2 of my favourite lipbalm

I don't used to use lip balm when I was younger, but as I am more into make up and beauty, I realised the importance of lip balm, so now I become a fan! These 2 are the few favourites in my brunch of lip balm.

The green one on the left is Grape favour and its for hydration; while the white one is Almond favour and its for nourishing. The Grape one has more a jelly texture than the Almond one, as the Almond one has more a buttery texture, which I much prefer during winter time and which I tend to use the Grape one when I am not going to work as the office is very dry.

These can be bought from Yves Rocher website, as sadly there's not any store available.


p.s. apologise for the short review, I suddenly ran out of words and I am slightly miserable when I am having dinner all by myself.... sigh

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