Royal Nailing

Just saw on beautyandthedirt.com, Nails inc. has come out a collection for the royal wedding. Yes I know, for some of you will be sick of this 'royal wedding' adverting gimmick, but soon they will be over. As my friend said to me when I called her about the biscuit tin in M&S, 'wait until the wedding is over', she said, ' the price will drop straight away as there's an expiry date for these merchandise'. So for now, I haven't bought my biscuit tin, though I am still very tempted to bring them home, as who know, will they sold out before I arrive in store on the day after the wedding?!

Anyway, as you can see, they of coz name after them,  Will, a royal red and Kate, a dreamy cream polish, both have crystal embossed caps inspired by the Union Jack and Kate’s engagement ring. [which personally think the blue does not goes well with the cream, while the red combination is excellent match, though I don't use red polish]. Also, they are £15 each, which is even more 
expensive than the normal nails inc polishes.

Furthermore, they have come up with another set, the Royal Collection which includes shades, Westminster Abbey, Windsor, Sandringham and Balmoral. [ as you can tell, all name after places which closely link with the royal family...] Also, unlike the normal silver cap, these have gold! caps. If you  are fan of collecting those limited edition merchandise, then I recommend you to get this as it is only £25! for 4 bottles [ which is the normal price for a collection from nails inc]

Anyway, personally I won't purchase any of these, as I have enough nail polishes, but will you?

You can find them on www.debenhams.com

x kyanvi x

p.s. have changed the style, format of my blog, what do you think of it? nice? or worst?

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