The Body Shop Lip Butter - my current favourite!

Although I seriously dislike The Body Shop Born Lippy Lip Balm, this does not put me off to try a similar product. They are currently on ofter @ £4 each. But I got them by using the £5 TBS voucher that I cut from Daily Telegraph.

This is similar to The Body Shop most popular product, Body Butter, but the texture is sightly different. I found body butter slightly sheer and more a cream texture, but for lip butter, it is really buttery, like spread icing or butter on a cake. lol

I especially recommend the new sweet lemon favour as it really smells like lemon meringue or lemon curd. Wild cherry is also good and seems it smells better than the full size body butter.

Highly recommended, but only the down fall is that there is no SPF in this product.


Have you try this? If so, what favour you like?



Speak if you wish, it would be a pleasure to read.


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