NYX Round Lipsticks

These are the 10 that arrived at my place yesterday. They are arranged in the code on the label. Apparently, the bottom colour is that colour of the lipsticks. But I don' think they are matched at all, especially for Gem and Indian Pink. The colour for Indian Pink is more an orange base rather than just pink that shown at the bottom. The bottom colour understimate the redness of Gem, as it is much redder.

Anyway, as I only kept 5 of them, here's the swatches for them.

These lipsticks are highly pigment, as it is very easy for me to capture the colours and it was very difficult for me to remove the colours from my arm afterwards @.@ ( i actually have to use makeup remover twice to remove them all totally)

I heard that some bloggers claimed that the lipsticks they bought have horrible smells, but I didn't find any smell in this case, so I assume it is a personal opinion or new/old version or QC problem?? I am not quite sure which....

For USD$3 + postage, I don't think I will even border as there's always other alternative outside like Natural Collection, Collection 2000, etc. But for USD$1.4 + postage, I think they are really good value, as they are highly pigment and a huge range of colours available. 




  1. Wow the first four are going on my wishlist right away. Thanks for the heads up and I'm happy to hear their quality is great too!

  2. Ashwini: that's great that you like this review. XD


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