Books/ Guide by Make Up Artist (mainly for Chinese readers)

The reason that I bought these books is that I saw Regina mm's post on Powerapple forum (in simplify Chinese) mentioning Kevin's (a famous Taiwanese make up artist) new book, so I dash to check out online. Well, maybe it's not the cheapest, but Kingstone ( a Taiwan base bookstore) is not bad as they offer a few skincare set that is by Kevin; and the delivery is superb - they only took 2&1/2 days to deliver the books from Taipei to my place in London! Okay, they used DHL services (that's why the delivery charge is quite high), but still, it quite amazing, as you know, for amazon (uk), they sometimes don't have this kind of speedy services.

For 3 books + delivery, it is only £34+/-, depends on the exchange rate, and they accept paypal or credit card, so it is very convenience. 

By a quick browse of these books, I don't think I will get books by European make up artists, as I think the thing that I was looking for is quite different. Maybe this due to the facial feature that I have, I suppose?! As most of the make up books here in UK are base on white or black models.

Well, I am going to read these if I have time other than textbooks. SO happy reading~


p.s. forgot to upload the photo of the gifts:


  1. Thank you the post lovely ♥ I read trad. Chinese but am still tempted to have lookie at this! XO

  2. @ michelle, they are in trad. chinese, only the forum that i mention is in simp. chinese as it is a china based forum. ;-P

  3. Thank you for your sharing; I wanted to buy the book too, and the online store you shared is totally perfect: cheap, ship overseas, and PAYPAL! >_<

    Just want to say "THANK YOU!"


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