Elizabeth Arden Sheer White Pure Intensive Capsules

The capsules that Elizabeth Arden produce are very famous over the years and I always keen to try, even though for my age, I really shouldn't use them as they will be too nutritious for my skin. I saw this bottle on ebay for less than £10 and I was kind of excited by this.

I did a bit of research online, but cannot find any official info for this capsules, though it apparently only available in the Asia market, as obviously, there's a higher demand for whitening/ purifying products over there. ( I drew this correlation as I found reviews on this products in Chinese & I was one of the market demand few years ago, or even till now @.@)

For this product, it supposes to do the following:
High performance whitening capsules to clarify skin
Formulated of concentrated vitamin C with no preservative
Acts instantly to eliminate existing dark spots
Regulates melanin production to prevent formation of new dark spots
Natural grapeseed extract refines skin for a smoother & firmer look
Skin appears velvety soft with an even, lighter complexion
(found this on Strawberry Net*)

I only used 3 capsules as I planned to use this once every week. For my experience, I think the capsules did work partially. Why partially? This is because I don't use it that often, so my skin tone won't just change in this short time and I didn't put sun screen on afterwards (as vitamin C is photosensitive). BUT... my skin is bit smoother & firmer afterwards and i had a slightly even skin tone the next morning after I applied it on at night. (This is fanstantic, as I have uneven skin tone since age 10, and I have used nurmurous whitening products =.=//)

I am not sure whether I will buy this again, as there's rumors that it is out of production. I will check that out when I go to HK later on this year. But even if they still on production, there's a thin chance for me to get it as it is around USD$99 for 3 bottle (111 capsules) unless I found it cheaply on ebay again.

77/100 (I was thinking of puting 80, but USD$33 a bottle? I will try something else then, unless when I finished the whole bottle and my skin tone move up 2 tone)


p.s. please leave your email on your comment if you need to know which ebayer I bought from, as I do not want to make any advisement here.

* I do not work for Strawberry net nor I bought things from this company before, I am not recommending anyone to purchase from them. This is just a reference that I saw online.


  1. this very best site for suggestions..i have my dull complexion so some one advice me to use this product.then i buy elizbath arden sheer white cream and also capsules.. i use it 9 days but still result is zero. so how can i believe????????/

  2. Anonymous: I am not sure, maybe due to different skin type... but i found that after doing proper skin exfoliation, it has a slightly better result.

  3. what colour is the serum inside the capsules? Does any one know?

  4. @Anonymous, it's slightly yellow in colour, it's on the photo at the bottom right.


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