e.l.f. haul again~

This is my 3rd time to purchase goodies from e.l.f. as I really think some of their prodcuts are really bargain and good for value. Last week there's a offer of 3 lipglosses and free delivery for order more than £10. So I could not stand the offer and stock up again. kaka...

Although I heard some of the brushes are not good, by do some searching online, I managed to get all the good ones and this complexion brush is good, which hopefully I will do a compare and review if I have time after exams.

This is my 2nd bottle of eyelid primer as I really think this is very good. Only £1.50 and similar to UDPP which is around £11 a bottle of similar size. Isn't this wonderful?!

I have tried out the complexion reflection already, will do a swatch after exams (gosh.. i got a whole list of things to do after exams~) And will of course try out the cream eyeliner later too, cant wait~



Speak if you wish, it would be a pleasure to read.


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