Primark Mineral Powder Eyeshadow

Even though it was raining today, still bight enough to take some photos. So there we are.

The packaging looks a bit like Urban Decay Style, especially with the grey and the pink. Also, the handle looks really like UD too. The applicator is just a normal smudge sponge head and nothing special about it. The powder itself is very fine. This is because when I put the applicator back in, the fume of dust will just 'burst' out. 

And the colours,

It is very easy to apply. I only brush 2 layer of the powder and the colours shown very clearly. The only downfall is that without the aid of any eye primer, it did not stay for long. After I took the photos and tidy my shelves a bit, all the shadow are already 'washed' off only some shimmer left.


For 50p each, this is really a bargin and lots of products to play around. Once again, I found lovely items in Primark. Even for the original price of £2, I still think this is good to buy. Compare with other powder eyeshadow, I like this packaging more than the ones come in a jar with a sieve.




  1. The orange shadow looks interesting! x

  2. @M, yea... i was thinking even use it as a blush... but not sure how it will go though..

  3. wow
    im impressed with he way the brush is
    when you look at the packaging without openeing the lid
    you would think that the brush would be a flimsy thing!

  4. @lefashinoz: yea, but for 50p you can really expect much, do you? so i think it's alway a surprise for me.


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