UNE fund raising lip balm

Not sure has anyone got their £3 off voucher from their green beauty bible before, but if you have it, then pop to your nearest unease pointer before it explores in mid June (as i forgot the exact day)

On the voucher it said you can't use on pencils as they are only £5.49, but as when they gave out the voucher, this fund raising lip balm has not been out in the market, so it didn't mention in the T&Cs. Although it took the lovely SA a while to try to deduct the £3, it is no harm to give it a go to use the voucher.
Also, if you don't have the voucher, do support and purchase this lip balm as every lip balm sold, une will donate £1 to NGO PLAN International's schooling of girls project called ‘Because I am a girl’, for girls in Cameroon.

And of coz, the lip balm is 100% natural ingrdients as same as the rest of the range. it has organic Shea butter, organic Jojoba oil, beeswax and candellila wax. It is also preservative-free and delicately perfumed with100% natural tomato leaf fragrance.

So check it out when you walked across a UNE counter.

x kyanvi x

p.s. why the sun is also taking a break on a Sunday? I was planning to get a chair out to the balcony to sun bathe!

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