Primark Comestic Range Review 2

I went to Bath and Bristol this week as my brother moved to Bath.

I cannot believe that I have bought comestic stuff from Primark again. However, I found them as bargin...(although I should also cut down the amount of stuff that I bought from Primark, as every penny counts =.=///)

The Primark in Bristol is shocking. It was relatively empty on a weekend morning, while the one in March Arch is pack 24-7. It is so lovely to shop here as you dont need to hunt and try to avoid other shoppers.
So I bought 3 things from the new range, here they are:

1 Happy Couple - duo bronzer & blusher

From its look, it looks like things from benefit, with the paper box packing and the drawing/picture on the cover. When I open it, it is exactly looks like the Benefit one, with the mini brush. But the colour is more like the one I was thinking of buying on e.l.f. (which is the one that looks like Nars, I heard)
The brush, again, suprisingly soft and lovely. However the blush & bronzer arent that good, the colour aren't shown on my face compare with my Collection 2000 bronzer and The Body Shop blush.

2 Ta ta for now - undereye cooncealer

The only colour left in Bristol is light, so it wasnt as good as it might be, as I think i need a medium rather than light. Anyway, it is a cheap dupe of the YSL famous highlighter/concealer pen in pink plastic tube. The concealer itself is quite thin, so quite easy to blend around. It isnt too dry compare with my dior concealer, it is even rather moistursing, though the ability of concealing is low.

The brush is soft. The ONLY 1 PROBLEM is that it take ages to press out the concealer sometimes. I tried a few times, sometimes, 1 click can press out the concealer, but other times, at least 2-4 click, a bit annoying.

3. 9 1/2 winks -Extreme Falsh Lash Mascara

O.m.g. This is my favourite in this lots. There is a significant difference in this mascara which stands itself out in all the mascara that I got. I have used a few famous mascara, like Dior, Benefit, Lancome, Channel, etc. What so special about this mascara is that it really extend, volumising and curling my lashes. Even my boy friend can spot the visible difference when I put Lancome on one eye and Primark on the other.

For £2.50, it is really a bargin and this is the only one I really recomment to buy and try out. (although the eyebrow kit is nice, it doesnt show any siginificant difference other than the price)

The only 1 downfall is that it isn't waterproof, and it does not able to last long, so I need to put an extra layer of coating... but I am not sure which coating is good in the market though... sigh
So what should I try next?


Sanctuary Hydrating Toner

Today when I woke up, I suddenly felt so dry. My skin is dry and lifeless... I put on lotion everyday and even I spray toner on in the morning before I apply my daily lotions. Not sure it is due to the age, as I am no longer teen, (as my brother told me one day after I turn 21) or the skincare products that I just started to use (as I have finish my old friends), my skin is not as good as it was before.
I pick up this at Boots yesterday. I want to get a mini bottle, as the one I bought in muji broken apart, which I will hopefully post it on later. But the price for a empty mini bottle is already around £1, so why don't I get a toner for £2.50, when I can use the product inside?
In the recent post, I bought paper eye mask from muji, so I need to hunt for toner for mask. After searching online, I found out that if you use toner for your paper mask, use the ones without alcohol as you apply the mask on your skin for at least 5mins, alcohol is bad for this suppose as it may irritates your skin. Thats why I bought this as it seems to contain no alcohol. (the alternative I think of is Simple, as it is like what its name is, simple)
I got a new idea when I login to blogger just now. I always want to try new things and tired of one thing quite easily. But the problem is that the skincare products tend to be large in volume (around 100ml) and for some reason, my rate of finishing them is very slow. (once, I bought the Za hydrating gel 1 school term earlier than my roomate, but she finished that 2terms before me @.@) So I just think the idea of gettin mini size is a good idea if the product isn't cheap. For those cheaper price products, like Simple, it doesnt matter if you buy the full size as it roughly cost the same.
for example,
Sanctuary hydrating toner is £2.50 for 50ml in travel size, full size is £5.87 for 200ml.
Simple smoothing toner is £1.23 for 50ml in travel size, full size is £2 for 200ml.
the price difference for simple is very small, so I will rather buy the full size as there's always discount or promotion in Boots or Superdrugs, and there isnt any discount on travel size. Also, if I actually like the product, I dont need to buy another full size. But if I dont find it useful, I can always use it on my hands & limbs as they are always dry.


