You Fragrance Discovery Box by Latest in Beauty

Saw the information about this box on Make Up Savvy, and just thought it's a good idea to share this info. I agreed with some other people online, about the hit and miss, as individual may not like all the perfume samples inside, but for me, it is alright, as I love all the perfume from L'Occitane and that I have two perfume from SpaceNK and they were lovely.

Also, consider the price, the SpaceNK Laugther 15ml mini spray is charged at £15RRP, though I know they normally sell them at £5 during either X'mas or Summer Sale, but nonetheless, as the box itself is only £4.95 p&p included, I still think it's not a bad buy, as if not, you can always pass the samples to your friends as X'mas present. ;-P

Here is the link: click here.

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