Strange discovery

As some of you may already have noticed that it's the month when all the magazines are doing free gifts. But what I found out is that for this month's Cosmo, the copies from the whs inside railway station are attached with 2 free clinique samples instead of 1, and that the copies in the local whs, sains, as well as superdrug are coming with only 1 sample.  Really strange and does anyone know why?


  1. That is really strange! I did read a blog post earlier where there were 2 gifts, then I looked in my high street wh smith and was confused as there was only 1. I ended up buying glamour instead, but might try pick this up in a station next week if there are any left!

    Anna x

  2. Oooh, just a thought, there is a wh smith in the hospital I work in, I'm going to look there! The prices there are similar to station ones!


    1. well, good luck with the search!
      i actually bought this month's maire claire as they are giving out free neal's yard rose face lotion, and i love their products!


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