Nails Inc Week

I really think this week is Nails inc week as there are 2 promotions at the moment. First is the free nails inc. nail polish if you buy this month instyle magazine (Leona Lewis on cover, price @£3.60) and there are 3 colours to choose from: Mink (milky brown), Candy (candyfloss pink) and Beach (red)

Second, start from today, if you purchase 2 500ml diet coke from selected Boots, you will get a special edition nails inc. nail polish for free and there are 4 colours named after 4 cities : Milan (red), Paris (purple), NY (fuchsia pink) and London (Milky brown, which is same as the one that I got for free from instyle mag)



Personally, I love the Mink colour more, so I may grab London home next time if I need some Coke. lol

Which one have you bought?


p.s. I got the info from blog, Vex in the City, check out @ http://www.vexinthecity.com/2010/05/diet-coke-and-nails-inc.html

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  1. Congrats to your nail varnishes! Wow, there are such wicked promotions in the UK. *envy*


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