Neal's Yard Rosemary & Cedarwood Hair Treatment

I bought this book a while ago, and found a recipe that helps out my bf's hair loss problem. Since I just made a refill today, so I may just share this to you. Apparently, this has received glowing praise in the past for helping hair to grow and the treatment will keep for up to 30 months.

You need:

10 drops Cedarwood essential oil
20 drops Rosemary essential oil
100g cocount oil
A glass jar 
2 bowl/ mixing dish
Hot water


1. Melt the coconut oil by standing a bowl/ dish in a bowl of hot water

2. When the coconut oil melts, add the essential oils

3. Pour into the container for storage

To use

Warm some oil by rubbing it in the palm of your hand and work it through your hair and scalp.
Then wait for 30mins.
Remove the oil by applying shampoo before adding water.

Hope this make sense. For more reference, please refer to 'Recipes for Natural Beauty' by Romy Fraser  (ISBN: 978-1-905339-29-7) and for the ingredients, all of them can be found on Neal's Yard stores or their website @ Neal's Yard Remedies.


(Please note that I quote this recipe from the book Recipes for Natural Beauty and please do a skin test before you start using the product)


  1. am very happy for your recipe cause i really want my hair to grow long but i would like to ask how to to make cedar wood oil how do they pepare the wood to get the resul of cedar wood oil thanks very much waiting for your reply .jamaica

  2. @Anonymous, I didnt make this myself, I bought in cedarwood essential oil as you cant really exact the essential oil yourself at home.


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