My Kabuki brushes

I always want to buy a kabuki brush, but seems there's always a issue that stopping me from buying, e.g. price, quality, etc. But then, I just cannot resist to buy one when I was in Primark last month and received a mini size one  by Bare Minerals when I bought stuff from Debenhams.

When I was taking the photos near the window, I got no ruler with me, so just grab a 10p coin along to comapare. For readers who are not familiar with pound coins, it's roughly the same size as a quarter for US reader, or 1HKD or 0.5SGD for asia readers (as i only familiar with these currencies other than GBP)

So as you can see, Bare Mineral is only around the same size as a 10p coin and Primakr one is much bigger.

Both of the brushes are quite dense in hair which is good, but the hair is more even in length for the Primark one, while Bare Mineral one is spreading out a bit more.


Both of the brushes are very good, but price wise, I think the Bare Mineral will be much much more costly as the Primark one only cost me £1.50. Also, it really depends on the user. I personally much prefer sythenic brushes as they are easy to clean and tend to be soft and the main thing is that they don't have horrible smells like natural hair ones. The Bare Mineral one is made of natural hair which I found it is slightly hard and I always concern that I will mess up the brushes by using incorrect method to clean and store.

70/100 (for Primark)
60/100 (for Bare Mineral)

I heard e.l.f. or Bobbi Brown kabuki are good, so what are you using?



  1. i could give 100/100 just for that pretty purple colour:D

  2. I love the colour of the Primark kabuki, I was really suprised that it was only £1.50 and from Primark, it looks like quite and expensive brush.

    I love the colour of it.

    Fee x

  3. @Mihrace: That's why I bought it to have a try as it's purple. I think they have one in pink too!
    @ Fee: Yea, some of the products from Primark is such a steal. lol

  4. If they have one in pink as well, I need to have it! :P

  5. I love this purple, but i don´t primark near from here :(

    I use the one from ELF and i think it´s a good deal, veeeeeeeeery soft, dense and not overpriced

    PD: i will search this little purple precious thing.... ;)

  6. @Beauty Vibes: check out your local primark store.
    @82firemoon: i heard of that too, but haven't got chance to order things from e.l.f. yet. lol

  7. How do you clean the primark kabuki brush? x

  8. @ Anonymous: I actually just use shampoo to clean all my brushes and they are still going well, esp this one as it did not drop a single hair all these months.


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