Primark Cosmetic Range Review

In the recent post, I said I bought 3 things from Primark, so here they are. I actually managed to take swatch and I tried the eyebrow powder and eyeshadow gel as well today. But, I didn't try the eyeshadow as I don't think it will work if I don't apply mixing medium.....

Okay, so why I don't use the eyeshadow??

Well, look at the photo below...

I use my Ruby & Millie Angled Brush to brush on my back of my hand. The powder is not refine and very clumsy. So I dont think its a good idea to use it dry. Also there isnt much pigment, most of the colour will be 'eaten' by my darken eyelid. So the only way is try with mixing medium later.... (means use the wet method)

Maybe my £1 wasted on the eyeshadow, but the brow kit worth for sure more than 50p. It is the miniture of the e.l.f studio brow kit. It is around 1.5x £2 coin size and includes 2 mini brushes.

The colour is light brown, not as good as my new Rimmel eyeliner, but before I have the Rimmel eyeliner, I use the mixture of light & dark brown eyeshadow as my browliner. Therefore, the colour is okay for me. The gel.... hmmm... i havent use any gel before, I have no idea how should it be... So no comment on that...

However!!! There is 1 thing i really like for this 50p product. It is the BRUSHES that i love most. I have a collection of lancome, Ruby & Millie, The Body Shop & Everyday mineral brushes. Compare with these brushes, these mini ones are really soft and nice. For 50p, it is good enough for me to get hold of these brushes as they are mini & cheap, good for my palette that i made before.

So at last, but not least, I tried the eyeshadow gel today... Seems a bit strange, it is kinda like putting lip gloss on the eye lid. I heard people do put lip gloss on as an eyeshadow when they go for swimming as they are really able to hold and waterproof.

Now I understand the effect. I haven't re-do my makeup today, my gosh eyeliners are almost gone and worn off, but msot of the purple stayed. Well, the crease line shown a bit as the pigment moved towards it. but in general, it really holds.

furtheremo, my eyelids are really dark compare with my rest of the face, so most of the eyeshadow is kinda faded when i put them on. but this shows quite well. so i think it is even a good buy when it is at its original price, £2 hahaha...

This Week Shopping 2

Muji is one of my favourite store that I will visit when i need to or when I am bored... Just bought 3 quite essential things today...
1. the stack of case
use for my mixing medium, as i still want to found out the difference between using mineral water and distilled water. i cannot just let my shot glasses stay in the fridge as there isnt much space, so if i put into a stack, i can at least hide them in the drinks shelf.
also, my homemade honey mask always homeless. it always stays in the PS bowl that i used for mixing, so it can stay at the last jar of this stack.
2. transfer set
if anyone knows to press their pigments/ loss powder, then you will know the difficulties when you haven't got the proper tools at home. I know bloggers in HK suggest using the ice cream spectula that comes along with mini ice cream cups in 7-11. But there's no 7-11 and those ice cream in HK, so this mini set is quite useful.
In this set, there's a funnel and a pipette which are helpful for transfer liquid, i.e. alcohol for disinfections.
p.s. seems like a while, i havnt use pipette for ages.....
3. eye mask paper
I am not a mask person either...(seems i am not a _____person for all the time......omg....) this mask paper is good enough for me. the only main problem with my skin is the eye area, so i want to much focus on them. also, my cheekbone area is a trouble when i got skin irritant, as all the rashes are scattered around that area. also the sun burnt......@.@
as the size of the cheekbone is quite small, so i think this can be used as my cheek mask...hahaha

Purple, Yellow, Green Coloured Concealer

Makeup concealers hide spots, dark circles, pimples, scars and provide smooth-on, blend-in camouflage cover-up for skin flaws. At one time or another we all want to conceal some type of nasty imperfection on our face. Caking on makeup concealers will make the skin flaw stand out even more. Most flaws on our face are color-related flaws such as dark, bluish under-eye circles, blemishes or birthmarks to name a few. In order to mask the flawed color and make it less obvious, you need to use a neutralizing makeup corrector such as a green, yellow or purple concealer.

