Shampoo 1 - Botanics Hair Glossy Brunette Shampoo

Before I start my review series on shampoo, I have some bad news to announce:

My darling computer has decided to leave me along last week,  I realised the CPU was still alive, but not sure about the hardisk and thought the main damage is the window, so I pop to PC world to get a new hardisk and run the usual re-installation of the window. Now I have my computer back, but may have loss all my data from the previous hardisk, finger x, so I can only do reviews from downloading photos online at the mo, apologise for that 1st!

If you are a brunette, I seriously recommended you to try this.

I have used half of the bottle already and I am very happy about the result.

Boots said: "Warm and complex tones in brown hair can fade or look dull sometimes.
Botanics Hair Glossy Brunette Shampoo uses Walnut Leaf that protects and shines. Rich in anti-oxidants to help protect natural colour and shine, walnut leaf has traditionally been used to bring out the tones and highlights in brown hair. Botanics Hair Glossy Brunette Shampoo also uses Honey which adds rich moisture. Dermatologically tested.
Plant extracts at levels that really work, combined and formulated for unbeatable product performance."
I said, I totally agreed with Boots. This shampoo leaves the hair with a layer of gloss, not too thick, but extactly what healthy hair to be. Also, as I keep dying my hair, sometimes my hair looks really yellow, but this improves the brown tone of the hair, which gives a natural feel. Not sure about other ladies, but sometimes I found people's new hair colour bit too fade, as you can tell it is obviously heavily treated. But with this shampoo, they gives you a nice, shine touch that nobody knows you have just changed your hair colour.

I think they have other similar products for red hair and blonde as well and they are £2.99 each at Boots. Also, check out your local 99p shop, as I bought it from there instead!


p.s. I got a new job, hopefully a new flat, a car and a piano! 


  1. Hi Kyanvi,

    Thanks for the review. I live in the U.S. and had an opportunity to try the B.B Gloss Brunette shampoo and conditioner a few yrs ago and LOVED it! Unfortunately, they don't ship it to the US and I can't find a supplier here. Any idea how I can order some from the UK?? Thanks, Kiru

  2. Hi there, I used to live in the states before, thought you can find this in Target, as they have stock lots of the stuff that by Boots, (which is the company produce Botanics products). If not, maybe try ebay, or amazon, as here, I get this from Boots, which is the main high street chemist, so I never buy them online.

    Hope this helps.


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