My Nail Again

Just changed my nail colour, as cannot keep dark nail for more than a week as I always found the colour 'diffused' into my nail.

Anyway, I am ill again... sigh... not in a mood in lots of things @.@


p.s. I went into local Superdrugs today, but they refused to sell me the new Sleek Limited Edition palette, as they claimed that they haven't registered that palette on their database in the HO...@.@ but then, why there's only 3 left in that store and there are none left in the Russell Sq store... what a waste of time, as I have to make a trip to the town center again, dxxn it @.@


  1. I keep my fingers x-ed for ya that you get one of those palettes with the wonderful outer packaging design! Btw, have you used any e/s dusts by Sleek MU? Could your write a review on them as I'd love to try them. Unfortunately, it's diffcult getting pigments in the German drugstore segment. :-( Do you also know that new Primark make up items will be available very soon? You're so lucky in the UK concerning make up. :-)

  2. NB: Get well soon!!! Sorry but I'mm so tired that I forget the most important things. I'm old. ;-)

  3. Mylanqolia: thanks, I felt much better now. Well, I haven't try any e/s dusts, is that any good?
    New line in Primark?? Really? I haven't heard of that...

  4. It's good to read that. :-) Hey, dear, I thought you'd know how they are because your next to the source.;-) As I live in Germany I have to focus on the online shops but some of them don't offer the Eye dusts. Fortunately, they are available at the official Sleek site now (though they are out of stock at the moment) but I haven't found any nice reviews on them. I don't want to pay the price of one e/s dust plus € 5, 99 shipping costs for something that's only average. Maybe you could help. Would be great as I'm a Sleek MU lover. :-)
    Yeah, some lady from the UK wrote something about the new Primark items at my blog. She thought I'd live in the UK I guess... Anyways, congrats to the amazing Sleek MU i-divine palette! The swatches are WOW! I have to wait for it a bit as I won it at the Facebook competiton run by Sleek this week. I'm looking forward to it since I've seen the fab colours at your and Oxfordjasmine's blog.:-)


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