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Just bought these @ Boots in Croydon yesterday by using No. 7 £5 off vouchers. Does anyone know what's the difference between the boxed one that found in No. 7 counter and the ones in zip bags on the brush shelves?? They seems to look the same to me @.@ Well, price wise, they are the same, but then why border to do 2 types?? I am confused.

Btw, there's still few things left in Pure counter, and only £2 for any products left by Urban Retreat and Pure.

Popped into Primark as well and bought these and only cost me 75p!!
So this going to be my next makeup bag!


  1. The e/s brush looks fine. I hpe it works well. Is there a massive sale at Primark, btw? Will there be new make up products? Just curious as always. :-)

  2. different primark store do different promotion as i think they are directed by their local store manager. so you never know where you can find the bargain. i normally go to 3 primark store to check out stuff (of course not all the time, just that i go to 3 places for shopping~)
    well, i saw they have new palette box, one for eyebrow and one for e/s, and they are £3.50 each. I know they produce face primer that looks like benefit that gal, but for some reason, i cant find them... i know they have mascara primer that i haven't seen before too... lol

  3. Oh, this is cool! I have to save some money for a London trip now. ;-) I'd like to see the new palettes of course. :-)


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