Kanebo Sale and Franc Franc Closing Down Sale

After moving back to HK for 2 years and now in Singapore for 2 weeks, the first thing that I need to get used to quickly is that there wouldn't be my usual shopping places.

Yes, in Asia, they have the equivalent of Boots and Superdrug, and that the local equivalent, Guardian and Watsons' are partially owe by the same companies, as far as I believe; and that we have Sasa, which sells both Western and Japanese as well as Korean cosmetics, but the offer here in Asia wasn't as generous as the time when I was back in England... 


Enough of price comparison.

I heard that there is a Kanebo sale, stocking Kate, Lunasol &, Impress (I.C), and also RMK as well as Kao products (strangely), at UE Square yesterday and today. So, as an excuse to explore around the local area before obtaining a permanent job, I went there today. 

I was not a huge fan of Lunasol Eyeshadow palette, but I think they're not expensive at S$35 per palette and single shadow at S$22. I only bought a brow pencil refill at S$12, and it's actually my first Lunasol product, quite looking forward.
 Kate eyeshadow palettes are around S$10-12 while mascara set at S$12. Foundation compact at S$12 and case at S$7.

Essential travel size are S$3 for 2 and a free hair mask sample to take home.

Then I went to Franc Franc, one of my favourite furniture shop, and it is sad to see it leaving Singapore, just right at the time I come in. 
Most of their goods are gone at JCube, Jurong East, only say, around 1/5 of the store left. I bought a hand made soap at S$3.5, Ume favoured (really!) toothpaste at $1 and a room fragrance for $12. They have a small piles of plates and glasses, some candles and bottles of bath salt left, so if interest, go there soon!

Franc Franc
2 Jurong East Central 1 JCube #02-27
Singapore 609731

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