Daily Routine - Make Up

It has been a while since I first began to put make-up on everyday. From learning how to draw a good eye-line to conceal any faults on the skin, I have read a lot and believed to use different products.

But really, less is more and now I have learnt to use as minimal as I can. These are the ones that currently I am using. Some to me are just okay, hoping to finish off, some, on the other hand, are my favourites currently.

Foundation (not always)
Mineral Powder (or loose powder) / Foundation compact
Bronzer (ideally matte)
Kohl eyeliner/ Cream eyeliner
Brow pencil/ powder
Pink/ Champagne Eye Shadow
Lip Gloss/ Coloured Lip Balm

My current favourite is the Maybelline Dream concealer, which I wish to buy another one, but don't think I have seen it anywhere in shop, does anyone know?
Clarins Lip Gloss and Burt's Bee Lip Balm, both are good which hopefully I will write about them later on.
And that it was so shocking that it was so difficult to find a matte (or at least not very shimmering) bronzer, unless you go for more branded ones like Nars or MAC, the one that I got from Korres in Raffle City was super cheap. S$10 for a 11g compact, that's even more than the Bourjoris Bronzer that I am intending to buy from ASOS!

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