Understanding Neutralizing makeup colors:

Neutralizing colors are colors that appear opposite on the color wheel. For example- blue neutralizes orange, green neutralized red and so on. So in order to cover red blemishes and blotchy skin, you must neutralize the color first with a green makeup concealer. Then, cover with foundation makeup. By just adding a typical colored makeup concealer, you won't conceal the problem because the red or blue tones will shine through. So you always need to neutralize the flaw first, then cover with your shade of foundation.

Corrective Makeup Color Concealers:

Makeup Color concealers are made typically in 3 color choices- green, yellow, and lavender (mauve). You need to understand which color concealer will neutralize the flaw. Look at the flaw you want to cover. What color is it? Is it acne (red) or under-eye circles (blue)? By identifying this first, you are now ready to conceal those nasty little imperfections!

Quoted from http://styles101.homestead.com/corective.html


Primark Cosmetics Range

Primark is well known for its cheap clothes and accessories. I am not a particular fan, but I do pop in sometime and have a browse (and of coz manage to get something out @.@)
Walked in Primark @ Oxford St this evening, as I was looking for underwears (and manage to buy something as well=.=//) Saw the new cosmetic line, the ones above and new packaging for their normal cosmetic. From the black Opia packaging to the white/ semi transparent packaging.
I saw the reduce sign from £2 -> £1, so I thought I may get some to try out, as it looks more promising to me. See, the powder/ effect of packing to consumer... bad for me....
it kinda looks like Benefit or Too Faced to me... hope its gonna be okay... as I search online, lots of people suspect primark's cosmetic will do harm to our skin.....
p.s. the 'normal', not the new line is still £1 and sometimes 50p.... so cheap... worth to try out new strange, out of safe zone colour if they work.


This week shopping

Went to Richmond yesterday, walked around and shopped a little as there aren't many shops around in the area I live, esp there are no Superdrug or Boots. For the photos that I took in Richmond, go to my photoblog @ http://www.photoblog.com/kyanvi/

For last post, I bought Simple Cleansing Wipe, so here it is. The price of this one is cheaper in Superdrug and there's a free day cream sample. (however, if you are going to buy more than 2 skincare products, go to Boots instead as they are doing 3 for 2, for all skincare products)

I have a Ted Baker Set before when it was 1/2 price @ Boots. I intend to keep it rather than sell it on ebay, but the Mascara in this kit is in light Brown, which I dont even border to try on, so just sold it last week.

Ted Baker Master'ize Kit 1
The e/s here in this kit are nice, prefect for a purple-blue smoky eyes as there's a dark plum purpler eyeliner too.

This time I got the Blush kit as it is free when you buy any Ted Baker Bodywash product (not travel size though). There are 2 set of gift you can choose, either their blush set or their e/s kit. I dont like their e/s combination, and I only have 2&1/2 blushes, so got the blush instead.
(didnt find any photo of this online, so put up later)

Back to topic, I bought Ted Baker Moisturising Body Mist. I tried it yesterday after shower. It was brilliant. I hate to put on lotion, yet, my skin tends to be dry up by the surrounding and hot shower. I don't like Baby oil, don't like cream or lotions... So this idea of Spray is quite good as I can jus randomly spray on and use my hand to message a bit. Also, this smells lovely, not sure what exactly it smells like, but florish. So recommend for ladies who go to gym and shower there. Nice and easy.

n.b. according to the source I found online, it should smells like jasmine, rose, pear and apple. (http://www.kmibrands.com/corporate/pages/tb_bodywear/TBBodywear_Womens.htm)

Just realise how much I allow my bf to spend on beer and how little i spend on beauty products, as he always said 'you still haven't finish this and that; and got other similar stuff at home' or ' do you really need this? you got things similar at home'. (think some of you maybe already nodding while you read ;-P) So we make an argreement, he can continue to buy beer when its on sale and i will buy products that are only few quid if i want to without using all my existing products. This means that I am going to look forward to try all Boots, Superdrug, Simple, e.l.f., collection 2000, 17, Natural Collection and some of the Rimmel stuff... yahh......

