Current essential in my hangbag

I told this photo last week, but totally forgot to update ¬_¬

I tend to have less items in my bag as I hate carrying a heavy bag, but as I have only been in Singapore for a month or so, I already have skin allergy attack twice, I have to bring more, in case the condition goes worst.

Must have:

  • Compact foundation (Cezenne, which I bought super cheaply in HK for ~£9/S$18)
  • Mascara (17 Waterproof sample)
  • Hand cream (Ren Vetiver)
  • Lip balm (Body Shop) or Lip Gloss (Smashbox)
  • Contact lens eye drop (Rohto 3, personally I love the rohto series as the minty, cooling sensation waken my eyes but it's like a marmite, you either like it or you don't)
  • Travalo perfume bottle w/ Elizaberth Arden Green Tea EDT (I have this for few years, after reading this on Charlotte's blog (lipglossiping.com)
And just for my current skin condition, face mist from Clinque is included to refresh my skin quickly. That's about it for now, will update my bag as I finish these.

So what do you put in your bag daily?


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