Origins - again, I know

I know, it is another Origins post, well, I have not been paid to write, just 'luckily' find 2 bargains, so post it before it is too late!

I used to be a fan of Garnier's roll on pen, but now as the price is increasing [not sure whether you have realised, the cheap stuff are getting higher while the high end stuff remain around the same price?!], from £4 (when it 1st come out) to almost £9/£10 nowadays, then I may as well find an alternative, since my skin is bit 'tired' of the same thing (or maybe just me not my skin lol)

So I managed to find out that Origins got similar caffeine rich eye cream, and I managed to find this set for only £12.50 in Boots! The eye cream alone is already £20 RRP, so I think this is a bargain, as it comes along with a mini mascara, a mini lip gloss as well as a plastic make up bag.

Also, if you purchase 2 or more Origins product from Boots.com, they are giving out 2 mini size, which I have already forgot what they are as I have tucked them into my miniatures box @@

But oh well, not bad for £12.50, yeh?


p.s. ohhhhh.... here's the link: click here

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