Another version of DIY Brush Cover/ Guard by Aiyoh

In my previous post, I have made a small tutorial on how to make your own brush cover (Click here to review the post), and a fellow blogger, Aiyoh from Philippines has improved my idea, and with her permission, I just want to share her idea with you all. (Click here to see her post)

Instead of using random fabric, Aiyoh used a stretchy fabric (which I am not sure of the name as well, it will be great if anyone can help me out) and needle & nylon threat. For anyone who is good at needlework or cannot find any Hemming web tape, this is a much easier option, I suppose. lol

Since the method is roughly the same, I won't rewrite the procedure again, so refer my previous post or Aiyoh's post for more help!



  1. aww, thank you so much for feauturing my version on your blog, so sweet of you=)* hugs*

  2. wow great idea! I'm not good at -DIY- things but I think I'll try it.. thanks! :)


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