. complexion perfection
x kyanvi x


Bits and bobs

Although I have not update here as much as I planned, it seems a waste if I don't even border to upload the photos and show you, my readers, what I have bought these few months.

I have went to Berlin in Feb, so I bought a few bits from DM, the German version of Boots. Essence and P2 cosmetics are not bad, it is kind of like Barry M and 17 equivalent.

 Then I went to Singapore during Easter, I was so glad that I managed to find out that there is a Daiso store in the basement of Ion Orchard (one of the famous shipping mall in Singapore, which is located at  Orchard Road, the main shopping street) Everything there are S$2, which is slightly more expensive than the HKD$10 shop in HK, though they sell roughly the same products as they are sourced by the same company.

 Crazy enough, I have bought the same magazine twice, as I meant to cut out one coupon inside the magazine, but it went missing at my partner's place @@. But anyway, you can find this in Guardian, for S$1, you will be samples and travel size products, as well as current beauty news and coupons, so don't forget to buy this Feeling magazine when you are in Singapore. 

Furthermore, I have bought my favourite whitening product from ZA too! I was planning only getting the emulsion, but as I managed to find this deal, then why not, it is wired that in UK, we don't do these box set as often as in Asia, as my mum always stock up lots of box set at home, as apparently they are much much cheaper if you calculate the cost by volume.

At last, I have saw this on Dare, the magazine published by Superdrug. Their MUA line is producing eyeshadow trio, which looks like the Bourjois ones, I can't wait to see them in store!


LSY Brushes Haul (Photo heavy)

 I have used the new Lam Sam Yick (LSY) flower shaped kabuki for a while and I have to say, this is the most expensive brush I have ever purchased, and I am totally not regretting it at all.

It come in a chic square box for which it arrived at my residence from Taiwan safely. :-P
It come with a brush bag that is in lovely champagne pink colour, the only down fall is that the opening is bit too small, it just fit tightly, so I was bit concern that when I try to take out the brush, the zip will damage the brush

However, I have no intention to take it out with me, so it isn't really an issue.

Material - wise, it looks like pvc leather, but still, it looks chic enough for me.

Size - wise, compare with a 5p coin, it looks decent in size for my face, I should have take my primark kabuki and compare them. For size, primark one is bigger than LSY, but LSY has a nicer shape and I felt that this flower shape fits better than the traditional kabuki shape.

 Also, one of the reason that I felt it worth the money is that this is made by the traditional method, as how the ancient chinese make the ink brushes. They do not trim the hair, but arrange the hair to the require length by very skillful craftmen. So you can tell from the photo on the left, all the hair align in the position where they need to be, and the tip of each hair is smooth and pointy as they have not been trim or cut at all.

Furthermore, as there was an early purchase offer, I have got a travel size lip brush for me. I rarely use lip brushes, but I have a few at home, e.g. No 7 , R&M, Lancome, this is one of the best brush I have use, as it is dense in hair, but also bouncy, which is not bad when I try to apply lipstick with it.

So what do you think?

x kyanvi x

p.s. this is only of the my favourite brushes atm, as long with kabuki from primark, bronzer brush from model co

p. s. s. just realised that LSY is exactly the mirror imagine of YSL! hahaha... so funny.


Trade in your old make-up with UNE

Just saw on Beauty Junkie London:
"UNE natural brand UNE is supporting World Environment Day by holding a make-up exchange event in Westfield Shopping Centre. On 5th June you can visit the UNE stand in Westfield and exchange your old make-up, that will be re-cycled for a FREE UNE products and a £2 money off voucher to redeem against anything from UNE."

I simply can't wait as June is my birthday, so will be my shopping month!

x kyanvi x


Ruby & Millie

Although sad to see it go, I have to say, don't forget to pop to your nearest Boots to stock up, as they are doing 75% off clearance at the moment.
Even though there may not have sign saying that, but I just grab the ones that I want to check out, and it still come out as 75% off.

For £10, I have grab these home!

[apologise for the low quality, as I have drag them from my weibo]

x kyanvi x

Glossy Box

Apologise for the wired photo shape, I drag my photo from my weibo (Chinese equivalent twitter), I have just received my Glossy Box, as I saw it right outside my door!!!!!!

From the 1st outlook, I was already impressed by the quality of the gift box, as I normally received parcels in those plain old cardboard boxes, its good to see something different (haha... i just realise that i am quite shoppingholic) and I definitely will reuse the pink gift box to store my spare make up.

And for content for this month, I scared my friend, as I was talking to her on phone, and when I opened the box, I was quite speechless. This is because I was planning to purchase the NARS illuminator on Asos yesterday... and I am so so so pleased to received it!

For £10 per box, I have received: (L-R)
  • NARS illuminator in Orgasm - full size, RRP £21.50
  • Bionova Bioactive cleanser - 4ml, £ 0.86, as full size is £29 for 135ml
  • All for Eve lipstick - full size, RRP £10.50
  • Como Shambhala invigorate lotion - 50ml, £3.33 as full size is £20 for 300ml
  • Alterna Caviar rapid repair spray - 25 ml, £4? ( i didn't manage to find on its offical website, so this base on the prices that I can find on google shopping)
So in total, this month's box worth £40.19, while I have only paid £10!

What do you think of this???

x kyanvi x


Mail Forwarding company or assisted purchase company required

Just wondering is there anyone who can recommend a mail forwarding company or an assisted purchase company in France? As i really want to buy agnes b cosmetics.



Magazine Freebie this Month!

As you can see, these are the freebies for the magazines this month! [Does anyone know why magazines tend to give out freebies when we are very busy for exams??]  I was lucky, I actually remember that Sainsbury was doing 3 for 2 for selected magazines and these 3 are the ones that in the list. Therefore, I popped down to my local Sainsbury to find them.
Although I actually prefer the other Cath Kidston tote bag and I have already got the similar muddy shade from nails inc (during the coca cola promotion), since its 3for2, then may as well. But actually, it turned out that the promotion ended yesterday (cheeky Sainsbury, as they know we will get the magz no matter what), but as I pointed out that the staff have not taken off the tag, then the manager kindly do the offer for me!!!!!

So will you get Easy Living for the Cath Kidston tote bag? Instyle for the Nails Inc nail polish (I actually like the orange shade a lot, damn= = )? And Marie Claire for the TBS body butter? (I am in love with the scent of Dream limited, I just bought the EDP and the shower gel, now with the body butter, I have my summer gear ready, as the smell reminds me of the sea and the breeze.... though the one from L'Occitane wasn't bad either @@)

x kyanvi x

p.s. next month, i heard that Glamour is doing Benefit freebies again! I simply can't wait, as I actually know a lot more of Benefit products as I collected the freebies every June (I think!)


Glossy Box

When I was doing my daily internet surfing routine (?!), I bumped into a website called  Glossybox, so I did some googl-ing on this and apparently they have this in Germany and so saw a few youtube haul on this [ though i only managed to understand around 20%, as they are in german = =]

Bascially, what this company does is that by paying £10 per month, you will receive a box of samples, which I saw on other's haul was 5 travel size items and from the stuff that they got ( see the photo below), it looked like they are worth more than £10, if you calculate each item by volume/ weight compare with the full size products in their RRP.

So I thought it's not a bad idea to give it ago. Apparently the next box is coming up around mid May, so I will post another post for that when I received it.

Also, they have a video on you tube explaining what they do, but as I don't want to advertise it as I have no connection with them and that I haven't received the products from them before, so no guarantee what will come up.

Anyway, if you like to purchase new thing every month or you love to collect mini size and samples, then this may be ideal for you!

x kyanvi x


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