Palmer's Olive Butter Formula Body Lotion

Just borrow a picture of the Palmer's Olive Butter Formula body lotion on google, as I have a sample and it's bit no point for me to take a photo of the sample.

My association with Palmer's was the smell of coconut, as there were a few fellow schoolmate used their body lotion everyday when I was at boarding house. As I was not a great fan of coconut, I like the smell, but I found that the smell of Palmer's product was bit excessive. So I was not a fan of Palmer's.

But since I got a sample of this, may as well give it a go. The smell of olive oil can be a tricky one. As you know, some of the extra virgin olive oil that I have used before can have a slightly 'grassy' smell if I think, the olives are rather raw. But for this, the smell of olive was not bad. It was not strong, just a hint of it, which I like.

For the texture-wise, it is not very thick, just like normal body lotion and it absorbs quickly, which is good. For sustainbility, it really hard to say as I have no encounter a body lotion that can keep my hand moist all the time as I think I wash my hands too frequently with soap.

Anyway, it claims on the pack that it will take care of your skin in 3 ways:

  1. unique lipid structure moisturises instantly
  2. loaded with antioxidants to keep skin youthful
  3. emulsifies on contact for superior skin smoothing
From all these, I can say I quite agree as it does moisturise and smooth my skin. But for antioxidant? it really depends on whether they have really add olive oil in there, which I am no chemist, so I can't say for sure.

So what you think? You like olives?

x kyanvi x

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