Sleek makeup at Westfield stratford city

Sorry for being m.i.a.these few months. But once other interest took over the importance, then as one only have 24hours, then some has loss while some gain

anyway, just went to the brand new Westfield stratford city as it just opened this month and sleek makeup has an temporary counter on the first level

as always there are lovely makeup artist to match your foundation with your skin tone and they dredging special offers. If you have your shade matched the if you purchase a foundation then a pressedpowder is for free ifnot, they are lovely£10.99 for two together, i believed.

Also 3for 2 on blushes and lip products while 3 i divine eyeshaodw palette for only have£15.

Most importantly, they are doing a pout paint competition that you can mix your ownshade and enter the competition. My entry piece is the bottom right and i love their ipad app, as all you need to enter is to fill the for on the app and take a photo with you and the lip colour that you have mixed. The only downfall is that they have set the ipad stand quite low, so it was rather difficult to take the photo. Also, as a present, you will get a free mini size pout paint for free!

But after i have tried the pout paint, i much prefer their pout polish as i found the pout paint bit strong though i have only starting my interest in matt lipsticks.

Anyway, when i was first in the lovely sleek staff gave me a mini pout polish for free which i am so ad and pleased as i have four of them qt home and one has been my staple in my make up bag as i usedthem as lipgloss, lip balm, and blush as well!

So if you live in London or close by, the do pop by as they are only there till the 2nd Oct!


ps sorry for my typo if there is any as i am using my galaxy tab and not my normal keyboard.


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