Eye Lip Face = e.l.f. II

Since I am quite interest in the prducts of e.l.f., I bought stuff when there's a special offer in the UK site. So, this  is it. For an order more than £25, a free Mini Makeup Collection (worth £15) is free!!

I still haven't able to find a chance to try them on. But yet, I did a swatch for this, kekeke, as I cannot resist looking at it.

Packaing and top view
I am actually suprise by the case and packaing, as from what I heard, e.l.f stuff are really kiddy like/ top like, which means the packaging quality won't be as good as other brand outside.

Closer view under flash
The problem of  living in England is that we lack of sunshine while my skin still turn darker and darker during the winter.@.@ As there's no sunshine, most of my photos aren't as good as other bloggers,sigh..., but for this lot, I actually have some luck when I did the swatches and god... how easier to do things under the sunlight, and less flashing/over explose those annyoing stuff.

Whole palette under the sun light.

Eyeshadows, blush & bronzer


I haven't take photos for the eyeliner, as I haven't really try it. I did draw a line on the back of my hand before, its not too soft but i think it should be useable.

Also, the eyeshadows are quite pigmented, it wasn't too hard for me to make a decent patch for the photographs and took me some time to wipe them off with my Botanic wipes.

This also applied to the lipsticks, my arm actually got red because I was rubbing it so hard with the cleaning.

Furthermore, the only cons is the brushes as e.l.f's main brushes are quite soft and nice, so I am having a similar expectation. Yet, I am kind of disappointed.

At last, I will actually buy this palette if I am a beginner or need a whole set of new makeup, as I definitly will bring this for holiday so that I dont need to draw up a list of what I need to bring. ;-P

Score: 70/100 (mainly for the original price and the amount of product you get)


p.s. wahhhh... forgot to label the white corners and forgot to mention them too.
The left hand side one is a white cream eye shadow and the right hand side is the pale white/ colourless lip gloss


  1. Hi there! Thanks so much for following my blog, Nouveau Cheap! I appreciate it! :)

    Also, I just wanted to let you know that your profile pic is broken, so instead of a picture it's just a broken link. Thought you might want to know about that. :) Take care!

  2. oh, i also want to have this palette from elf..

  3. Recessionista: thanks for telling~

    Vanity's Child: this palette is £15, but watch the uk elf site and see whether they give it out for free or not, coz they gave this palette out twice last year.


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