Bourjois Free Gift in Superdrug

For Christmas, to me, I felt that it was always a war between Superdrugs and Boots. Normally, Boots won the competition, at least for my money, but this year, without the present of my husband nor my parents, it was hard for me to purchase £50 worth of items in one go as I am not too keen to carry boxes of pads and bottles of shampoos, etc. Also, somehow, for these 2 years, I have found that Superdrug is actually cheaper in price and that with the their 10%/25% off survey voucher thing as well as the introduction of beauty card, I have found myself more in Superdrug than before.

This time, even though Boots is also doing 3 for 2 on Bourjois, but with a free gift for every 3 item purchase, this is a much better offer and that Superdrug is doing 10 points for £1, if I am correct, then, it is better than Boots, which is only 4 points for every £1.

Inside the gift bag, there are the following:

  • mini nail polish 3ml
  • mini eyeshadow powder 1g
  • mini lip gloss 1.7ml 
  • mini eye liner 0.46g 
  • elastic mascara, 6.5ml, which i believe it's slightly smaller than the usual one, which i think it is 9ml
I can't remember how much they used to charge for those mini versions, but I definitely would say it is a bargain, as I quite like the bag that came with, though its only made of nylon, but it is not flimsy and that it is actually not bad quality.

Oh.. and what I have purchased?

Even though I have not finish my current bottle, but since I have been compliment that my skin looked flawless and that they could not believe I have put lots of foundation and make up on, I am in love with their 10hour sleep effect foundation as it is so light weight and that for the lightest shade, 71, it fits my skin tone nicely.

And for the other two eyeshadow, they are my 3rd and 4th ones as they are heavily pigmented and that they are really nice to use, as I love the colours that they offer.

So what do you think?


p.s. Currently, in Superdrug, they are also doing GWP with Collection 2000, L'oreal, Accessorizes, NYC, Barry M, so if you are looking at those brands at the moment, it may be a better ideal to check it out, as for me, I love gift with purchase!

p.s.s. the free advert leaflet/ magazine thing, published by Superdrug, Dare, there's a coupon for a free pack of Fisherman's Friend Blackcurrant lozenges (25g) too!

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