Yves Rocher Review?!

Apparently, Yves Rocher is very famous in France. I accidentally saw this brand online as it is mentioned by a blogger, so I did a bit of research and ordered a few items to try.

This company has a similiar concept as The Body Shop, but it is found around 10years before The Body Shop. Therefore, I was quite surprised that this is not as famous as The Body Shop, while there's sruvey claims that 1 of 3 French women use their products.

Anyway, more I concern is the quality and price of the products instead of this business puzzle.

These are the things that I have bought for £15. (free delivery for order above £15)  This time, I bought 1 bottle of toner, 1 bottle of tonic water mist, 2 face mask, 2 lip balm, 2 pack of herbal tea and the rest are free gifts.

Inside the gift bag, there are samples of shower gel, face mask & a lipgloss.

I have opened the apple, pear & vanilla tea bags, but strangely, I have taken photo of the chamomile instead... Normally, tea bags come with those polymer fibre bags, but this one come with muslin cloths bags, how lovely.

What else, oh, and the free pen & pencils too that come with the package.

(sorry for the poor quality of the photo, as the sky just suddenly turn dark and my camera flash light turned on automatically.)

So, what do I think of them?

By  looking at the packaging, they looks decent, just like Olay, Garnier, or other brand from Boots/ Superdrugs. But the price will be slightly higher than them, as I bought these during the sale which is up to 60% off.

However, since I have tried the noursing lip balm with almond oil & the tonic water mist. I found them durable if they are on sale. I like the mist as it does what it claims,  'Result: the skin is moisturised and supple, gently reviving the radiance of your complexion'. I tried on my palm & also back on my hand this afternoon, as my hands are always dry and it actually helps to keep & add moisture without being oily & sticky. So it will be good to act as water spray like the ones from Avene, Evian or other brands like that. (also, 1 good thing is that I don't like aerosol can, as you cant carry them onto a plane)

The noursing lip balm is good too. It is not as sticky as the body shop lip balm nor dry as Johnnson's. (see my previous review, My Lip Care Collection) and it stays on for more than an hour, so I don't need to reapply it as often.

I probably will try more products from this company if I have not detracted by other brand. My impression for Yves Rocher is similar to Avon, as they do not use that capital on advertising, but on the products. Also, it is always that brands that have long history tends to have a key reason for their survival and definitely see that.

The only 1 downfall for me is that I didn't have an good impression in the 1st place before the stuff arrived. This is due to the fact that it took them almost 1/2 a month to send me the products, which is no good. I don't mind to wait if there's item out of stock, but at least send an email to notify the customer, if not I will just simply forget.

Tonic Water Mist 80/100 ( for the blue bottle, smell & the moisturizing level)
Nourishing Lip Balm 75/100 (for the price & texture)


p.s. have a cuppa~ it smells very lovely, the essence of vanilla, pear & apple.


  1. Hello Kyanvi, how are you?

    I'm considering marketing Yves rocher products...looked for a review and found your blog.

    Since you've tried the products, I found your review to be more-credible.

    What is your take on the top 5 online cosmetic companies in terms of QUALITY?

    Hope to read from you!

    Take care Kyanvi.


  2. I have been using Yves Rocher skin care products for 15 years and I get compliments on how nice my skin looks all the time.(Even from the teachers at the local beauty school!) I will never change brands. Yves rocher has been amazing for me and the fact that they have a line for all skin types is a big plus.

    I highly recommend their products to everyone!

  3. I have been using their product many years. I love it.

  4. I jsut reviewed their lipstick and mascara, you can see it here - http://letsstrikeapose.co.uk/yves-rocher/

    Looks like they have a fantastic range! xx

    Mary | Letsstrikeapose UK Beauty Blog


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