Space NK 'not so private' private sale

I think lots of people should have aware of Space NK private sale as I recevied the email from N.dulge. Today is only for people that have their N.dulge card, but from tomorrow till Saturday, it will be open to everyone. Even I went very early today, 10mins after the sale began, there was already a queue outside and it took me 10mins to get it. I was not intending to buy lots of stuff, but still managed to spend £83, though from my estimatation, I have save around £80, as most of the item are 50% off.

From the look of it, they have plently of stocks, so if you are nearby, then it worth the hazzle to pop in and check it out.
From my memory, shu uemura gold curler is £15, mini one is £10. Mono eyeshadows, lipsticks, blush balms, eyeliner are all £10-15.

By Terry stuff are £15 -20, can't remember what exactly they are, as I am not familiar with their stuff, though I remembered that they have foundation for £15, but only in a very dark tone (no 8, if I remembered correctly)

Space NK own branded bath and body stuff from £10, and their perfume gift set from £15 - £35 for full 50ml size. Travel set for around £15 and same as the candles. Men stuff from £2 and there was not much choices.

There were few hair products and travel set, but I didn't really looked at it.

Lot of skincare set half priced, but even half priced, some of them were still £90, which I didn't look carefully as no way I am paying this price. Anyway, jurlique mini travel set are £15 and there were 3 types.
Nude is also 50% off, got cleansing milk, lotion, lip balm etc from £10.

There were few other perfume choices and lip balms, from £5 - 35.

And for Laura Mercier, I think the main thing to buy is the tinted moisturizer travel set, as down to £20, while RRP is £42. The only down point is that they only have the 2nd lightest colour, nude.

So here we go, I felt that compare with the private sale that I saw in other places, this is totally not a crazy sale, but it is not bad in general if you live near to london. I said this as consider some SA/BA gives samples generously, then it may be cheaper to purchase at counter, or during one of the Space NK events.

x kyanvi x


Palmer's Olive Butter Formula Body Lotion

Just borrow a picture of the Palmer's Olive Butter Formula body lotion on google, as I have a sample and it's bit no point for me to take a photo of the sample.

My association with Palmer's was the smell of coconut, as there were a few fellow schoolmate used their body lotion everyday when I was at boarding house. As I was not a great fan of coconut, I like the smell, but I found that the smell of Palmer's product was bit excessive. So I was not a fan of Palmer's.

But since I got a sample of this, may as well give it a go. The smell of olive oil can be a tricky one. As you know, some of the extra virgin olive oil that I have used before can have a slightly 'grassy' smell if I think, the olives are rather raw. But for this, the smell of olive was not bad. It was not strong, just a hint of it, which I like.

For the texture-wise, it is not very thick, just like normal body lotion and it absorbs quickly, which is good. For sustainbility, it really hard to say as I have no encounter a body lotion that can keep my hand moist all the time as I think I wash my hands too frequently with soap.

Anyway, it claims on the pack that it will take care of your skin in 3 ways:

  1. unique lipid structure moisturises instantly
  2. loaded with antioxidants to keep skin youthful
  3. emulsifies on contact for superior skin smoothing
From all these, I can say I quite agree as it does moisturise and smooth my skin. But for antioxidant? it really depends on whether they have really add olive oil in there, which I am no chemist, so I can't say for sure.

So what you think? You like olives?

x kyanvi x


UNE fund raising lip balm

Not sure has anyone got their £3 off voucher from their green beauty bible before, but if you have it, then pop to your nearest unease pointer before it explores in mid June (as i forgot the exact day)

On the voucher it said you can't use on pencils as they are only £5.49, but as when they gave out the voucher, this fund raising lip balm has not been out in the market, so it didn't mention in the T&Cs. Although it took the lovely SA a while to try to deduct the £3, it is no harm to give it a go to use the voucher.
Also, if you don't have the voucher, do support and purchase this lip balm as every lip balm sold, une will donate £1 to NGO PLAN International's schooling of girls project called ‘Because I am a girl’, for girls in Cameroon.

And of coz, the lip balm is 100% natural ingrdients as same as the rest of the range. it has organic Shea butter, organic Jojoba oil, beeswax and candellila wax. It is also preservative-free and delicately perfumed with100% natural tomato leaf fragrance.

So check it out when you walked across a UNE counter.

x kyanvi x

p.s. why the sun is also taking a break on a Sunday? I was planning to get a chair out to the balcony to sun bathe!


Magazine freebies month

I call this moth, June, as magazine freebies moth as almost every single female magazines are giving out free stuff.

Red magazine is giving out free Jemma  Kidd lipgloss which is very good in quality as i got that last year.

Glamour which is coming out in the 9th is giving out free Benefit cosmetics.

Bazaar is giving out free leighton denny  nail polish.

And instyle is giving out free £5 The body shop gift voucher, which is my 4th tbs gift voucher as this is my birthday month and received 3 from their love your body club
so which magazine(s) will you get?


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