This is the 1st product after this. I am a fan of any vitamin E products as i know they tends to be mild, easy to absorb, moisturing and SPF3!! As I have used Superdrug vitamin E body products before, so I think this should be okay.

It is on promotion atm, 1/2 price. So only cost me £1.xx and it has SPF 15. So look forward to try this one tomorrow as I need to go to work.

Summer is fading, so why I bought Bronzer when I already got one at home?

The one i am using now is quite redish/ orangish, so it cannot act as shading for my jaw bone. Currrently I have one foundation from The Body Shop that acts as shading, but seems its not as good as it used to be (but don't know why) So i rather get another 1.

The only trouble is, I want something that is dark and cheap. The foundation that available in Boots arent that dark and cheap. So i looked for Bronzer instead.
This one is quite similar to NYC, which I heard is quite good for cheap comestic, but the price in UK is even higher than Collection 2000, so why don't i get Collection 2000 instead??

For the Rimmel products, I dont have a eyebrow liner and heard that this is cheap and nice, so got this. The same reason for the concealer, heard it has been sold every 30sec since 1967, so worth to try out, as I havnt find out a perfect concealer for my dark circles >_<

p.s. i didnt realise i am so talkative.@.@


Review of Biore Cleasing wipes & Botanic Cleansing wipes

In the recent post, I bought Botanic Quick Fix Wipes and I said I will do a review on this product. So here it is.

You may thought, hand on, why you stick Biore's wipes instead above??

This is because... the Botanic Quick Fix Cleansing Wipe is NO GOOD.

I am not a wipe person, the one i have only used is Biore Cleansing Oil Sheets, since age 13. I have own around 2 mini packs. They are lovely. By the smell, the tecture of the sheet and the ability of removing makeup. Also, it isn't too expensive. (when i bought it few years ago, don't know the price now)

So whats wrong with this Botanic wipe???Bad points

1. this is not the cheapest one in Boots, a middle price label one.
2. it is very ROUGH.. seems like normal wet wipes are smoother than this!! we wipe this one face, cannot imagine... (i have already use 2 to test on in 2 different days... poor me)
3. it takes me really long to remove my Gosh Velet Eyeliner, which is waterproof.

Good points

1. it claims to be biodegradable, so good for environment-lovers
2. the remover does irritate my eyes.


1.Only try it when its a free gift and it is good for cleaning brushes and our hands after we tried comestic products outside.

2.Also, do try the Biore one if you travel/ live in Asia, I think they only sell this in Asia as it made in Japan. (even the product label is in japanese) They are available in Mannings, Watsons, Sasa, etc.

So, for the Botanic Cleansing Wipes 35/100
                 Biore Cleansing Wipes 65/100

looking forward to try out the other 2 that i just bought

No 7 Quick ThinkingSimple Kind to Skin


Ruby & Millies Lipsticks

Another shopping post....
Only have time to shop, but didn't have time to try out products...
L->R: Nude 810C & Orange 340P

I am not a lipstick person at all, so why i bought 2?

Only because they are on promotion. By using the Boots voucher and the extra voucher that can be printed off at the Boots Advantage Card kiosk, the price of the lipstick reduce to 50p, so only GBP1 in total!!!!!
So great!

Also, I didn't own a nude lipstick, so worth a go.

Compare with my Kose lipstick, the orange one looks very orange and the kose one looks rather pink base. The only reason that I bought a orange one is that my bf said orange suits me better compare with red or pink.. apparently... i kinda agree as for asian skin, we tends to have a yellower base, even for lips....
p.s. update on the 17/9
i used the nude one today, lovely. the colour is slightly darker and browner compare with my lip colour. but perfect, it blends in well and my make up looke quite natural and minimal... it wasnt really like nude as those adverts... but i like this kind of nude rather than pinkish nude like Nars Turkish Delight.


No 7 Quick Thinking 4 in 1 Wipes

Just bought the legandary No 7 Quick Thinking wipes. I have read lots of comments on this product, both in english and chinese sites. therefore, for my last £5 off voucher, I get this for only £2.

So I will update and give a quick review when I use it one day. ( as i am not a wipe person =.=)


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