Quick! Debenhams is giving out free Benefit new skincare samples

If you are a beauty addict, then I think you have already received Debenhams Beauty Clubs email. With the email, you can pop to your local store to collect samples of the new Benefit skincare line, which is called b. right radiance skincare.
[apparently they are gone very quickly, according to the BA in my local store, so pop to your local store asap!]

As always, with my sensitive skin, I only used new skincare product as soon as I finished the previous one, so I don't think I will able to review any of them currently as I still mid way though my old stuff. However, I have seen reviews on a few blogs already, so do google it. [e.g. Meling's 蘋果的化妝箱]

Although I haven't tried it, I have already felt in love with the packaging. When I 1st saw the photos for this new line, I wasn't too keen as I personally not a great fan of this blue. But when I received the package, I was amazed that I already felt good and looked forward to try it.
I quite like this box as I like the size and that there's a string for you to tie the box, definitely will put it on my dressing table, it is a good size to store my pots of skincare.

Also, I seriously in love with the eye cream pot and the day cream bottle. When I 1st saw the day cream bottle, I thought that will be very heavy and it is not ideal to have a glass bottle for day cream when I tend to rush in the mornings. But when I hold the miniatures, it is kind of like perfume bottle and I love to collect cute perfume bottles. [ I can already tell you secretly that I definitely will reuse this bottle...shuhhh....]

So what's the wait? Pop down to your local store to see whether they still have it in store!

x kyanvi x

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